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Ostara Moss Agate Release

My Grandmother always told me “The Heart of a Witch is made of Moss Agate” and this indeed is true. This saying is an old one, it first came about in a legend about Hedge Witches and their green thumbs. Moss Agate is also known as the Gardner’s Stone giving plants a mirror of their former pre-wintery selves. Place Moss Agate half in and half out of a plant pot in the sun. This added energy will aid your plant in its life and growth. Specific stones go to specific plant life but Quartz and Moss Agate are always interchangeable with any plant.

A stone of Spring and magic. Through its mossy leaves we can see the eye of Spring and the vision to come of the season. It is said that Moss Agate will turn brown when spring will come no more. Moss Agate is tied to Gaia the strongest but also bears ties to all Spring energies. Moss Agate and Malachite should be added to the birthplate or medicine bag of any botanist, farmer, herbalist, plant enthusiasts, etc. 

Many Green witches also hold the stone near; folklore, plant medicine, and the green energy holds them to their hearts mirror. Like the Witches hearts of yesteryear, its origin is fire, volcanic rock is its womb. Although it bears the name Moss “Agate”, it lacks banding like traditional agate, but is a form of Chalcedony. Some say it has moss inside but this is not true; there is no organic plant matter included inside this special stone. But the symbolic language of the minds plane sings a different tune. One of two stones that served as an old symbol and talisman of a Hedgewitch; also know as ‘green thumb’ stone. 

These beauties vary from clear to a milky white daydream of dendritic deja vu backdrop that seems to be set for a green centerpiece. An aerial mapping of a magical forest, the seaweed carpet at the bottom of a mysterious lake, or the moss-covered brick along a secret sea wall against an ocean line. This is where a witch heart always is; in nature where all humans were meant to be.

There is so much gratitude to such a stone that has the power to break the monotonous broken record of Winter’s cold song and shatter the icy water into liquid again. Amplifying the green thumb and watching the land grow green and lush. The ice is melting and watering the land. The sun is giving way to warmth and warm golden light. She returns and all hail the return. Spring is nigh.