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Empowerment Series. Resolve.

Most of you know that I am a cultivator of dreams. Most of my friends have had to endure long speeches of encouragement for all the things they want to accomplish. The more they think it’s impossible, the more I brainstorm possibilities for it. I’ve made full-on outlines and written up business plans for people because I believe that when people dream greatness for themselves, our world arrives on a shore of plenty.

I have always been told that I am a bit of a dreamer, and I am ok with that. There was a time when all of my hoped personal and business accomplishments were an eye roll in another person’s head. Let them have their opinions and continue on, my friends.

My little company will celebrate its 20-year anniversary next month, I somehow released another book, and I have a great family and some seriously amazing friends. Family and true friends are all that really matter in the end, but cultivating them into your own dream and you in theirs is key to manifesting full expansion.

So friends, here I am. Ready to give you the lecture, aka pep talk.

I am not asking you to make a New Year’s Resolution. I am asking you to resolve daily. Hourly. In every present moment. This life is pointless if we do not give it a point. It doesn’t matter how much money you make or what you accumulate. What matters are those little sparks of life that explode within your being when you are doing something that gives you life. Your dreams, hobbies, hopes, wishes, all of it. Even if you can only accomplish this thing on the weekends, you must do it. It is the magic that gives you life.

Negative people will find all kinds of things wrong with this, and some people will be entirely offended that I suggest dreaming in a world that seems so dark. Some will list their rebuttals in the comments, like warfare bullets, and delete me from their world.

This is because we all find arguments from our own dysfunction. We all find ways to kill someone else’s light from our own dysfunction. We kill our own light with our own dysfunction.

In a world of war, constant bitterness, polarity, and death… we must dream. We must teach children to dream. We must calm the sea and put the whole world to sleep for a while. Human beings are creators, and this world makes it hard for many to dream.

It is time to realize yourself and not argue against the things you want. It is time to stop telling others they can’t dream. It is time to tell everyone you know that you believe in them. It is time to tell yourself that you believe in yourself. Remember what this place is, my dear friends. It’s all just a dream, so dream big. Let it spill into your waking life. You’ll never be tired again.