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Claddagh Ring Symbolism

I, like many, have always held a special place in my heart for the Claddagh design. The hands symbolize friendship, the heart is a symbol for love, and the crown is a symbol for loyalty. Both wrists are wearing a snake cuff similar to the first snake cuff Evil Pawn Jewelry ever released back in 2007. The snake is a symbol of restraint when coming to things you should say no to. A bad idea, a bad influence, and a person that is not good for you. One hand has a ring on the index finger and the other hand has a ring on her ring finger. A symbolized meaning “May good wealth be with you.” Notice the saying is “good wealth” because too much wealth can make some humans rotten. All the wealth to keep you golden, all the friendship of a true friend’s hands, all the heart of the truest love, and all the crowns of real loyalty. Many Bright Blessings my friends and all of my love to you.