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Lake Of Garnets

Garnet energy is, to me, the most special of the red energies. We all have our favorites, but Garnet speaks to me for so many reasons. When I was a little child my Grandmother told me of the red moon folklore that surrounded Garnet and I learned of ancestors who mined Garnets 200 years ago. Perhaps this is why I am partial. 

Garnet helps with anger and dissolving resentment.  No need to hang on to anything. The rain came and washed it clean. The garnets sing to us in our boats as we survey the flooded lands of our former hatred. 

I have always thought that Garnet served well as a wedding ring. Garnets worn on the left force us to speak and release all the thoughts that float stagnate in our mind’s waters. Clearing them and making the waters flow is life. Movement is life. A constant cycle gives life. When things are stagnate and repetitive; find a garnet to push you through. The only way to the other side is through.