People often ask why I chose the name Evil Pawn. In short, it is neither evil nor a pawn shop. The long story can be read here. I was told it would be brand suicide to stick with that name because no one would take it seriously or they would fear the word evil. A big part of what I have learned while being on this earth is that things are almost never what they seem and you must always read between the lines. I named my artistic venture after a life situation. Wilde wrote, “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life”. My art has always imitated my life; the things I have lived through, learned and conquered. There is so much to see in each life that can only be seen through reflection. Therefore, it is all meant to be; no matter how or when you finally see it. The name was born out of a hurtful experience I had, when my trust was betrayed by my best friend. It was in that moment that I thought of her as an ‘Evil Pawn’ in a plot to destroy me. She was only a small part of the plot another girl had created, but that didn’t matter, the only thing that mattered was that my best friend had hurt me so badly. She was one of the three defining best friendships in my young life & the most red lettered. I decided I would not let myself change. I would not be afraid to love, give, and trust because I had been hurt. I decided that the negative would always result in a positive, a lesson, a gift and I would never let pain put my candle out. With any and every betrayal I would learn from it, keep on loving, and never let anyone change my mind about people. The Evil Pawn’s in this world can knock you off the game board if you let them but you have to remember, you are the King of your life; the main player; the one in your reality that is eternal. Pawns come & go but the King of the board has the best moves. —Faith