Crystal Skull MINI Stack in Citrine

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The Crystal Skull Mini stack is one of several crystal skull stacks that will be released this winter. The Mini stack has five stones that are 4mm each. This ring is made to stack against the Crystal Skull ring, with other Crystal Skull Mega Stack rings, Crystal Skull Mini Stack rings, and with most other rings you may own. The Mini Stacks are stainless steel and very limited. There will only be 33 of each version. The Mini Stacks are adjustable and can be adjusted from a size 4.5 to an 11 if worn alone. If worn with other rings they will fit a size 4 to 10. If you want this ring pre-sized before shipping please write your size in the notes. These stones are cabochon cut with a rounded culet to give it the look of 5 tiny Citrine suns. Citrine is the stone of happiness and can bring sunshine to the darkest of days. The most amazing pick-me-up when you are feeling down.

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