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The Goddess Collection

Jewelry consisting of faces on coins have graced bodies since antiquity. Usually a deity or a person of significance and beauty, coin jewelry is nothing new under the sun, transcending time and space. There are many varieties of coin jewelry, but my favorites are the coins with goddesses. When I was a tiny child, my Grandmother had a long bronze necklace that hung to the bottom of her ribcage. It was a coin with a Goddess holding wheat on the face. The back had two symbols, one on top of the other. The top was a Labrys, and the bottom was a bull. I loved it so much, and I own it to this day. Nothing is more beautiful to me than goddess culture. I wanted to design coins with goddesses that aren’t typically found on coins, but most of all, I wanted to honor the tradition of coin jewelry. 

The collection is traditional by way of the coin shape, but there is so much more that is not traditional but should be among us as humans. This collection represents true crystal to goddess lore that is usually incorrect via an internet search. Moreso, red-lettered, this project is a representation of people from around the world and a collaboration that is of the same. Each piece was designed in a friend’s likeness or in collaboration with a guest designer, who is also a friend. Each goddess had several people behind it and much-needed representation. This was an effort of many, a coming together of many. 

Each goddess has one or more stones that truly pertain to her, featured on each coin. I have often seen incorrect crystals paired with their Deities in the same landscape as their animal counterparts. I believe it must be culturally correct. Additionally, I wanted the goddesses to have designers that were living cultural representations of the goddess. In this truth, many people would have real input to real concerns pertaining to the culture displayed. So each goddess had a team, and in each team, the majority were people of the culture represented. Furthermore, charities have been chosen, by team members, to benefit from these goddesses. 

As with all EPJ pieces, these will only be available for a very short time in a limited edition. When they are gone, they are gone. As I have always said, beauty comes from what is sought, not soaked. If you have one of these beauties, you will have one of the few in the world. Please see a description of each goddess and the people behind them, helping me hold them up.

Freyja/Freya Scandinavian Goddess

Freyja, originally of the Vanir, was given to the Aesir tribe as a peace treaty during the war. Her father Njörd the sea god and her twin brother Freyr, were also a part of the bargain. Together they brought many gifts to the Aesir, one of Freyja’s many gifts was the power of seiðr, the Old Ways of the World. She possesses a cloak made of falcon feathers, enabling her to fly leading the Valkyries on the battlefield. The Boar, the Cat, and the Falcon are her familiars. Her true crystal is yellow Cat’s Eye, displayed on the pendant, sourced from Scandinavia. Her likeness was designed after my friend Mia Wäppling-Johannessen. Freyja’s depiction has been advised and planned by the project contributors.

Mia Wäppling Johannessen – Muse, Contributor of inspiration, tattoo artist, Goddess enthusiast 
Christina O’ Hara – Contributor, Goddess enthusiast
Mia Andersson – Cultural anthropologist, Contributor
Maja Nilsson – Museum curator, Contributor

Circe Greek Goddess

Circe, the witch of Aeaea and daughter of Helios, became a most beloved Goddess for her truest nature. Yes, she was able to change men into wolves, lions, and swine, but this is truly a footnote. At her birth, she was quickly disregarded, branded as odd-looking, and cast aside. She was underestimated and belittled. No one really understood her inner power. She rose up like a phoenix and the gods in the grand hall stopped in their tracks. She is a testament to the fact that no one decides your destiny but you. The Hawk and the Lion are her familiars. Her true crystal is Tiger’s Eye. Her likeness was designed after my best friend Rachel Lewandowski. Circe’s depiction has been advised and planned by the project contributors. 

Jennifer Kazan – Cultural Anthropologist, Contributor
Rachel Lewandowski – Muse, Contributor of inspiratio

The Morrígan Celtic Goddess

The Morrígan, also known as the Phantom Queen of Irish lore and the Goddess of the dead. She is a quite complex Goddess to know. She requires study and dedication to truly understand. Internet searches do not even grasp a 10th of who she is. The Morrígan is the very cycle of life, the energy of this cycle manifested into this reality’s edges. She is the keeper eternal of all that breathes and all that dies. She is the center of the triple spiral flowing outward. Murders of crows fly by her side, and she is a gifted shapeshifter indeed. Her true crystals are garnet, onyx, quartz, and bloodstone. Her likeness was designed after my friend Sher DeMar. The Morrígan’s depiction has been advised and planned by the project contributors. 

Sher DeMar – Muse, Goddess enthusiast, contributor of inspiration
Orla O’Connor – Curator of Celtic Art, Contributor
Shannon Kelly – Writer, Celtic Scholar, Contributor
Nessa Walsh – Cultural anthropologist, Contributor

Guan Yin Chinese Bodhisattva

Guan Yin is the Bodhisattva of Mercy, Peace, wisdom, and Luck. She is associated with compassion and known as “The Goddess of Mercy.” Bodhisattvas are enlightened beings who have decided to hold off transcending in order to help others attain enlightenment. There are many different Bodhisattvas, but Guan Yin is the most famous in China. Her true crystal is the Chinese Jade, displayed on her chest, mined in China. Her image was a design by the contributors to this project. Both were inspired by the Guan Yin Bodhisattva Statue of the South China Sea in Sanya, Hainan. Their design takes my breath away. Net proceeds from this project will be donated to CUSWF. 

