Wheel Earrings


The Wheel Earrings are available in Labradorite, Tiger’s Eye, or Aventurine. These earrings are inspired by Nordic and Germanic wheels from Iron Age carts and chariots. These carts are associated with Goddesses like Nord throughout the countryside. I also think of Freyja and her chariot carried by cats. An ancient design modernized in steel. I have had many encounters with the Wheel card lately and I understand what it means. Do not resist the wheel of change, any resistance will leave you crushed by it. Designed with numerology, finalization equals 9. Made as talismans in the old ways to concrete its symbolic meaning. Made with 2015 Spring Full Moonwater. Spring is Nigh! Extremely lightweight for all-day wear. Hypoallergenic steel, lightweight, statement. Latching Kidney Hook closure. 63mm in length and 36mm in width.


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