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Birthplates: An Introduction to Birthplates & True Birthstones Booklet

Every person born has a power plate of gems that are meant to guide their path. It is called a Birthplate. The plate is unique to every person and must be drawn up similarly to a Natal Chart. The plate is square, and the stone placements on the square are arranged in the shape of a pyramid. The original True Birthstones are used in the mapping configuration. These stones are tied to planets and Planetary timeframes.

A Birthplate is much more than a guide and map of a person’s life that can come from mapping a Natal Chart. It is also a formula that can be changed or enhanced; in my opinion, it is the highest form of Divination and among the oldest known.

Just like the geomatic figures in Geomancy, the arrangement of stones on your Birthplate have divinity. We are reflections of the sky, and that sky has a zillion-beyond little dots. As those dots connect, they make a picture. That picture is you. As you start setting up your Birthplate, this story will emerge.

This Booklet is a limited beginners introduction. A master work is in place, but will not be ready for a couple more years. Patreons will receive the larger work first and have a pre-order window for a year before the public release. The Birthplace Booklet is available now at:

Thank you for your support. It means the world. 

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White Clover Book

This book was a personal note and a fever dream. Written in a two-week mind coma of my inner world while the outer world version of me was working on autopilot through the motions. Crazy to wake up and see that you wrote a book about your childhood and its ponderings while somersaulting through an undertow. I usually design in that space, but the underneath had something else to say, I suppose—definitely, not anything I would say on a post or a group of friends. Mostly just things I shared with my journal or my closest who hear me nonspeak more than my actual speak.

What a way to wake up. I went from being 11 years old to being in my forties within two weeks. I wouldn’t say it was anything new. It seems like it is and always was something we all do several times in each life and in rotations within others. The only new here was that process. I usually see things in my mind and make them tangible, as in jewelry. Here, it was tangible… all real at one point, but then disappeared into my mind. All to watch myself bring it back out and make it tangible again.

This book is a personal note that I didn’t want actually to release, but I had already let Patreons pre-order it. After I read it, I was not sure how I would feel about other people reading it. This is all of my nonspeak as a result of being forced to be overspoken. My inner child, sitting on the banks of my childhood creek with my adult self. Not just me at the age I am now but every age that I have been. A thousand versions reaching to a becoming that only longs to talk to the beginning. Ah, how the snake always eats his tail.

This limited version will be released publicly for a very short time. Patreons will be able to continue order copies if they wish.

White Clover can be found here:

Thank you for treading the waters with me.

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EPJ Evil Eye Blog

Over the last year, I have shared little sneak peeks and works in progress for this bracelet aligned with an Evil Eye Info Series on Patreon. This bracelet was a labor of love and a long-time wish. I have had several Evil Eyes bracelets in my lifetime, but the metal was usually a base metal that turned my wrist green. Or Sterling silver that can turn me black, tarnish so badly that cleaning it was impossible, or the bracelet would break because of the metal the adornment was made out of.

I was also wanting more than just an Amulet. I wanted a concentrated piece. A piece that was made as a talisman and not just for fashion. Sometimes it is unknown if the item was moved with the planets or just made. I wanted color magick, numerology, and symbolic language all in one. Finally, thanks to all of you, it happened.

They will only be available in black. No other colors will pop up. A modernized version to some but in color therapy, black deflects and at times, absorbs and neutralizes.

They are hypoallergenic stainless steel, so I can leave them out on my dresser and not have it turn a thick copper-black color that I have to rub intensely with a cloth for the color to shine through. Steel comes with protection properties, and being a Level Two it enhances the surrounding intended purpose.

Made with numerology and in a talisman fashion in accordance with the planets, this makes this beauty a talisman and an amulet combined. 11 Eyes to invoke awareness along with numerology in the measurements of the eyes and charms. Each eye is 9mm,  the horseshoe charm is 10 x 10mm, and the Malocchio is 18mm. I put every possible symbolic language into this piece to make it as energetically efficient as possible in protecting and guarding.

This is the Evil Eye Bracelet that I always wanted and imagined. Thank you for assisting me in manifesting my vision. Many Bright Blessings and all of my love.

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Vedas and Oval Rings in Rhodonite

The Veda Necklaces and the Juno Rings in Rhodonite are available on the website! I am so in awe of these beautiful plush pink tones!

