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Orange Aventurine

Have you ever went into a social situation feeling awkward and lessened by your own speak? Have you ever replayed situations that were not red lettered to anyone but your own ghost of conversations past? In this day and age we are wired to criticize ourselves and this judgemental anxiety can cause creative blockages. Self esteem and self respect are empowered by orange color therapy and enhanced by aventurine’s gentle crystal speak. Orange actually scores among the least of favorite colors or chosen colors and it is no coinincidence that psychologically self esteem is the highest among commonly noted issues people battle. Low self worth, self esteem, self criticizing, and judgmental voices can lead to depression and anxiety. We can’t control all of the voices of others but we can try to be more aware of our own. Orange Color Therapy is a staple when times are low. Orange Aventurine reminds me of that desolving bath bomb slowly silencing what doesn’t matter. The things I should have never gave a voice to in the first place.