Moon Priestess Head Piece in Starry Night

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The Moon Priestess Head Pieces to me is a combination of a medieval circlet and a Native American Squash Blossom. Whether you decide to wear the stone or the moon on your third eye, it is meant to charge your spirit and pour energy downward from your most subconscious thoughts.  The entire construction is stainless steel to correspond best with the stone's energy vibration. The center chain is 10 inches and can be adjusted by moving the piece forward or backwards as desired. The stone is rose cut and 22mm in size. This version is centered with blue goldstone (starry night) earth medicine to restore creativity.Providing 'a way out' of small spaces, restring negative outlooks, and hope. With the color blue's calming yet creative effects. Lifting headaches, blockages, and restoring the throat chakra.

This head piece is not interchangeable and the crescent moon cannot be removed.

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