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Witch of Aeaea Ceremonial Necklace

A new Necklace from the Ceremonial Collection is up today. This piece is extremely limited and will not last long. Many may not know about the ceremonial collection, so let me explain this first. 

Ceremonial Pieces post about once a year. This year I will have two arrive on the website. They are pieces inspired by pieces from antiquity. I have also released two replicas from antiquity into this collection that had slight variations but were meant to be replicas. Most of them are found in old graves from the B.C. period. None of the collection is a new design, just a new twist on something very old and meaningful. I have always been so full of amazement when a new temple or grave is found. Links to the past. Artwork in likes the world has never seen. Sure there are many companies that only make replicas of old designs, I love many of them, but I like slightly changing them and making them unique but still tied to the past. I will only make two more years’ worth of these ceremonial pieces and there are always very few that are made. I want them to be sought and not soaked. 

For this new release, a mix of old, new, and this piece crosses many cultures dating back to 600 B.C. The shape of this piece was inspired by a piece found in the Birka grave in Birka Sweden and a necklace from a Danish Bog. Both dating from around 600 B.C. This shape and style of necklace has been found all over Northern Europe, through Russia, Asia, to Turkey, and the Middle East. The connection between this style has never been fully understood but it is known that these cultures not only traded… but were linked in some way besides trade. The necklace style seemed to come up independently from each culture and no one knows what the first source is. The interesting thing that ties them is that these necklaces are related to your life being long and full of your heart’s desire. The center. 

Both versions that inspired me, from Birka Sweden and the Danish Bog piece, had many more charms. One had up to twenty, but these necklaces have been found without charms all the way to dozens of charms. The center vision is always very different on each. Some believe that perhaps it was up to the wearer. I only used two charms that went more with what I was trying to convey with the energy of this design. The charms were chosen for three reasons. 

1. I had in-depth academic, historical, and occult knowledge of the charm. 

2. The aid of three of my friends helped me with the process: Candice Wang, Zara Hadid, and Mia Andersson. All are involved in different depths of cultural anthropology and culture relations. I am so thankful for these ladies in my life. 

3. The charms had to relate and collaborate energetically with the center’s vision. 

The center’s vision is inspired by the Greek Goddess Circe, hanging out by the sea and casting spells with her lions. The crystal tassels are inspired by vintage “pools of light” jewelry. The centers are not glass like the standard tradition, they are genuine untreated Sunstone and genuine untreated Crystal Quartz. The metal frame holding the crystal orbs is not the traditional Chinoiserie style from the Pools Of Light classics, they are highly inspired by the traditional Nordic orb frames seen in Nordic jewelry since the B.C. era. 

They were worked on only during the New Moon cycle with white willow bark, cypress, frankincense, myrrh, storax, cedar, orange peel, and quartz granules. New Moon water was used in their making during the polishing process. Their numerology correspondence is 3,6, and 9. 

A great deal of preparation, study, and anthropologist help was put into these pieces. These beauties took over 18 months to put them all together. They will be the only ones and will not be made again. 

Thank you so much for all of your love and support. Many Bright Blessings.