Freyja Crystal Cat Ring in Hawk’s Eye


In honor of the ‘Lady’ of cats this steel chalice style cup framed with felines. A must for any cat lady or guardian of feline energy. Hawk’s Eye calms nerves and anxiety because they are “lifter” stones. Uncovers secrets that have been hidden in your plain sight and gives insight on life changing events. Reader Hawk Eye stones, like these, are for clairvoyants giving them enhanced ‘sight’. Intuition, scrying, and inspiration. These stones are dark with dark blue sheen to call to the dark lady behind the veil. Stones do vary because they are all natural.

This ring is Stainless Steel. Adjustable. Adjusts from size 5 to 12. When stacked with other rings it can fit a 4. Please write your ring size in the notes section if you want your ring pre-adjusted. This is a free service when ordered. This ring is limited.

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