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Dārza Māte Coin Necklace

Dārza Māte is the Latvian Goddess of gardens and green thumbs. She is the overseer of Motherly relationships. Mother to children as to Gardener to plants. She cultivates your own personal growth like a well tended garden. The provider of all you need; the sun, the moon, water, and soil. Every flower bears her name and you will bloom under her watchful eye. 

She is the giver of what is needed and was often referred to as the “one who feeds.” She is the bringer of the seed that produces. A grantor of abundance in all ways possible. 

Her crystals are Quartz and Moss Agate. 

Sofija Janulis – Writer, Baltic Goddess Enthusiast, Contributor

Kerrie Novák – Cultural Anthropologist, Contributor

Aldona Pilmanis – Muse, Friend, Tea Sister, Goddess enthusiast, Contributor of inspiration

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Kali Goddess Coin Necklace

“You must destroy to create. In time, all endures both, for infinity.”

Kali is the ultimate reality and manifestation of Shakti. She is the Mother of all beings and the ultimate Mast of Time. As energy changes and cycles through lives, it is moved by her hand. She is the force of time. The creator and the destroyer. 

Kali is the governess of a sect of Figure Magick known as Blood Magick. She is the supreme goddess of the many sects of Fire Magick. The universe bends to her gaze. She is the Mother that takes your hand and guides you through the sea of monsters. Change can be scary and as the force of change, she is also a protector in its whirlwind. A most powerful Goddess indeed. 

Her crystals are Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Carnelian, and Obsidian. 

Priya Singh – BD in Ancient Indian History, Culture, and Archaeology Studies, Contributor

Kerrie Sharma-Glad – Writer, South Asian Historian, and Scholar, Contributor

Tamera Silva – Muse, friend, contributor of inspiration, A Klatch for this life and the next.  

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Ītzpāpālōtl The Obsidian Butterfly Goddess Coin Necklace

Ītzpāpālōtl, The Obsidian Butterfly is a Goddess that I have been working with for a few years with my friend Wiki. She is writing a book with an extensive collection about Central and South American Goddesses and their lore. Hopefully, her book will release later next year under her full name; Ahuic “Wiki” Mora. Please keep an eye out for it and I will also post when her book releases as well for anyone interested. 

I love talking about Goddesses that have not seemed to make it into the popular mainstream. It seems that there is an outpour of what is popular, but a trickle-down effect of what is not. 

The Obsidian Butterfly has been watered down and pretty much lost to the workings of the internet. It shouldn’t surprise any of us how generic the info is with the very “copy and paste” feeling you encounter when researching on the web. My friend Wiki has spent many years in her native land of Central Mexico, not to mention travels into South America, to collect stories of Central and South American Goddesses. I am so excited for the upcoming book release of this beautiful Goddess with a fresh perspective on her and her energy. 

The Obsidian Butterly is about transformation and rebirth. She is a soul eater, and this is not a bad or scary thing. She eats the old and done to recreate and give birth to their new form. There will be a series on this Goddess on Evil Pawn Jewelry’s Patreon page by Wiki this summer. The series will post to the Quartz Tier. 

Once these coins hit net proceeds EPJ is giving donations to Raices and to Wiki so she can continue her work in collecting and preserving these stories before they are gone forever. This is such important work. Funds will also help her with her future website. Thank you for all who have contributed. 

The crystals of Ītzpāpālōtl are Obsidian, Amethyst and Bumblebee Jasper.

Contributors of design, story, and inspiration: 

Zyanya Eztli-Zapata

Carmen Tenoch-Gomez

Ahuic “Wiki” Silva-Tellez Mora

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Elen of the Ways Goddess Coin Necklace

Elen is not only the pathfinder in the physical world, she is the Goddess of the Aisling. She can wave her staff and clear the way for a new road. Like our beloved deer friends, she too possesses the gift to see the ways through the trees. The paths the human eye is unable to see. She finds a way. 

