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Onyx Metaphysical Properties and Uses

Onyx was my Grandmother’s favorite stone. Black onyx in particular, so this post will be about the black variation. I love the memories of going to look for gems and books with her in Westport when I was younger. There is one specific memory that is somewhat vague except for our conversation. I remember crossing the street with her and going into the little gem shop. The name of the shop was “Ace’s” and they had baskets of pocket stones. One table had a few baskets of onyx variations and I asked her which one should we get. She replied in her best goblin voice, “Black as midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch.” 

All onyx is vital, but she loved black the most. Not because it was black really, although she did beam about it matching everything and looking so classy. The truth is she loved its properties more than anything else. She was also a Cancer, meaning that onyx was the top of her birthplate and her main birthstone. It appealed to her on all levels and it was a stone I heard of often. Not to mention a specific beloved onyx ring she had… but that is another story. (Told in past posts)

Onyx not only transforms negativity, but it also dissolves it. You can program specific onyx to transform this energy into a specific area. Concentrating an onyx means you only work with that one piece for this purpose your whole life. You can use/wear one or many and concentrate one but you cannot concentrate two. When it breaks or leaves you, there will be no other. This is why I do not suggest programming onyx in a piece of jewelry you are attached to (ie. Grandma Veda’s Ring) I suggest using your jewelry to dissolve what is thrown at you and using a handheld palm or skull onyx to program. I am big on pocket skulls for this purpose. (See #EPJCrystalSkullTherapy ) By programming, you can transform stale negativity into energy, strength, stamina, fuel. 

There are long-time false tales spun about onyx being a bad luck stone. This is only true if you try concentrating it without proper education on the subject. Just wearing it is good luck because you are protecting yourself from negative energies. Earth Medicine is the only Medicine of the four universal gifts that does not have a dark side. Any bad luck that could come from concentrating is a projection from yourself and not knowing how to shadow work or exercise the stone. 

Onyx is a memory stone and does hold the memories of the wearer. It should be cleansed often. (See past posts on methods to clearing onyx) If the wearer has experienced trauma while wearing onyx, the stone should be cleansed every new moon. The onyx will help you to banish the darkness that can take hold of you through traumatic memories. As the moon increases, your happiness and well-being increase. As the moon decreases, the trauma releases more and more. This is a concentration of onyx and I have just taught you how to do it. There are over 50 concentrations and each is specific. Onyx can be a powerful ally if you learn to use this Earth Medicine as a guide and power. Even if you only wish it for negative absorption it is THE best of the best. 

Onyx helps you sense the bad intentions of others towards you. If you meet an energy vampire or zombie without your onyx, make sure to wear it after the encounter. Onyx has its way of refilling your cup emotionally.

Remember that right now there is more imitation onyx on the market than not. Many makers know what they are doing and some have good intentions but end up sell stones that they believe to be onyx. Turns out they just didn’t know. A double-check with the maker is always a good thing. If you ever buy vintage onyx, make sure to clear it before wearing it. If it was worn during trauma if will make you feel depressed or drained. Clear it. Onyx is another amazing stone to pass down to the next generation as an heirloom. This will help them learn from mistakes already made in the family and get them to their path quicker with fewer branches in the road. 

I must stress, if your sun sign is cancer, you need this stone.  It is a part of your birth path and it is the main power stone your life calls to. Open yourself up to it and let it guide you. 

If your Patron Goddess is associated with the new moon, open channels with her through onyx. If you are surrounded by negativity in the workplace, at home, or in any setting; this is the stone for you. This stone is the ultimate weapon against the “Frenemy” and in this case, always carry or wear onyx with aventurine. 

I could write 10 more pages on this stone and I cannot believe how much I had to edit due to space here. If you want me to write up a second onyx post with more, please comment below. I appreciate you and am full of Gratitude for reading this post. Happy Week’s End!