Candice Wang – Contributor
Karen Chén – Modern-day Chinese Scholar, Buddhist, and Curator of Asian Art. Contributor

Inanna Mesopotamian Goddess

Inanna, Queen of Heaven, is the oldest known goddess in the history of us. Complete with stories of her grand adventures dating back to 3200 BC. She is the morning star, the depiction of Venus, the first of the morning and the first of the night. Also known as the Star of Venus. Her animal consort is a lion and her true crystals are Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian. Her likeness was designed after my friend Aleah Yousefi Andrews. Inanna’s depiction has been advised and planned by the project contributors.

BahArak Shah – Historic Archeologist, Contributor 
Zara Hadid – cultural anthropologist, Contributor
Aleah Yousefi Andrews – Masters in Middle Eastern Studies with an emphasis on societies and cultures, Contributor
Shabana Dada – Muse, Contributor of inspiration

Oya African Elemental Spirit, Orisha

Oya is technically not a goddess, she is an elemental spirit. She is one of the most powerful Orishas. She is the Goddess of thunder, lightning, and storms. She is the Queen of the River Niger and can help you unearth family secrets that were lost with those who have passed on. Her symbols are lightning, flywhisk, sword, or machete. Oya’s familiar is the Waterbuffalo and her true crystals are Amethyst, Garnet, and Bloodstone. Her likeness was designed after my friend Trina Thompson. Oya’s depiction was designed, advised, and planned by the project contributors. Net proceeds from this project will be donated to Solar Sister.

Akanni Boye – Yoruba Priestess, Contributor
Trina Thompson – Muse, Goddess initiate, Contributor of inspiration
LaToya Stevens-Johnson – Contributor

Nerthus Vanir Scandinavian Goddess/God

Many veiled Goddess appears in many cultures because ultimately she is one. Symbolizing the mysteries of life, the great mysteries. Nerthus is a veiled primordial goddexx, an original goddexx of old that was before the newer gods of antiquity. As an elder goddexx, of the Earth, keeping the secrets of the world. Originally a sexless deity, able to be the seed and carry life by the self. Similar to the plant life of this Earth in relation to the Earth’s soil. Sometimes said to be Njörd, the male god of the sea or his wife, Nerthus was also documented as both genders (a hermaphroditic deity) until the Christianization of Scandinavia. Whether the goddexx was hermaphroditic, changed over time by religion, or Nonbinary; it is clear that the primordial energies are older than gender roles. The animal consorts of Nerthus are the red fox and the wood frog. The true crystal of Nerthus is blue lace agate. Now considered in many circles a Nonbinary Goddexx and the keeper of the secrets of Earth and our true origins. The depiction of Nerthus and description here has been advised and planned by the project contributors. Net proceeds from this project will be donated to Transformations KC. 

Mia Andersson – Cultural anthropologist, Contributor
Maja Nilsson – Museum curator, Contributor
Tanith K. (They/Them) – Contributor
Terrance Styles (They/Them) – Contributor
Starseed Metropolis (They/Them) – Contributor

Amaterasu Japanese Solar Goddess

Amaterasu is a Japanese Solar Goddess. She is a major deity of Shinto, portrayed in Japan’s earliest texts. The August Sun goddess is the ruler of Takama no Hara, the High Celestial Plain, the domain of the Kami. She is the great illuminator, with the power to rise and set the sun. Emperor Jimmu (660 BC) is said to be the direct descendant of the sun goddess Amaterasu. The country’s name, Japan, means “the origin of the sun.” This design is reflected on the country’s flag, as a beautiful orange disc, furthermore showing this central importance of the sun.

The true crystal of Amaterasu is represented on the face of this design as the sun, an orange Aventurine from Japan. Her likeness was designed after my friend Tracy Emiko Ugai. Amaterasu’s depiction has been designed and planned by the project contributors. Net proceeds from this project will be donated to SJNOC. 

Hina Nagao – Shinto Healer, Contributor
Sora Nagao – Shinto Teacher, Contributor
Tracy Emiko Ugai – Artist, Sound Healer, and owner of Rehab Your Soul. Muse, Contributor of inspiration
Karen Ono – Writer, Museum Curator with a Bachelors Degree in Asian Studies with an emphasis on Japanese Art, Contributor

Hekate Greek Goddess

Hekate is known as a Triple Goddess, she is the Thracian Goddess of the Dark Moon, Witchcraft, and Wisdom. She is the keeper of all that is hidden. The Goddess of Crossroads and Queen of Ghosts. The liberator of women and a representation of feminine strength. Her symbols are keys and torches. Hekate’s familiar is the black dog and her true crystals are all black crystals, but she is most partial to Black Jet. Her likeness was designed after my friend Lili Niemczura. Hekate’s depiction has been advised and planned by the project contributors.

Jennifer Kazan – Historian, Historic Archeologist, Contributor
Theresa Ricci – Writer, Italian Scholar, and Student. Contributor
Lili Niemczura – Muse, The Owner of Crow’s Myth, Contributor of inspiration

I would also like to thank Evil Pawn Jewelry Patreons for their support, love, encouragement, advice, and straight-up beauty during this project. You are my second Klatch. I love all of you so much! 