Elen of the Ways can guide you through your dreams and help you pave those same roads in the waking hours. The deer is the great navigator through terrain that is mapped in paths we do not see, but the deer can see them all. Whether you are going into the dream world or navigating this waken state space… You can find it all, just follow the deer. 

Orla O’Connor – Curator of Celtic Art, Contributor

Shannon Kelly – Writer, Celtic Scholar, Contributor

Nessa Walsh – Cultural Anthropologist, Contributor

Samantha Weisberg – Muse, friend, contributor of inspiration, Wise sage, Girl Gandolph for life! 

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Nisaba Goddess Coin Necklace

Nothing could mean more than a female scribe, especially to a female writer. She oversees all humans no matter their identity, but the representation can bring you to your places of becoming quicker than ink to pen. This beauty was the very first goddess I selected for this project and she means the world to me. She was inspired by my Grandma Veda. She is the Sumerian Goddess of writing, accounts, and grain. Scribes and accountants most often ended their text with the words “Nisaba be Praised.” These magical words are inscribed on the back of the Goddess Coin in Sumerian as, “𒀭𒉀𒍠𒊩” and they are magick indeed. 

Her crystals are Quartz, Sodalite, and Peridot. These crystals are perfect for writing, accounting, filing, organizing, and formatting. These crystals are Level One, Two, and Four. Making a perfect cross combination for writing, creative thinking, remembering, and keeping track. 

“Write it down.” 

I want to thank everyone that contributed to this project.

BahArak Shah – Historic Archeologist, Contributor

Zara Hadid – cultural anthropologist, Contributor

Aleah Yousefi Andrews – Masters in Middle Eastern Studies with an emphasis on societies and cultures, Contributor

My Grandmother Veda – Muse, Contributor of inspiration, guide, and watcher

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Rhiannon Goddess Coin Necklace

Some consider her an actual Queen and historical figure, others feel like she is an actual deity, and the majority feel like she is both. Her lore shares many attributes with the Horse Goddess Epona, but the love of Rhiannon reaches further into our hearts than Goddess status. Rhiannon was strong willed and made her own decisions, even when the world told her no, she said yes. She was untouchable and did whatever it was that her heart desired. She wielded her enchantments and magical powers with the flick of her wrist. When she was wrongly accused, she prevailed, because nothing in the world could hold her down. She displayed the speed and strength of a horse but also the unexpected majestic grace and enchanted movements reached upon in Horse Symbolism. Her coin is adorned with a White Moonstone and a snowy Quartz. Displayed with the magical three birds of Rhiannon that follow her shadow; she rides into our hearts forever as our true hero of the tale. One of the first female heroes, before the world we live in allowed them. She is Rhiannon. 

Rhiannon shows you what you are waiting to be and reminds you that you are your own hero. “I am here to remind you that you can have anything you want, by your own doing.” 

I thank everyone who lent their hand to this project. 

Orla O’Connor – Curator of Celtic Art, Contributor

Shannon Kelly – Writer, Celtic Scholar, Contributor

Nessa Walsh – Cultural anthropologist, Contributor

Raven Quinn – Muse, friend, contributor of inspiration, strong for battle and delicate like a songbird. Love you lady! 

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Isis the Goddess Coin Necklace

“I am that which was and is and will ever be, and no mortal has yet lifted the veil which covers me.”

Today’s spotlight is on a goddess with many names and a face that has been seen many places. Most know her as Isis, goddess of Egypt. Her presence is seen in every culture and in each culture she is a goddess of magic. Isis is more than a mother Goddess of magick, she is a representation of the great mystery of the feminine. She represents the darkest and lightest parts of ourselves that we haven’t unleashed yet. We are the Phoenix that has not risen, but lays quietly in the ash awaiting her time. Isis represents our risen potential. She is all of the magick you possess and all of the glory that it brings. 

Her crystals are Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, and Quartz. All three sustainably sourced from Egypt with hands of Integrity. By celebrating her, we are remembering that we have not even scratched the surfaces of the unknown. We has a people have much to learn, because we have so much to learn about the ourselves.

