The World Serpent Midi

The World Serpent Midi Ring’s classic snake design can coil around an Upper Finger or Pinkie Ring. This ring was inspired by the story of J√∂rmungandr. The Serpent that reaches around the world and bites his own tail. Your finger can be the world and your Will can make magic. We are all creators. Made in stainless steel never to tarnish or fade with quartz granules in the metal. The World Serpent Ring is meant for midi fingers or pinkie but can be worn as a ring. Any way the wearer prefers. Crowned with your choice of labradorite or onyx. Made with ocean moonwater. Shaped for a perfect fit with end rise capabilities. Stainless Steel, Lightweight, adjustable from sizes 2.5 to 6.5. If you want it pre-sized by us, please just let us know the size in the notes.

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