All Evil Pawn Jewelry is adjustable except for the men’s rings. Justable Jewelry™ is a trademark of Evil Pawn Jewelry by Faith Evangeline.

Where do I order?
Orders can be placed online at www.EvilPawnJewelry.com. For information about a wholesale package please email Sales@EvilPawnJewelry.com.

Do you have a store?
Evil Pawn Jewelry is primarily based online; however, our jewelry is sold in several boutiques, tattoo studios, and salons in the United States as well as 3 overseas outlets. To inquire about current retail locations please email CustomerService@EvilPawnJewelry.com.

How do I contact customer service?
To contact customer service please email CustomerService@EvilPawnJewelry.com.

When are you open for contact?
Normal contact hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 3 pm Central Standard Time.

What is your mailing address?
Girl World Design LLC/EPJ
P.O. Box 11163
Kansas City, MO 64119

How much is shipping and handling?
Standard shipping and handling fees in the US are currently $7.99. International shipping and handling fees are around but not limited to $39.99 for USPS. This depends on the destination and the weight of the item to mail. We currently offer USPS or DHL for international orders. To add DHL to your order. Go to the “Other” category to add it. The current rates include postal pricing as well as packaging and handling fees. All fees may be subject to change at any time based on current postal rates and/or business needs.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, Evil Pawn Jewelry does accept international orders. International shipping and handling fees are currently $33.99 for USPS. Shipping Add ons for DHL are available in the “Other Jewelry” category on the website. The current rates include postal pricing as well as packaging and handling fees. All fees may be subject to change at any time based on current postal rates and/or business needs.

Are there Customs Fees/Import tax for international buyers?
Some countries do charge a tax for importing and we are NOT responsible for this tax. This tax is a part of your countries law and they charge this not us. Please do not ask us to falsify the declared value of your package because it is illegal and we will not commit a crime to ship a package.

Will I be refunded for Paypal Fees?
We are not responsible for your Paypal fees, and we will not pay for them. Please understand that banking transactions have fees, and we cannot be responsible to pay them for our customers. 

Does the jewelry have a warranty?
Most of our jewelry is backed with a one-year warranty. For info on warranty, repair, refurbishing, and ordering questions please email CustomerService@EvilPawnJewelry.com.

Address for repairs:
Girl World Design LLC/EPJ
ATTN: Repairs
P.O. Box 11163
Kansas City, MO 64119

Receiving repairs, refurbishing, items to be sized, and sales:
We only accept repairs through the mail. Please do not hand us jewelry at shows. We cannot accept pieces at trade shows or while vending because they may
get lost or stolen. We cannot and will not be responsible for any jewelry left on our table or with staff at shows. Please mail jewelry for repair, refurbish, or to have sized to the address above. We do not meet up with customers that are local for sales. We do not have the manpower to send our staff and even friends all over the city. We are an online store. Please place orders on the website or inquire about stores that sell locally.

Return/Exchange Policy:
Evil Pawn Jewelry does not accept refunds or returns. We only accept exchanges and store credits on ready-to-ship items and those exchanges must be made within 20 days of the purchase date. Promo codes for store credit will be valid for all items that were on the website at the time of order. New items released after that order was made are not eligible. Items that are considered made-when-ordered cannot be exchanged, returned, or refunded. Final sale items are also not eligible for refunds and are not eligible for exchange. Items paid for by layaway will not be eligible for exchange or refund, for further details please read our layaway policy. On acceptable exchanges for ready-to-ship items, customers will be required to pay the difference in amount if exchanging for an item or items of greater value. Customers are responsible for shipping costs on repaired and refurbished items and are required to pay shipping costs for the exchanged item. A restocking fee may apply. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs on exchanges and returns. Evil Pawn Jewelry reserves the right to refuse service.

Evil Pawn Jewelry is not responsible for lost or stolen mail. We do not reimburse or replace mail that can be tracked as delivered or has not delivered. If you wish for additional insurance to safeguard against this please contact customer service.

Ship Time:
Shipping can take 5 to 10 business days on ready-to-ship items. Times vary according to workload and item ordered. Some items have special time frames and state how long they will take in the description. When your item is complete you will receive an email from us letting you know the item is complete and ready to ship. You will receive a second email from PayPal complete with tracking when your item ships. For info on shipping or questions regarding ship time please refer your email to CustomerService@EvilPawnJewelry.com Remember that when you get a tracking number it can take up to 24 hours for the scan to be trackable. We appreciate your patience and if you ever have any questions feel free to email us.

Address for exchanges:
Please contact CustomerService@EvilPawnJewelry.com after mailing back to:
Girl World Design LLC/EPJ
ATTN: Exchanges
P.O. Box 11163
Kansas City, MO 64119

How do I inquire about or start a layaway?
Please email CustomerService@EvilPawnJewelry.com with any questions regarding a layaway purchase.