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The Hex Breaker Amulet

I am so happy to release the last edition of the Hex Breaker Amulet today. I am overwhelmed with gratitude over the constant flow of kind messages I have been lucky enough to receive concerning this necklace. Many have asked about the construction of the symbolic language portrayed on the face of the amulet. First I want to discuss the actual word Amulet and the word Talisman. These two words are often misused in jewelry. Especially with the latest crystal craze that has flooded the internet. I personally love that the world is opening to new things. Trends open minds, shrink fears, they even tear down walls. There is a little backlash with that and abuse does come in doses. We have to destroy to create and we must always take into account that pain comes with growth. If it means the world is becoming more open-minded, I will take it. The misinformation must be rectified, “all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

The making of a Talisman and the making of an Amulet, both, are more than a person just saying they are, then they become so. It takes more than a crystal and more than symbols depicted on the piece to make it so. Like the letters of any alphabet, symbols change when they are put together. They change when they are made under specific planetary or lunar conditions. They change with each metal or crystal used. Not a science, just a language, a symbolic language. 

So before there is any understanding of the symbols used, there must be an understanding of the canvas they are displayed upon. The following description is an excerpt from my upcoming book discussing the Hex Breaker and the making of Amulet or Talisman pieces. 

“A talisman is made with all energy of the crystals, metals, numerology of the measurements, and lunar, solar, or planetary times of construction in mind. Not just any piece can be called a Talisman or an Amulet. Adding these descriptions to an item when no action has been taken to earn such a name, is unfair to the buyer, and false advertisement. A piece cannot be called a Taliman or an Amulet only because it contains a crystal or a magic symbol. It must be made as a talisman or an amulet. Yes, there is a difference, but it does seem that these words are interchangeable in today’s world. 

A talisman magnifies the power of sources it is made with, e.g: the materials it is made with, how it is made, the energy present when it was made, the energy of the maker, and the wearer to bring a specific desire into manifestation. A talisman is an amplifier, manifestor, magnifier. In turn, it can also be made to give protection and defense, but the protection is dependant on each other the ingredients above. It demands a specific Consecration Ceremony to actually be a Talisman.

An amulet is for protection and defense against evil specifically. Made to keep you safe and to ward off attacks against you. These pieces do not specifically empower you, they solely protect you. 

Both must be made specifically for these purposes. Just making something and declaring it either will not suffice. I believe this is definitely a problem in this new world of meaningless phrases and quick-paced fashions, but know that if it is claiming to be a Talisman or an Amulet, it may not be either. 

These pieces must be made in such a way that they harness the energy to produce their purpose. Something made that just looks neat or magical doesn’t really have a purpose besides aesthetics. Calling it a Talisman or an Amulet is not respectful to the nature of what the piece could be. It is not responsible to label in such a way to lure the buyer to what they may be seeking.

A true Talisman or Amulet by name is constructed from measurement and making sure the corresponding numerology combines properly with said measurements of the piece. The maker must be aware to only add “times to work” on the said piece under specific moon phases and planet alignments. Including metal metaphysical meshing with stone metaphysics and making sure the stones themselves properly combine metaphysically to other stones involved in the talisman or amulet, if there are more than one involved. It is not just something you can slap together or design in a day. Each design period takes each person different amounts of time. My own method usually takes three months designing. Sometimes it can take longer because I personally wait to design under certain energy influences. Each maker takes different time measurements depending on when they can get to specific alignments and phases. My personal time measurement for a small batch is one solar year. I have taken up to five years in the past with a few items and with one specific batch taking eight years. Remember when you see wax being cut in my storyline, it took months to get there and the piece will not release for at least a year after that point. Some moon phases and planet alignments I refuse to work under so sometimes it can take longer. This is why I make items first then list them. So there is not wait time. This also accounts for why my custom pieces take a very long time. Talisman and Amulet making is not a quick thing.” 

The mapping of a magical object with magical symbolism is another bowl of wax in itself. There are vast areas in the subject of crystals and metals that seem to have been dismissed altogether. Just like knowing which crystals should and should not be combined or understanding which metals should be used for which stones; it is important to understand symbols in more than a fundamental way. I would suggest a true study that consists of more than a beginner’s class and an understanding of metaphysical properties in its chemical compound complexity. As opposed to all of these wild descriptions found on the internet, e.g. “Amethyst is good for… (add whatever)” The truth is, specific stones can change properties when a person’s planetary birthright is opposite to the whoever wrote, “Amethyst is good for…” There are certain people that are not affected energetically by Amethyst at all. So why give everyone the same understanding of this stone? Amethyst is a level one crystal so its changes are not as vast as a level five crystals, but the changes exist. It is similar to the Sun Sign Horoscope trend of the western world. It really is an unfitted flat sheet when you need a quilt. The same goes for symbolism. In order to balance and connect a universal Amulet, the symbolism must combine properly. In the English language, the letter A by itself can be a word. The letter I by itself can be a word. Adding them together does not make a word. I see a lot of things online that just do not make sense, and I am among many that are scratching their heads. We have to be smart, accurate, and precise. A google search will not teach you what you need to know. Study your subject, read books, find teachers. Answers are never easy but it is always worth it in the end. Remember if you are buying an item labeled as a “talisman” or an “amulet” it would be good to find out if it truly is if you need this item to be for empowerment or protection. If you just like the piece aesthetically then, of course, I say take it home. I believe we are drawn to things for a reason. 

