Ninmah Ring


The Ninmah Ring is a dedication to the Serpent Goddess of old. Not the Ninmah of definition but the greater all. The Eye of the Moon is ouroboros, in honor of the serpent queen, this talisman is to invoke the energy of the inner eye. The reflection of the moon and the other side of the coin.  A vintage style rose cut natural quartz center stone embraced by an ouroboros of prong set faceted obsidian stones. Detailed with an obsidian eye to represent the knowledge of the serpent queen. Stones do vary because they are all natural. This ring is Stainless Steel. An everyday piece that echos a smaller shadow than a standard statement piece but is a statement in itself.  Please write your ring size in the notes section if you want specific adjustments. This ring is limited to 13 per size available. When they are gone they are gone. Sold Separately from side stack. 

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