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The Primordial Veiled One, Nerthus

Today’s Goddess Spotlight is on the Great Primordial Veiled One, Nerthus. The last known recorded source gave us a “female” Goddess who was pulled along the countryside on a wagon drawn by cows. Shrouded in mystery, a veil covered the deity’s face, and this in itself gave many clues to the prior knowledge of Nerthus before much of this knowledge was destroyed. There is much mystery put upon Nerthus surrounding the deity’s gender, like many others, I prefer to call Nerthus Goddexx. As an elder goddexx, of the Earth, keeping the secrets of the world. Some sources say she is the Mother of Freyja and Frey. Some sources suggest that Nerthus begot them by herself. Originally a sexless deity, able to be the seed and carry life by the self. Similar to the plant life of this Earth in relation to the Earth’s soil. Sometimes said to be Njörd, the male god of the sea or his “nameless” wife, prior to this Nerthus was documented as both genders (a hermaphroditic deity) until the Christianization of Scandinavia. Whether the goddexx was hermaphroditic, changed over time by religion, or Nonbinary; it is clear that the primordial energies are older than gender roles. The animal consorts of Nerthus are the red fox and the wood frog. The true crystal of Nerthus is blue lace agate. Now considered in many circles a Nonbinary Goddexx and the keeper of the secrets of the Earth and our true origins. 

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