I appreciate all of you reading this blog. To join the ongoing discussion about Talismans, Amulets, and the Hex Breaker Amulet symbolism, please join us on Patreon.

Stay tuned for info on my upcoming book. Many Bright Blessings and all of my love to you. 

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Descent Into Light

I constantly hear from my fellow age group that they tire of watching things that were once theirs in youth become trendy. I have heard a lot of this same thing about what has been called “The Witch Wave” or “The Season of the Witch”… Obviously lasting more than a season, but the tide has indeed turned. I honestly think more good things come from it than bad. Sometimes it can be extremely upsetting watching what you love become watered down but remember, the right people are now able to find it. These right people will find it in larger numbers and add more season to the soup. 

Yesterday a kind human messaged me and told me she wanted to thank me for reminding her that she is a work in progress that only gets better. I realize I have said this like anyone in this world that has said it, but I also reminded her to dig deeper into what I was really saying. She then replied to me with a question, “We are always in progress right?” Of course we are, but what isn’t really understood is that our continuation is descent. This is why we get better and better. That moment when we are done physically growing in our bodies, we start to descend into darkness. As the flesh begins to fall away, the godhead emerges. I am so happy that “shadow work” has made a popular rise in social media sharing. When I started EPJ, the first item that made an appearance on the EPJ website, was that of the cameo skull. In the description, I made it clear that the only way she warded off evil, was to reflect what was inside of herself. Sure, many understood it, but many more did not. You wouldn’t believe the backlash I got from that. In 2008 an article came out about EPJ that dubbed the jewelry line as, “Something for people with dark practices.” Complete with “satan” in the hashtags. There was a time that everything was this or that. No faceted humanity or option of seeing things from different views. No great work of the inner self. Back then, when I told anyone that their power came from the journeys of the darkest parts of their nature, I would get chastised. Yesterday, I told a girl that her progress comes from her descent, and she got it. No insta-anger, no “Well that’s nice but I am a lightworker” … She got it. It clicked. More and more of this world is arriving at understanding and healing. When you feel tired of things becoming trendy, remember, they have to in order to spread the nature of their understanding. Trends have the power to change mindsets, old ways of thinking, etc. When I started this journey, over 25 years ago, people constantly said I was, “edgy”… “scary” … A lady once came up to an EPJ table and asked me and my best friend Tamra if we “were of the dark arts” … 

Now, people see past that. People see what I am saying and understand it. These things are good. As we propel ourselves to the light, we must understand the darkness. The only understanding of the light is having understood the dark. All of this world is faceted. All of this life has many shades of light and dark in varying degrees. As we descend into each phase, know the only way is through. The Moon knows this well and she is a nightly reminder. These phases are a segway, movement is life. 

Join me on Patreon for a deep dive into shadow work. 

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You are the One; A journey on seeing through the false light, false messages, and false narrative in order to self empower and grow past the weeds to come into bloom.

I wrote a series of self-empowerment a few months ago and I am finally getting to make these posts live. A few of these will be on Patreon and the website blog, but then the second section will be on Patreon only. I want to red-letter not only the significance of your own personal power, but I want to remind you that there are going to be a lot of people that will try and take that personal power. I am also going to post a few ways that can remind you about how amazing you are. You don’t have to be “fancy” or “popular” and you don’t have to be perfect. You already have the tools within yourself to make your goals happen. Do not listen to anyone that has anything negative to say about your goals or your dreams. As time goes on, you will see the forest for the trees. More and more. I want you to really listen to yourself. I want you to see the watered-down magic and know-how to pull the ingredients from it, making it potent again. You don’t need anything but yourself. You can do anything you put your mind to! Yes, these posts will be cheesy. Yes, they will be full of “You can do it” style and grace. But in a world like what we are experiencing, maybe that is just what we need more of? 

Join me on Patreon for the You are the One series. 

And thank you for your ongoing support! 

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Plant Spirits and Crystals

“Quartz for a healthy plant and quartz for a baby. Citrine for a droopy plant and for a flowering lady. Adventurine for a dying plant and aventurine for a boost. Amethyst for a repotted plant and for a new root. Moss Agate for the magic and Moss agate for a multiply. Sodalite for the truth and for the inner eye. Rose Quartz for the food and Rose Quartz for the bond. Malachite for the mallow leaf and for all who are magic donned.”

For more on crystal therapy for plants and nurturing plant spirits, join me on Patreon!

Thank you so much for all of your support! Happy Midweek! ✨

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Birthstone Truth Rings

After years of hard work and anticipation, it is all coming to fruition. Many of you have been following the Birthstone Truth blogs and posts since 2012 and I appreciate this so much. There is a complete study and discussion started on Patreon if you would like to join. The EPJ Patreon can be found here: 

There is also a book that is in its last stages that will be released soon. Stay tuned to this blog, Instagram, or Patreon for complete details. 

