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Oh My Goddess

I am asked several questions during the rolling of each week, and I am honored that anyone would ask me anything at all. This post is for a question I am asked rather often. My first reply to the question at hand… Call this what you like. I don’t think I am any authority, nor is anyone that will try to cast discord on your words. Some stand differently and ask because they want to know the proper wording, so here it is. Again, your way of wording is your own. 

I usually answer several questions or commit to writing requests via the website blog & Patreon. Instagram doesn’t have the caption space I need for any proper write-up, so these things are rarely done there anymore. I have written about this on Patreon but wanted to add a shorter version to the blog and social media. The reason is, this question is asked often. Many of you already know the answer, but this is for friends that asked and aren’t sure. 

Again, no person should be scolded for not knowing a proper word to use or anything related to grammar. We learn by asking and no one should be made to feel like they are less if they do not know something. If someone does know the answer, they should not make others feel as they should know something they don’t. Let us all be kind and offer ladders, not walls. We all need a ladder from time to time, no one needs a wall. 

The question I get asked a lot is this… “Is my dedicated God my Patron and my dedicated Goddess my Matron?” As I said before, some of you already know the answer, but I always ask that we as a community of friends be kind to people who are just learning. All humans are on different sections of their path. 

A patron is a person, energy, or support system. The deity you give devotion to is the deity that supports you. So, let’s say you are down with Odin. Then your patron god would be Odin. I often see people write that their goddess is their “matron,” and many people have asked me if this is correct or is she still just their patron. The definition of matron does not fit this description. The correct term is Patroness. For example, one of my Patroness Goddesses is Freyja. Sometimes people get this whole thing confused with Matres or Matronae. That is a whole other topic completely and isn’t linked to your personal Patrons. All that aside, if one chooses to just use Patronx so they do not have to use gender forms, I have seen this done too. I recommend doing what makes you feel the happiest in your place on the path and remember to be kind and respectful to others. 

I hope this helps clear up some confusion that anyone may have. Remember, if you have questions about things & you try looking them up to find the info is contradictory or confusing, you are not alone. The internet has become a cesspool of misinformation. It is ok to ask questions, but remember, when you ask fellow humans, be kind. All people are a new kind of busy in this day and age. If I didn’t reply, I most likely didn’t see it. That doesn’t mean I do not care about your question. Happy Moon Day!