The Veda Necklace can be found here:

The Juno Ring can be found here:

These magical chunks were considered high quality, but I do not get into grading systems because I feel like all crystals are relevant. The stone should always call to you, and the grade is always an afterthought. Trust your instincts. If this palette of plush pinks calls to you… the calm tranquility of Rhodonite awaits.

This Rhodonite has that sought-after plush pink color that is found in these grades. Again, I love all qualities of gems and am drawn to all needed gem energy.

“Rhodonite, being a Level Five, is a friend, shield, protector, and blanket from the cold. Piny The Elder described it as ‘The lifeblood of the Rose.’ This crystal is that feeling in your heart and blood when you hear that song that gives life. It is that first feeling of new love. It is the excitement on the morning your vacation starts. It literally is the energy labeled as ‘Gives Life.’”

You will most likely see a lot of talk about Rhodonite having to do with fire. This is somewhat true in personality but needs to be detailed. Rhodonite is an Earth Crystal with added Fire traits to its persona. There are also thin attributes of water. This is because of the slow fire and a slow-running stream vibe. Rhodonite is Patience. Calm, ease, slow-moving. Patience and that slow burn are needed right now. “Gradually. Always Gradually,” says Rhodonite. Slow-burning fire next to an easy-flowing river. Rhodonite offers balance on wobbly ground and alignment when we are mentally off. That new gradual joy that gives life.

For more about Rhodonite, crystal meanings, and Crystal Levels, check out EPJ’s Patreon!

For the Crystal Familiar Book One, please see this link:

Thank you so much for reading EPJ’s blog! Many Bright Blessings!

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I am beyond broken. My darling Nicodemus has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I cannot really imagine how I will navigate this world without him.

When they sedated him, suddenly, it began to snow. When he left, it stopped. We wrapped him up for his burial, and the sun came out. The rays shined down right on him and the table he was lying on. He seemed to glow. I have never believed in coincidence, even as a child. It all has purpose, in order to give purpose. It is all about our becoming. Nothing comes without struggle and pain. Too many seek only pleasure and the endless loop of the pleasure principle. The dullest of lives are painless. Without the sharp edges, life has no point. 
Pointless. Lifeless.
Without the shadow, the sketch is just a blank page. 
Blank. Lifeless.

When I look out the window, I keep thinking I see him coming home from his grave. I also see him through the corner of my eye at every turn. As I have always said, self-destruction is so alluring. Don’t you think? 

I replay his call, “Come see me… come find me,” and he would come running. Now only a blank space.

I keep thinking of his fur markings, in fear I will forget. I can’t wash my clothes from the last time I held him.

I closed my eyes and saw Freyja pick him up. He got into her chariot, and she flew away. He went to the back and watched me as he went into the clouds. Like a child in the back of a car window. Eyes that wave goodbye.

We are all physical manifestations of our soul’s stage, and animals are no different. We must never differentiate animals from ourselves and our own personal selves from each other.

I was sure the point of conjure to my inner death took place eons ago on some star far from the beginning of this place. It must have resurrected somewhere in the space of time from then to now because I felt myself die inside when he took his last breath. Yet existence continues on, screaming into the sleeping ear of an elder god. I am not disillusioned about death and the need for it. I know that his energy is still here and that all lives on after the shedding of the mortal coil. It’s just an egotistical primitive echo to want all things to stay and all things to stay the same. But the only constant is change. Again existence spirals on. 

Death is not the end. It is only a door. Where ever the door opens to… my dear Nicodemus… “Come find me.” 

Nicodemus Furman TigerMan Platypus Papayas Cantrell
2005 (vet birth year estimation) – March 17th, 2023. 

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Vedas and Oval Rings in Sodalite

The Veda Necklaces and the Boann Rings in Sodalite are available on the website! I am so in awe of these beautiful violet-blue stones.

The Veda Necklace can be found here:

The Boann Ring can be found here:

These magical chunks were considered high quality, but I do not get into grading systems because I feel like all crystals are relevant. EPJ’s lapidary called me when he got into the each to tell me this was some high grade, and he wanted to buy some off of me or buy the scraps from the cuts as he always does.

This Sodalite has that high-end lush blue-violet color that is sought after. I love all qualities of gems, but I must say, I didn’t have quality in my personal collection because it is rather expensive. I feel so blessed to be able to bring this beauty into my own life and the lives of anyone seeking Sodalite energy.