The truth behind birthstones mimics the same truth of everything we see in the modern world. That truth is; everything is a watered-down version of what it once was. From every piece of knowledge we learn, the literature we read, extended to all we see, consume, and breath. Carbon copies of originals. No matter how authentic we live, there isn’t much that is how it was. It is now, what it has become. Nothing stays the same, everything changes and not always for the better. Birthstones are no exception. 

Over the years I have seen so many truths about the minerals of the Earth suffocated by machine jewelry store chain corporations and the internet’s fast-paced copy and paste game of telephone. So many truths blurred and knowledge taken from people, all for profit. I honestly feel like our True Birthstones and the knowledge of them have been drowned in the sea of the forgotten. There was a time when your birthstone had to do with your astrological sign and it corresponded to metaphysical properties that you would need in your lifetime pertaining to your chart. I know many people do not want to hear this but the birthstone you grew up knowing is most likely not the one assigned to you through your birthright. Some signs have two or three stones and even more stones after those follow on our Birthplate. One stone is actually assigned according to the location of birth! There is a row pertaining to siblings born before you if any, a stone according to which part of the month you are born, and so many more details beyond that. 

If you look deep into the recent history of birthstone assignment, you will find some seriously startling information about the newest lineup of birthstones. They were made up off of sales statistics and marketing strategy. Just a tool to make the old world ways profitable, as always, but profitable after changed to fit what the stores can offer. When stones were not widely available, another color or manmade version was offered. Usually, by manufacturing laboratories, the chain corporations had some sort of interest in. At one point dyes and enhancements were offered to get the desired birthstone. Eventually, the stones were just all together changed. June was given a pearl because of a huge pearl boom coming from new cultured pearls. When a “new stone” was available it was assigned a month. Then when it was mined out or mined thin, a new stone was assigned. These wise marketing magicians even used knowledge of higher birth rates to predict which stone they would assign to what month. This marked the truest beginnings of fast fashion and marketing strategies. 

Many specific mines are being picked clean as we speak, I am betting the most current line up will be changed again in about 20 years max. I do not like that powerful jewelry chain corporations have changed what they wanted to manipulate the market. To many in this field, it isn’t held sacred because many do not believe in any correspondence regarding stones and a person’s birth. I believe a person can believe what they wish, but I also believe the old ways should not be rearranged and reassigned for sales purposes. If the stone is rare or just harder to find in that region, so be it. A person can decide if they want it or not. 

When it comes to your birthstones, yes stones plural, remember that your birth month and sign are two different things. You have a stone for your month and sign. A stone for the Decan your actual birthdate falls under, and then many more stones that make up your “Birthplate” but your True Birthstones are the stones corresponding with your month and Zodiac. 

These rings were made with all of these things into consideration. Using the Zodiac as default and making sure the actual month surrounding the zodiac is included. 

The following applies: 

Gemini- Agate, Moonstone, and Yellow Cat’s Eye. 

Cancer- Onyx, Moonstone, and Emerald. 

Leo- Sardonyx, Onyx, and Carnelian. 

Virgo- Chrysolite, Brown Zircon, Carnelian, and Aquamarine.

Libra- Opal, Aquamarine, Carnelian, and Pearl. 

Scorpio- Golden Topaz, Pearl, and Blue Topaz. 

Sagittarius-Bloodstone, Turquoise, and Lapis Lazuli.

Capricorn- Two Garnets and a Ruby.  

Aquarius- Amethyst, Hyacinth, and Pearl. 

Pisces- Jade, Jasper, Bloodstone, and Aquamarine. 

Aries- Bloodstone, Quartz, Turquoise, and Amethyst. 

Taurus- Agate, Emerald, Jade, and Malachite.

Stay tuned for more on Patreon and an upcoming book. If you wish to hop on the mailing list concerning the book, please sign up on the bottom left side of the Home Page on the website. I am overwhelmed by all of you that have signed up for notifications. I literally could not believe it when I saw how many were waiting. I am filled with gratitude. I appreciate all of the kindness and support! 

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Tiger’s Eye Uses and Metaphysical Properties

‘When the night burns bright to an unbroken ring around the moon, hold on to Tiger’s eye to keep you safe until noon.’ 

I love old sayings about stones. My Grandmother told me several when I was young, this one included, but I love to research all of them. The ones I know about and the ones I do not. The first thing I do in researching the Old Ways is to learn where the saying came from. What region on this planet was it first recorded? This particular saying was found often by the Scottish settlers of the Americas in the early 1700s. Often found in the Border Ballad tradition, seemly the most effective way for a tradition to stay alive as many were pressured to assimilate into the American ideology. Another popular saying about Tiger’s Eye, equally spread by the songs of Appalachia in the same timeframe, also came from seeing a ring around the moon. ‘When there’s a ring around the moon, rain or snow is coming soon.’ Now it is commonly called a “halo effect” but the symbolic language still lives and breathes. The halo often tells of prediction and depending on the placement of the stars… danger. When the ring is seen, it was known to grab a Tiger’s Eye and carry it the three days of the full moon. Tiger’s Eye is about “seeing.”

Upon further research, it is found that these same uses for Tiger’s Eye were found in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Many believe the Romans may have brought these beliefs to Britannia a millennia before. Seeing that the gemstone of antiquity to Britannia was the Smoky Quartz and could be traced back to a thousand years before the Great Pyramid of Giza was built, it makes it unlikely. Still possible but unlikely. 

