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Symbolism Behind Earring Adornments

To some, earrings are just an adornment; some love them and others do not wear them at all. For me, the Metaphysical life of the earring lives and breathes; never at once sleeping. After all of this time, the energy has not dissipated, but ripples steadfast; almost unused. Not just in pressure points, types of metals, placements of earring points, and stones applied… all are relevant to the the significance of the symbolic language of this old world adornment. 

All that exists is entwined with reason; the birth of symbolic language stands in this place. Gold has its metaphysical gifts but add a stone to the metal and those gifts combine or sometimes cancel out. This is to be seen like any recipe of the culinary arts; it acts the same as adding ingredients. Metals of Gold, Silver, Steel, etc. all have their purpose and we can enhance, substitute, and even remove properties of crystals with metal aids. Placements of stones will also have their additional properties. For instance: wearing tiger’s eye as earrings has a lessoned effect as it would better serve on your arm. Tiger’s Eye is never enhanced by metal unless it is steel. Specific stones prefer the ears; Amber, citrine, and emerald. Some stones like Amethyst and tourmaline do well in many areas of wear but are strongest in the ears. Specific organic materials such as bone are also best metaphysically as earrings. 

The placement is always very important to the symbolic life of the stone and metal used. The Language and direction of adornments are not only one and the same but should always be taken into consideration when wearing jewelry. A stone worn to draw good fortune should be worn on the receiving hand. If worn on the repelling; it will repel the very manifestation you strive to create. 

When discussing earrings here, I am only referring to the standard lobe earring, but remember that different piercing placements on the ear have different effects when it comes to metals and stones. The standard placement I speak of here was believed to keep the memory or memories. That being your “Spiderwick” to grasp memories from another life, someone else’s life, or things you cannot remember in this one. It was  believed to be a helping hand to your next life to remember what you had learned. Like a button or a switch to access a vault of memorable treasures. Another way to enhance past life or ancestral memory is amber earrings. If you wish to hear animal speak and the enhancement of animal guides then bone is the enhancement you seek. Clairvoyance; Quartz, Health of mind; Amethyst, etc. Earrings have such a metaphysical meaning by themselves; similar to the birthplate. The birthplate has 5 main placements for stones that are unique to your birth chart. The Ear is no different. A book could be written on this subject and it could easily be a volume set. Yet it would just be another chapter in the great book of symbolism. I will post more about the symbolism of earrings and the language they speak in the future. I have also dedicated a “Highlight” to this on my Instagram page. Happy Earring Wearing!