Sodalite is a Level Two Crystal and a lukewarm crystal spiritually. Like all Level Twos, Sodalite can balance out crystals that are too cold or too hot. My main love of Sodalite comes from the clearing of the clouds that can make your sky gloomy. Those clouds can come in by the state of our world and the people we know who send us dark clouds. Usually, people do not mean to send us dark clouds of resentment, it isn’t really steered toward us, but they do it out of their own dysfunction. Sodalite can help us not make a gloomy day into a gloomy month. This crystal is also helpful to writers when they are trying to remove the “film” of the world and open a place of purity to express themselves. Sometimes we have a lot of things sticking to us, and Sodalite is ready to clear us of all the things that are weighing us down. All of the things that cloud our vision.

Sodalite is a journaling buddy for me always. A way to peel away the world’s influences and see the center of the matter. I highly recommend this crystal for writing and communication.

For more about Sodalite, crystal meanings, and Crystal Levels, check out EPJ’s Patreon!

For the Crystal Familiar Book One, please see this link:

Thank you so much for reading EPJ’s blog! Many Bright Blessings!

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Thank You

I want to thank you all for the overwhelming support of my latest book about my Grandmother and Ozark lore. I have been taken aback by the kindness sent to me during this process. Looking at my Grandmother’s life through an adult lens has been so therapeutic and revealing. There was and is a time currently when women from all backgrounds had little control over aspects of their lives. Many families turned to magickal workings passed down through time or learned the work in their current lives to try to grasp control of what wasn’t given to them. History has made it out to be devilish or menacing, but in reality, it was a need for personal freedom. My Grandmother was shy and meek if you didn’t know her. Her personal life seemed to be very centered around gaining control, and that included magic. This was amplified for her after my Grandfather passed. There were many ways that he forged paths for her to have the most freedom she had ever had in her life. 

My Grandmother was denied access to spaces in this world right at the entry or peace within after being granted admission. Shortly after my Grandparents were married, my Grandmother was denied access to a place she desired to enter. The 50s and 60s were not easy places for women to navigate. When this happened, my Grandfather would swoop in and save her. She once told me these were the best years of her life because, in her mind, she felt free. This all came crashing down when my Grandfather passed. She raised some fires that seemed to catch the sky aflame. The more she was told no, the more she searched for new paths to take her where she needed to go. Her ancestral ties to Rootworking were her comfort and sanctuary. Many Bright Blessings to all that took the time to read her story. 

“Tell them all about me. Let me live long after I am gone because I won’t be coming back. I am going to some planet where all the spaceships come from.” – Veda

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Evil Pawn Jewelry’s 20th Anniversary

Today, 20 years ago, Evil Pawn Jewelry was born. At the time, everyone in my trade told me it could not be done. The internet hadn’t become a “thing” like now. I had people tell me that it would never work with a name like “Evil Pawn Jewelry” because of the word “evil.” I really thought that people would read the bio without prejudice. LOL! The first item on the website was the Cameo Skull, and the description talked about the metaphysical properties of the materials and the talisman nature of the symbolic language. People told me I was crazy.

I worked fairs and sold jewelry at highway gas stations. Until a friend told me about eBay. (Etsy wasn’t a company yet) so I decided to put some of my pieces on eBay with zero expectations. Sold the items I had put up within the first hour. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t have to drive all over the highway systems in the Midwest to collect my commissions from gas stations. I didn’t have to do three fairs in a week around my regular job. What it is? Yes, I have to ship the items, but what just happened?

Shortly after that, the EPJ website was constructed, and I used Live Journal, Friendster, and eventually My Space to talk about the lines. I think back to those days and am in a daze over the whole becoming of the internet. Then Facebook and IG sent everyone spiraling.

I remember one of my friend’s calling me and saying, “you have 188k followers on My Space?! WTF?” and my reply was, “Who are they? Where did they all come from? How will I ever learn all of their names?” EPJ was a part of a group of designers that were among the first to bring action against a large company for ripping our designs. We were among that group of small businesses to have big magazines think we were cool. Each and every one of us was sitting in shock daily. Calling each other and sending text in caps… “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” We were all just literally riding the wave, and true, that wave was given to us with the rise of the internet, but it does not mean all of these small businesses didn’t work so hard behind the scenes.

The internet has changed a lot since then, a lot. It saddens me that so many small companies are being waterlogged by large companies and washed up to shore. I have seen so many businesses close over this period of time due to the hardships of small business. I am grateful that EPJ is still here. Will I go on forever? No. But for now, EPJ is here. Thank you life, and Happy Anniversary to EPJ!

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Things My Grandmother Taught Me Book Release

Over the past 20 years, I have posted stories that my Grandmother told me throughout childhood in blog and post form via the internet. These stories always had a reason, a lesson, or underlining truth that would reveal itself more and more with each year. These stories were her speak. My Grandma and I started to document them in 2006, and my outlines of childhood recall became more detailed with her help.

Unfortunately, she passed away in 2010 before the book was complete. Through research and investigation, I finished this book in 2016. It was satisfying to see this goal because it was not only my goal but also my Grandmother’s goal. Even with this incredible feat, I didn’t feel it was complete. I felt like she was calling me to complete one final task for her. I knew I needed to connect with her family members, who were the beginning of her story. Her personal Chapter One that I had not fully seen with my eyes. So much became clear when I connected with these ties; the dots also connected like star constellations in the sky. Stories were her salvation. They were metaphors for secrets and recipes for magic spells.

My Grandmother was such a unique human. She was more than amazing; she was one of my favorite people. I saw her as a Demi-Goddess. Her stories from her isolated upbringing in the Ozarks and the spark of magic she possessed in her eyes were all the wonder I ever needed as a child. Her human experience was multi-faceted and played a soundtrack of many hardships. Her spiritual experience was her truth, and she struggled to find her magical song in a world made of anti-magic. She always said, “I wish people understood me as you did.” It is time Grandma, time the world saw you through my eyes.

Things My Grandmother Taught Me is available at this link below:

Thank you to all of you that loved my Grandmother and loved following her stories over the years. She always loved your comments and kept all the cards you sent to her. All of you made her last years on this plane a very bright and sunny time. Her favorite kind of day… hot, sunny, and so very warm. Many Bright Blessings to all of you.

“Tell them all about me. Let me live long after I am gone because I won’t be coming back. I am going to some planet where all the spaceships come from.” – Veda

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Empowerment Series. Resolve.

Most of you know that I am a cultivator of dreams. Most of my friends have had to endure long speeches of encouragement for all the things they want to accomplish. The more they think it’s impossible, the more I brainstorm possibilities for it. I’ve made full-on outlines and written up business plans for people because I believe that when people dream greatness for themselves, our world arrives on a shore of plenty.

I have always been told that I am a bit of a dreamer, and I am ok with that. There was a time when all of my hoped personal and business accomplishments were an eye roll in another person’s head. Let them have their opinions and continue on, my friends.

My little company will celebrate its 20-year anniversary next month, I somehow released another book, and I have a great family and some seriously amazing friends. Family and true friends are all that really matter in the end, but cultivating them into your own dream and you in theirs is key to manifesting full expansion.

So friends, here I am. Ready to give you the lecture, aka pep talk.

I am not asking you to make a New Year’s Resolution. I am asking you to resolve daily. Hourly. In every present moment. This life is pointless if we do not give it a point. It doesn’t matter how much money you make or what you accumulate. What matters are those little sparks of life that explode within your being when you are doing something that gives you life. Your dreams, hobbies, hopes, wishes, all of it. Even if you can only accomplish this thing on the weekends, you must do it. It is the magic that gives you life.

Negative people will find all kinds of things wrong with this, and some people will be entirely offended that I suggest dreaming in a world that seems so dark. Some will list their rebuttals in the comments, like warfare bullets, and delete me from their world.

This is because we all find arguments from our own dysfunction. We all find ways to kill someone else’s light from our own dysfunction. We kill our own light with our own dysfunction.

In a world of war, constant bitterness, polarity, and death… we must dream. We must teach children to dream. We must calm the sea and put the whole world to sleep for a while. Human beings are creators, and this world makes it hard for many to dream.

It is time to realize yourself and not argue against the things you want. It is time to stop telling others they can’t dream. It is time to tell everyone you know that you believe in them. It is time to tell yourself that you believe in yourself. Remember what this place is, my dear friends. It’s all just a dream, so dream big. Let it spill into your waking life. You’ll never be tired again.