Layaway policy:
Layaway purchases are nonrefundable and nonexchangeable. If you abandon your layaway there will not be a refund on the amount you paid in. Coupon codes are not valid for layaway purchases. Paypal charges will apply to each layaway payment which can range from $1.00 to $10.00 depending on the payment amount. The last PayPal fee is covered by EPJ. When you agree to start a layaway you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and they are binding.

Sale Promo Codes:
Promo codes are only redeemable through website-generated orders. They are not available for layaways, customer service-generated orders, exchanges, unreleased items, Etsy, or custom items. Promo codes are only available for the use dates listed with them. They are never available for pre-existing orders or any order placed without the code. Beginning time and ending time for promo codes are always central standard times. No exceptions.

Terms & Conditions/Q&A Information
When making a purchase from us either off the website, layaway, or through customer service you are entering into a legally binding contract with Evil Pawn Jewelry. You are stating you agree to these terms and conditions set on these pages. We are firm on our policy and will uphold it.

What are Forever Rings?
The Forever Ring is a series of rings released from 2010 to 2011.

Does Evil Pawn do custom jewelry?
Yes. For custom inquiries please email CustomerService@EvilPawnJewelry.com.

How long does custom jewelry take to be made?
We currently have an 8 month wait time for anything custom. Sometimes the time length is shorter depending on the item and how many items are ahead of the item in question. For specific wait times please email CustomerService@EvilPawnJewelry.com.

How do I inquire about a couture piece?
To inquire about, or to purchase a couture piece please email CustomerService@EvilPawnJewelry.com.

Where do the Nicodemus skulls come from?
The Nicodemus pieces are made using skulls from a specific kind of weasel. Evil Pawn Jewelry is proud of the fact that these skulls are ethically sourced and not purchased from mink farms. The skulls used for these adornments are sought in their natural environment after death but most of the time they come from owl pellets. These skulls are never perfect; they begin with holes and cracks. I repair them structurally and clear them using sage, crystals, and moonwater. No animal is harmed to make these pieces.

Where do the Dregon skulls come from?
The Dregon pieces are made using skulls from mice and they are found in owl pellets. These skulls are never perfect; they begin with holes and cracks. I repair them structurally and clear them using sage, crystals, and moonwater. No mice are harmed by humans in the process of making these adornments. They are simply a product of nature.

We would like to have Evil Pawn at our event or show; run an ad in our publication; or, sell EPJ in our store. Who do we contact?
Please email sales@EvilPawnJewelry.com.

I want to model for Evil Pawn Jewelry. Who do I contact?
Email your model submission to GirlWorldDesign@yahoo.com and title the email ‘Model Submission’. Please send two headshots and one full shot, a model resume, and a paragraph of what you like about EPJ. This is so it goes to the right person. We sometimes get a couple hundred a month so please be patient with us as we try to get back to everyone. We file them under categories and call models when we do shows, shoots, events, etc.

I want to work for Evil Pawn Jewelry. How do I apply?
Email your resume to GirlWorldDesign@yahoo.com and title the email ‘Resume’. Fashion students and jewelry apprentices please also submit your inquiries to GirlWorldDesign@yahoo.com and title the email either ‘Intern’ or ‘Apprentice’.

When did Evil Pawn Jewelry open?
The company officially began in 2005 through word of mouth and social networking; however, there is jewelry that bears our copyright from 2003 – 2004 before the company was established and I did solely custom pieces.

What does EPJ stand for?
EPJ is an abbreviation for Evil Pawn Jewelry.

How did you come up with the name ‘Evil Pawn’?
When I first started the company I had just gone through an experience that changed me forever. I had a friend that I always felt I wanted to be close to but there was something in the way. It seemed that competition, cattiness, drama, and petty childish entrapments that girls, unfortunately, experience growing up plagued our friendship. The problem was I loved her dearly and trusted her with everything I was. The night before I learned the truth, we decided we were tighter than sisters and yapped about everything under the sun. I had also been telling her over the month about this frightening person that was prank calling my house, egging my car, and leaving notes on my door. I lived alone and was very young. This was very scary. The next day the truth was shown to me. I found out the girl I thought was my best friend was helping a girl that was not my friend do all these terrible things to me. Over months I had been deceived. I felt like it was all fake, our friendship a lie, and that she was an EVIL PAWN in a plot to hurt me. Every naive flower up in my head died. I really wanted her to have everything she ever wanted and to be everything she ever wanted to be. I guess I thought she wanted the same for me. I am my experience. That hurtful experience named my company and all the sad, angry, and painful energy was used to build something good for myself. Negative events become positive with positive outcomes. Through your own personal power, you can create good things for yourself, no matter what hand life has dealt you.

What is the significance of the Cameo Skull?
It symbolizes a need our world seems to be obsessed with, the need to be pretty outside and dead on the inside. It also symbolizes power, the drive behind personal power, and the final freedom to express it. Can we say we would rather be smart than pretty or thin? Can I say, I do not care what it is I’m not good enough for in the eyes of pop culture when I am wearing my Caroline Necklace as my personal amulet? Your personal power is greater than all of the things you ever feared when you know where to focus it. I do it with jewelry.

More questions will be added as they come. Please submit them to: