Generator Necklace in Garnet


This Generator Necklace (Also known as the Amanda Generator) is designed to do just that, generate energy. An eight sided cut and polished crystal represents infinity topped with an Garnet plate. Generating and then Balancing garnet energy through the body. Garnet is a transparent or translucent crystal that range in a variety of of color. This is the most traditional and popular sunburnt red garnet. A powerful energizing stone it helps control anger, especially towards the self. Among the most ancient of talismans; garnet was prized as a magical stone that could protect from physical wounds in battle. It is also the stone of commitment and makes an excellent promise ring. If the stone is polished during the new moon and rectangle shaped of course. Garnet is a wonderful stone to have during a crisis or disharmony. Crisis is turned into challenge under the Garnet's influence. A great stone to sharpen your perception of self and others. Square garnets of the full moon are wonderful business partners and round shaped garnets are the universal energies of garnet.
The generator cage is stainless steel and comes with a 2mm wide, 18 inches long promo chain and come with a 2 inch long extender.


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