It does seem like the “7 Stones” were shared by the world’s heritage in some strange universal way. Oddly, every culture and every civilization used the 7 Stones in the same way. Tiger’s Eye being one of them, it would not be surprising if this stone’s lore wasn’t brought from place to place, but known universally by the people of the world. Predominantly found in Africa but also found in Australia, Brazil, Bruma, Canada, China, India, Korea, all about the Middle East, Spain, and the United States, but even found amongst cultures in places it was not naturally occurring. For example, Tiger’s Eye was highly associated with the early Freyja cults of the North. Of the first discoveries, researchers associated this with Middle Eastern trade that was known to take place between the cultures; being that Tiger’s Eye was highly-priced in Middle Eastern and Egyptian cultures, they could have shared the wisdom and the stone. It was said that traders may have brought this stone and its lore back with them. There are a few anthropology essays looking into this possibility. Upon further study, it has been noted that Tiger’s Eye has been found in graves of antiquity far before any kind of trade was known. The 7 stones defy all rules and timelines known to man. 

Tiger’s Eye has always been associated with protection in each culture, but this is sometimes misunderstood. Many believe Tiger’s Eye to be a stone of protection in the sense that is guards or shields you from negativity or low vibrational energy. This is not how it protects. Tiger’s Eye protects you by showing you what is. This can be the future of what is to come, the truth behind friendships, the clarity that is hidden under a foggy situation, or even an overview of the picture. Similar to seeing above like a bird or viewing a map. Tiger’s Eye gives you the Eye to make a plan. If more protection is needed besides “knowing” then Tiger’s Eye must be combined with another stone for protection. Usually a Level 3 stone or higher. For a protection bundle; it is best to use stones for each all-around protection. Example: Protection for the aura, protection from the physical, protection from the mental, etc. 

I will continue with six more posts about Tiger’s Eye on Patreon. I will cover clearing, charging, cross crystal combinations, and directional wear of the stone. Tiger’s Eye is a great ally and Level 1 helper crystal. An All-Seeing Eye. 

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Animal Symbolism and the truth behind the shape of things: Introduction

This is an introduction to Animal Symbolism. I will extend further into twenty-seven posts about this topic on Patreon. I can be found on Patreon at

One of the top questions I am asked is, “How do I find my spirit animal?” I always cringe a little inside when I hear the phrasing. I always ask people if they wouldn’t mind saying power animal, or even better, “How do I learn to read the messages of the animal world?” Or “How do I understand the self?”

There are so many reasons I ask people to use the correct terminology. The first reason is, being that there are many Indigenous American cultures that have sacred traditions regarding a “spirit animal” that is meant for their family and their tribe’s protection and spirituality. These sacred traditions go back to the beginning of their people’s bloodlines. Seeing that these traditions have been coined “Spirit Animal” during colonization and their cultures have been appropriated into a watered-down imitation of their sacred teachings at just an internet search. Isn’t it understandable to use an appropriate term that separates what you would like to learn about animals and the self from their personal inherited spirituality? The symbolism of the animal world has been oddly lumped together with specific pieces of Indigenous American culture. It has formed into this strange internet phenomenon. When Googling the meaning of your “Spirit Animal” please know that this is some weird, new world, pop culture trend. The majority of these websites use a “cold reading” template for making the pieces fit, then they package it in an Indigenous American wrapping paper and a bright red bow, complete with a feather and a bear paw print. This is highly offensive. Can you see why it can be quite upsetting to Natives when seeing something like that? If we wish to obtain great knowledge, we must first obtain empathy and understanding for all the people of the world.

Precious pieces that belonged to my MeMaw.

There are different contrast across tribes and different terms that cannot be lumped together into one prepackaged outfit. Not every tribe is the same and that should be remembered. Not all of them have the same specific traditions that others do. In just one instance, the “Spirit Animal” is referred to as a “totem” that an entire clan shares. The totem is their overall guide for the life of every person in the clan. When a person in the clan dies, their spirit is absorbed into the animal. This is just one variation. Just one. So you can see why it is upsetting for a person of Indigenous heritage to see someone wearing a shirt that says, “Coffee is my Spirit Animal” among other examples. A “Spirit Animal” is not something you want or already consciously possess. It is not even something that is “like you” in these areas. Internet trends have you fooled. It is so important to not only be respectful of people’s family and heritage but to make sure you fully understand what you are getting into with Animal Medicine and Symbolism. Please look at the truth behind some of these prepackaged deliveries that come across our screens with just a google search.