I thank everyone who lent their hand to this project. 

BahArak Shah – Historic Archeologist, Contributor

Zara Hadid – Cultural Anthropologist, Contributor

Aleah Yousefi Andrews – Masters in Middle Eastern Studies with an emphasis on societies and cultures, Contributor

Trista Hassan Cartwright – Third year Egyptologist and speaker

Tamra Zemaitis Goodwin – A Muse, A reminder to me everyday to look deeper into the layers of the self, Contributor of inspiration, and the one and only RaRa

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Boudica Coin Necklace

Today’s spotlight is not on a Goddess, but an ancient and shining one all the same. Boudica was the most famous Celtic Tribal Queen of Britannia. She fought to save her people from the invasions of the Roman Empire. Her bravery and warrior spirit are legendary to this day. She fought for her truth until the bitter end and is an everyday reminder that your fighting spirit can never be defeated. No matter what the scorecard says, you prevail by perseverance. Your fight alone makes you unable to lose. 

By celebrating her warrior spirit, we are remembering empowerment in ourselves. I thank everyone that lend their hand to this project. 

Jamie Sawyer – Muse, Warrior, Friend, and contributor of inspiration
Orla O’Connor – Curator of Celtic Art, Contributor
Shannon Kelly – Writer, Celtic Scholar, Contributor
Nessa Walsh – Cultural anthropologist, Contributor

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The Hand of Hekate Necklace

I appreciate all of the kind encouragement through the manifestation of this piece. Posting the rough molds was a little scary because there was so much that was unseen going into this necklace. Sometimes the story is never seen, so your interpretation of the story you are retelling through art, is also cloaked in your mind. 

A very long time ago, I saw a photo of a Great-Great Grandmother in my family tree. There was not a lot of information about her but she was interesting. I was determined to learn more but no one could really tell me anything. Genealogy research also went nowhere. She was quite the mystery. When that happens in ancestry, you start researching their names, clothing, and jewelry in photos. Her name was Amandus (Amanda) Rossetti. Her mother’s name was Mahala. That and a photo of her as a very old woman were all we had. Secondly, I studied the dress she was wearing. It was not of any major significance. Her white hair was piled on top of her head and you can see a necklace around her neck. It was somewhat clear, but I had a friend of mine zoom it in and clean it up a bit. She was wearing a necklace known as a Mano Cornuto or the Sign of Horns. An Italian Amulet that looks like the “Rock and Rock” hand gesture but facing down. Mano means “hand” and Cornuto means “horn” and like the Italian horn, it protects against Malocchio, which means the Evil Eye. These symbols have been around before Italy and before Rome. They have been found prior in Greece and even Ancient Sumerian cultures used them. Not to mention the Karana Mudra, among many others.  

This propelled me to take several classes on hand gestures and their symbolic meanings from antiquity to now. I was taken aback by the meanings and beliefs behind them. This was when the internet didn’t offer classes, so I had to take in-person workshops, so it was over a several-year basis. From there I branched out into learning about hand gestures deities used and were known for. I was so geeked out on these hand gestures that I found myself one day, years into research, that all started from a very old photo of my Great-Great Grandma. This is an exact example of how my brain works, I just keep gobbling up info until I’ve paved a highway. I then look up and see that I am miles from where I started.

This pendant is a huge symbol of that essence of me, combined with something from my family’s distant past, and more than anything a huge dose of the old ways. This pendant is Hekate’s hand projecting protection from all who target you. Her snake is symbolic of you being able to shed anything that tries to attach itself to you, like old skin.

Hekate’s Cuff and Ring have a stone choice of obsidian or amethyst. A few people that viewed the work in progress told me I would be “on trend” if the nails were long and pointy. The thing is, I wanted an edited design that would last the test of time. One day, that may not be on-trend. When that happens things seem dated. I like the idea of timelessness. Just as this hand gesture is timeless. Just as Hekate herself is timeless. 

