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Hello January! 

These two Evil Eye pieces have been a super staple for me over these past months. I find myself unable to take them off at times or switch it up here and there. Sometimes, it is just like that with pieces that call us. I feel that call to protect and guard right now. That is where I am at. 

What a wild ride this has been. A lot of you know what I am talking about. Being imperfect beings that live in an imperfect world seems sometimes to be lost on these apps. Humans living behind screens being treated like things that do not live at all. 

I seem to remember it being different, or maybe I am just stuck in one of those circular visions. I have seen it somewhere before I know it. If it wasn’t the past, maybe it was a future vision. In my being, I feel like it is real. I know it is real—a place where all living beings can give space and care for all living beings. A world where great upset, suffering, and pain can’t exist because that kind of world isn’t understood. For this to happen, we must start to understand each other. Renouncing all quick reactions that give way to misunderstandings. All must be given a chance to just be, like a human being is meant to be. Remember friends, when we scroll these seemingly faceless windows, and we don’t understand what we are looking at… never forget there is a person trying to understand this existence we live in… just like we are. Paths change every day for every person, and the shore of understanding is an individual’s journey. No wave is alone and we must carry each other in like the tide. No wave is alone, but some can be closer to shore than others. 

Be kind, be understanding, and try to figure it out with care instead of building walls that divide. Misunderstanding lives in division. This ocean divided sometimes feels like millions of individual glasses of water on one table. Blessed Week’s End friends.