Now you may be asking, “Can I still use this practice?” In my personal opinion, if it is about someone else’s family and personal heritage or a variation that was invented by some weird Guru, I say no. If it is about a world heritage of animal symbolism? Then I say yes. Making sure to learn the truth of animal symbolism and not appropriate a heritage. There are even a few practices in other cultures that are similar BUT they are not interchangeable. They are also NOT called “Spirit Animal” under any circumstance. This term is for the Indigenous people of the Americas. The terminology used should always be out of respect. We must respect all human beings and care about them when they are being hurt, used, or misunderstood. A great step further would be to learn more about your heritage’s relationship with animal guides and the self. Every culture in the world has some practice involving symbolic language and the ‘self’ but they are ALL different. I am going to cover every single one still on record and known in this age. Yep, you read that right, I am going to cover every single one because I want you to know about your people and the heritage that may have been taken from you. When people have been wiped of their own cultures, it may cause them to take from others, or to latch on to trends. A lot of times unknowing until a shift reveals this problematic and very real phenomenon. I am hoping this will help pull people away from the imitation “Spirit Animal” culture that now exists on the internet. It is not Indigenous Spirituality. It is stolen pieces from scared Indigenous traditions. I also want you to remember, the trends on the internet with spirit animals, are coming at the expense of Indigenous Americans. It must stop.

If you wish to actually become a student in Indigenous American spirituality, it is important to find an Indigenous elder that is willing to teach you. Asking their blessing and permission is a huge start and compensating them for their teachings is a must in such a setting. They may not want to teach you everything. Be ok with that. Also, understand that if a tribal elder says no, they wish not to teach or tell their family medicine to you, respect this. Pay them for their time and be ok with what they felt. I must stress again, it is important to compensate elder spiritual leaders for their time, many reservations are impoverished. There are many that do not even have running water. A great injustice in itself. Be respectful of these elders, they are of such a great people. The land you walk on is made from their ancestors.

Furthermore, I study all Animal Symbolic systems but actually only follow my family’s way. I believe it is important to be educated about others. Learning the basics is ok, practicing is completely different. (Note I said basics. Their personal family heritage is only for their family and a chosen few.) When you know about other people’s cultures, in a fundamental way, you can know when someone else is being abused or taken advantage of. You can be an ally to help Indigenous communities when someone is teaching the paths that appropriate and hurt them.

In this series, I have written about all of the different types of Animal Symbolism in the world, to help people understand a few things: I want people to understand that what they are subscribing to with online trends is not what Indigenous Spirituality is. I want them to see how it cherry-picks, mislabels, appropriates, and abuses a whole group of people and their traditions. Through this understanding, people can learn the lost ways of their own true cultures that were colonized and erased. Helping people find themselves and understand that they may think the colonization of some has nothing to do with them but it actually has to do with everyone. I want to point out the rich textures of this earth’s antiquity and the stolen history of the world’s people. If we start to understand the differences between each region’s Animal Symbolism, we can make sure that misinformation isn’t running Google, and even if it is… we can make sure not to partake in it. Education is the answer. Compassion and empathy for others is the key.

In the first blog in this series will cover as many overall geographical heritage masses as possible. Then list names for sections of these areas. I am going to talk about what happened when Europe was Christianized. Many of the European Tribes lost their tribal heritage and their own spirituality when the Romans colonized the land. This will not be a bash fest on Christians or the descendants of Rome. This is a reclaiming of the pre-Christianized beliefs pertaining to animal symbolism on all continents. In the blogs to follow I have also written inserts about each area of the world that has been colonized. This will not be only about Europe, this is where we are beginning because this is where it started. Again, there will not be any bashing of any human alive today. I believe in leading with kindness and understanding. There are subjects we did not learn in school and it is time they saw more light. I will also include a large section that my Grandmother taught me about and family knowledge about our own personal heritage.

The study will cover each of the Tutelary Deities that spread all over Europe and then how their “removal” spread outward from there. Then I will give smaller region examples and site examples left in historical documents about specific tribes of Europe. Most will be corroborated documents, some by Piny and Tacitus because they did seem to be very unbiased in their documenting.

A few outlined examples: The Celts actually called their animal relationships ‘Aisling.’ They dreamed while they were awake and asleep to communicate with animals. They also read their omens together in their family’s sacred circle. Dreams were respected and followed as a life source to the whole community.

In addition to the Tutelary Deities, I will cover the totem animals of the Elder Goddesses and Gods. In Northern European Norse traditions they were called Fylgjur. All pantheons of the old world (in every culture) have their own animal helpers that aid, send messages, and bring back messages.

In Old Norse culture, The Fylgja itself is the animal spirit of the person and it is the spiritual self. These animal spirits sometimes died with the person it was tied to and other times stayed with the family. There are also terms that pertained to the entire tribe’s Fylgja and the family’s Fylgja. In turn, this is how many families adopted animals as their family sigil or crest after colonization. A way to keep their sacred traditions, even long after their descendants forgot.

My Grandmother specifically taught me about Fetch Dreaming. This is about spirits that are just in animal shape, bringing messages. She also taught me about Ornithomancy, which will be covered extensively. My Grandmother’s people called their ways, ‘Animal Speak’ and looking closely at the overall practice of animal speak, it is tied to a Tri-racial group from the Appalachia that migrated into the Ozarks. This happened when cultures collided and then blended about 300 years ago. I will discuss this thoroughly as well. This is one side of my family and it is important to discuss because its traditions are dying out. I have been endlessly documenting these traditions over the last 16 years. There will be specific areas outside of European cultures I will discuss in-depth, but only the areas I have personal family ties to. I will depend on others from cultures I am not akin to, in the exploration of regions that do not pertain to my heritage. These collaborations have come out of respect and solidarity.