Thank you for reading this blog! This necklace is very limited and will not be around again. When these are gone, they are gone. All of my love and many many bright blessings!

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EPJ Adjustable Rings

Over the years, EPJ has been asked many questions about adjustable rings and I am posting a super long blog on Patreon about the years of adjusted rings. This one is short and sweet. 

First of all, the perks of adjustable rings are vast but there was more method behind the madness than just perks. A long time ago, three friends and I were at a mall store (yes those things were real) and we were looking at beautiful rings inside a case. My friend asked to see one of the rings, and the lady behind the counter got super rude. “All of the rings are only a size 7. If you want it you have to pay to have it sized.” My friend that asked was a US size 13 ring finger. My other two friends were sizes 6 and 9. I was a size 4.5. I thought about how weird it is that everything is “average size” and it took me into a world of overthinking. In my years of being a jeweler, not just for large jewelry stores but for small Mom/Pop shops and then my own, I had witnessed the more “average size” if there was one… being a size 9 or 9.5. Not a size 7. How do they determine “average” anyway? To me, there is no standard or average. Human beings are just human. That is it. The shapes and sizes we take on are more “meant to be” and aren’t wrong and most definitely shouldn’t be rated on scales like “average to not-so-average.” What a strange world we live in. What a strange thought that anyone should be the same as someone else or be compared to them in some way. I am forever in awe of this strange place. 

The adjustable rings took many shapes over the years before they stayed in the tree of life shank style. I like the idea of being able to be human. Ya know, gain some weight, shed some weight, experience swelling from some outdoor work, a late night hanging out with friends, a cold day in December when your rings just want to fall off. Ya know, breath… and being able to wear my rings. Sizing isn’t cheap. Sterling silver adjustable bands wear down and break easily after adjusting only a few times. SO I shied away from sterling early in the EPJ days. Stainless steel is made to last. Being hypoallergenic stainless steel makes the shank another way anyone can wear it at any time in their lives. 

For some time a viral video was on YouTube on how to adjust your EPJ rings. It wasn’t some amazing revelation that made it a popular video. The thing that made it somewhat viral was because myself and my best friend were being hilarious while doing the video. Not professional at all. We were just being so silly. Eventually I took the video down because I really needed to make one that was shorter and more to the point. I tend to get really silly sometimes, but hey, there is that human thing again. 

So here is a step-by-step on how to adjust your ring at home. You can always email to have us do this for you. I am always willing to adjust your rings. It is always free, you just pay to ship. Much cheaper than having them sized. 

You will need: 

  • A wash cloth
  • 2 pairs of needle nose pliers
  • A ring mandrel if you have one but it is not necessary if you don’t.

To make your ring larger: 

If you have a ring mandrel, this is the easiest thing in the world. If not it can take a little more time and skill. First, if you have a ring mandrel, slide the ring down the sizer and push it down. When doing this the ring will open up. You can use the needle nose pliers to shape the ring if needed, just remember to use the washcloth between the ring and the pliers to prevent scratching. If you are more crafty, you can also shape your ring with a Nylon Rubber Jeweler’s Hammer.

If you do not have a mandrel, you will have to open the ring with your needle nose pliers. Start from the side that connects to the top of the ring. Pull out in small paces all the way down the ring to the middle. If your adjustable ring has an arm, you can also pull the arm out and tuck the end as you see fit. 

To make your ring smaller: 

To make your ring smaller, it is just a matter os squeezing the band inwards. You may wish to use the washcloth and the needle nose pliers. Remember to use the washcloth between the ring and the pliers to prevent scratching. 

If you are not wishing to size your ring yourself, just write type your size in the note section of your order. You can also email us at if you place an order and forget your size. Once your ring is sized to your preferred size, you can easily open it or close it down through weight gain, weightloss, swelling, or weather changes. Remember, anytime you need us to help, we are just an email away!