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Books and Nooks

I am overdue for an update pertaining to my book releases. First off I want to thank every single person that has emailed in asking about dates. Not only do we get emails daily, but we get more emails about this than jewelry! I also want to thank everyone who signed up to the mailing list for release date notifications. I am floored by how many of you have signed up. I am teary-eyed as I write this post. So much gratitude! 

I know I haven’t posted for some time about this topic, I know I am long overdue. I promise I will have a release date before the year is up. Several months back I posted that I was having trouble with my publisher suggesting I leave specific things out. Not in an “Editing” type of way, but more so as to “sell me” in a different light than I am. I have no desire to do that. As many of you know I had a tv show that tried to do that after they promised they wouldn’t. I declined after I signed and it wasn’t pretty. Over a few months and even most recently, I have had “incidents” where I was in other people’s spaces and was respectfully quiet about certain things. I played parts of different people that the hosts or other guests would enjoy. Engaging in small talk and dying small deaths by each word. I sometimes feel like I have been hiding for many millennia. Dare I leave my hut for a walk by the lake? Dear gods of Olympus, do I ever despise small talk! I am really bad at it. I am also a respectful person when space is not mine. So, in the hut I stay; clanking around mumbling to myself, those words keep me up at night. Some of my occult & “people peeling” convo is not so enjoyable in mixed company and it can leave people less thrilled with what can be conjured. Not that it is any doing of mine. The demons we face in the belly of anxiety are conjured only by ourselves. 

My publisher gave me many gems of advice and they know what they are talking about. It’s just that I am not interested in being popular. I’m far too removed from any youthful trappings of needful acceptance. I am also far too experienced with the backhand of Father Time to be in any hurry. I know it has been 5 years since I officially announced it but to me, it has been a blink. The Sleight of hand can make you believe anything and I too am sometimes fooled into believing I have time. Even if I don’t make the finish line the way I wanted… What does it truly matter when we are all just trivial ripples in the water. Sometimes, I get powerful in my wingspan and think I can change the course of the whole stream with my feathered flaps. If little ripples were large birds, I would win a medal every day on the river. We will see. 

I have posted many quotes that my publisher has offered to me in hopes of finding ideas and open avenues from you. They have said that they will have trouble marketing my books. I don’t care about how many people read them, I care about the right people reading them. I do understand that a publisher has to think in terms of staying in business. They are not bad or wrong to think this. Problem is, it isn’t my thought process. I have always been the one to tell everyone,  “Close your eyes and jump”… when people show me hesitation, I jump first. So statements jetted to me on the air of an email like, “Some occult subjects that aren’t easily categorized and can be problematic.” or “Some of this could go either way. It’s not occult enough or too intense.” and “this is why we can only publish 5 of your 13 books…” The main one was my 10 volume set on Animal Medicine. This is why I said last year it most likely will never see the light of day. I was told that it is too heavy and in-depth. They wanted me to water it down to one book. This would leave too much out. They said, “People don’t read like that.” If someone wants to learn about something, I mean really learn, you must read like that. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for all publishers and I understand why they do what they do. Since so many of you are waiting, I like to let you know about the process. At this point, I am trying to make sure things do not get watered down. I want to I bring these things to you, to open your mind to how things are presented to you. Larger and Large companies use strategic categorizing and planning to bring to you what you see. I wish they would just publish it and let it be. No need to make it pretty. Those who are looking will find it.