These are countless examples that I will cover in this series. After the series, you will still have so much to learn, but hopefully, you will be set in the right direction. I aim to clear a path for you. I will stress that the use of the term “Spirit Animal” is not to be used by anyone that is not Indigenous. What many of these websites are selling you is not even remotely Indigenous spirituality, but they have stolen pieces of a scared heritage that is not their own. As I have said for years, it is very important to listen to elders and read books. The worldwide web isn’t so reliable for information. Reading truly is fundamental. That being said, I will have a large book list available with this series. Any area that I do not have personal family knowledge of, will not be covered extensively. Instead, I will provide a short foundation that is fundamental and aided by people of the said culture, and then recommend a book written by a person that is from that respected culture. I believe that understanding a person or a group of people will give way to empathy. It is important to understand why what is happening to these cultures sparks upset, anger, and mistrust. As a person with a multicultural heritage, I hope I could try to be one of many to unite all of the pieces of me and all of the people I belong to. Hopefully, I could try to be a bridge that can help unite these broken roads. All of us can learn so much by listening, respecting, and understanding. Solidarity is the world’s only hope.

Thank you for reading this post. Many Bright Blessings.

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Quartzite Introduction

Many times you will find the internet to be one of two things; your best friend or your worst enemy. There is never an in-between. The same goes for the never-ending yarn ball of information about crystal properties. I have never been so puzzled in my life. Many websites are “copy and paste” models from ten other websites that are the living embodiment of misinformation about crystal properties. There are amazing crystal writers that I love but if you google them, you will find that websites will slap the names of these trusted sources under paragraphs they did not write. I suggest always going to the trusted author’s website or using their books as guides.

I wanted to blog about Quartzite because this is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented crystals. The full blog about Quartzite and many extended blogs can be found on my Patreon.

Many of my write-ups take a lot of time, so last year I started a Patreon for familiar and unfamiliar areas of old-world knowledge, crystal metaphysical properties, the directional wearing of jewelry, stone eating, Moonwater, Earth Medicine, Plant Medicine, Ancestor Medicine, Coin Divination, sneak peeks, and inserts of my upcoming books. (Yes books plural. I have written several on each of these subjects over the years) Please visit Patreon for Info posts, promo codes, giveaways, and more.

Thank you so much for reading my blogs! Stay tuned for more blogs and extended versions on Patreon. I appreciate all of your support! 

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Rose Quartz study. Post two.

This is blog two of ten about the interesting subject of Rose Quartz. Available here on the website blog and Patreon publicly. The other nine will be on Patreon. For anyone wanting to check out EPJ’s Patreon, please see

Like many deep dive posts from 2014, I want to take on a deeper dive into not only the metaphysical properties of Rose Quartz, but I want to add what Birthstones combine with Rose Quartz for maximum effect. Some stones are like polar opposites and other are like magnets attracting. This is dependent on which Level a crystal is. I have posted about this on Patreon, and this weekend I will have a large post about bundles and combinations. For now I want to go into the truths about Rose Quartz Properties and lay down a foundation for a deeper understanding of this stone.

Think of all that we think we know about Rose Quartz. It is pink, it stands for love, it is in the level one quartz family, etc. The interest in Rose Quartz is all that hides under those layers of pink. The layers are much like the Rose flower, even in full bloom there is a center hidden from all of us. A place the sun never sees. 

First, let us speak about what is known and true about the stone. Once we have this foundation laid down, we will speak of what is rarely in the light, but in plain sight. The layers of rose quartz, delicate, but strongly symbolic. 

One part that is known; rose quartz is a stone of the heart and unconditional love. All love, all hearts, all categories of all love. 

One part that is of old; A token of relationships. Attracting new love, strengthening an existing bond, and driving away all those who truly do not love you. Especially those that wear masks of another face for their own benefit. 

One part that is unrealized; Some can use this stone, as a protection talisman, to keep people who do not love you far away from you. A protection device. Energy and color therapy of rose quartz can repel and help break some long time associations from walking alongside you on your path. Freeing you from emotional and psychological vampires that constantly feed off of you. A dissolvent that can free you, even when you are unable to free yourself. 

One part that is practiced; A stone with energy relating to the heart chakra, giving you the best tools to clear all of the dark sides pertaining to the perceptions of love that isn’t really love. Clear out the hurt, resentment, and false love that has disguised itself before you wearing a mask. These things have nothing to do with love and shouldn’t be associated with it. Trust and love freely. Those who take it to a dark place do not live in love but try to make you think this is a part of love or the ‘dark side’ of love that does not truly exist. This is for their own benefit, not yours. If they have you believing this is so, then you will not practice love for the fear of hurt. Hurt does not come with true love. (Not speaking of the ‘passing of a loved one’. This is a different kind of healing. What I am speaking of pertains to standing relationships that bleed because of ego) Let go of all dark perceptions of love. There is only a dark side of the moon. The heart is a place of bright water always and the sun never sets there in that one place. 

Hop onto Patreon to check out all ten posts about Rose Quartz! From cleansing and concentrating the stone, charging, combination/helper stones, Birthplate placement for Geminis and Scorpios, Metaphysical Properties, shape meanings, Symbolic language of direction, and more. All posting this month and next! Happy Week’s End!