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In Bloom

I have been writing a lot lately. Exploring the maze of anxiety’s complex design. Recently, another person’s energy got the best of me and it left me in many states of wonder. I usually am not affected by too many opinions or words held by others. We are all on such unique journeys and I understand that people have things they are working through. I have many paths that I navigate with my trusty yard sheers (hedge trimmers) and nothing brings more joy to me than removing dead things. The things that no longer make sense. The things that do not serve me. The garden in my mind should be the way I desire it, but it should also be fruitful. It should flower, nourish my soul, bring helpful seeds to others. What a joyful thing in this life to see flowers and LIFE giving vibrations come from seeds you gave to someone else. These holy gifts are real and we take them with us after this life. 

As for this energy that I encountered, make no hesitation that I not only expelled it, but I exercised it. As I have said many times, your left hand must be just as strong as your right. When someone shames others for their family, their background, and the identity this world has pressed upon them, well, there is no room in my life for such pestilence. No one can tell you who they think you are. No one can shame you for your true identity or things that cannot be changed.  No one should oppress you. No one should make you less than they are. There is no lesser or greater. I don’t like people who stand up high and liquify people into a measuring cup. When someone uses their energy, keyboard, or actually tells you that you are nothing… remember you are nothing to them… THEM. They reflect their nothingness onto you and hope you will accept it. Because really, you are everything to them and they need to take you down. Down to the dirt… as I have always said…. 

“See, a seed can be planted too far down and be surrounded by darkness for a long time. If it sprouts, you wouldn’t believe all the tall greens around it that may try to take its light so it won’t grow. Sometimes weeds step right in and try to choke it. Then as it catches the light and rises, a few will gossip quietly and wish for its death. Roll their eyes. Ya know, all that hateful stuff. Then when that plant grows taller than all those light hogs and weeds, you would think World War III had broken out. That’s when people lose their minds. Show their truest selves. A personal attack for just growing and being. Sure you have a ton of friends growing with ya but there are always those other guys in the mix, all angry. Then, when that flower blooms… those other guys are still green with jealousy. Hating you for how people may love your bloom. They say things like, “She didn’t always look like that!” .. “She wasn’t a flower 15 years ago.” … “She thinks she is so special.” … “I know where she came from, the dirt, she is nothing.” 

You’re right about one thing, I did come from the dirt and now I bloom every season.”