Scarab Amulet in Lapis Lazuli


The Saqqara Scarab Amulet Necklace is an accolade to gods of Egypt and the brilliance attributed to scarab symbolism. The stones have been carefully cut and inlaid into a hypoallergenic stainless steel scarab frame.  Never to fade, never to tarnish, never to lose it’s finish. The Pendant is 61mm x 40mm (not including bail in length) and comes with a 4mm stainless steel diamond cut rope chain that is 18 inches long with a 2-inch long extender. All Scarab stones were charged with New Moon river water to pay homage to Iah. Each Scarab has different stored energies. A combined ceremony to make this necklace a crossover of a Talisman and an Amulet. Providing empowerment and protection. 

The Scarab’s alignment with Lapis Lazuli carries a symbolic language of  “Inner Power” and the awakening of the true self. The Scarab reaches backward in time and through the veil, harnessing the power of your ancestral line. Pulling from it, the endurance to push forth and rise to your becoming. The scarab’s back reflects the night sky and that same sky is reflected in your eye. You are all and all is you.


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