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Ancestry Heart

The Heart of Ancestry was given to us by amber; a part of the sacred family trees of ancestral knowledge. These Baltic Amber stones were selected because of their high testing of baltic acid content. This content makes Baltic the best for jewelry and most lasting but there is a metaphysical component to Baltic Amber that is much more valued to me than anything else. 

Amber is the “key” to past life recall, whether it be in this life or another. Amber is called upon to heal the past and can connect you with your ancestors. If you are sailing the seas looking for an ancestral guide or to discover the hidden branches on your tree, this stone is your shipmate. 

Amber is one of the two “Living stones” but the only one of those two that is not a gem. I find the older the Amber the better for metaphysical purposes, and this is why I selected these specific babes that are estimated to be around 44 million years old. Alive and living in the sacred trees when the gods walked the land amongst us. I have said many of times, I believe in the scientific explanation of past lives. My DNA has been many people with many experiences. When this experience is done, I am not done, I will live again. We all see many faces in the mirror before we become.