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Rhiannon Goddess Coin Necklace

Some consider her an actual Queen and historical figure, others feel like she is an actual deity, and the majority feel like she is both. Her lore shares many attributes with the Horse Goddess Epona, but the love of Rhiannon reaches further into our hearts than Goddess status. Rhiannon was strong willed and made her own decisions, even when the world told her no, she said yes. She was untouchable and did whatever it was that her heart desired. She wielded her enchantments and magical powers with the flick of her wrist. When she was wrongly accused, she prevailed, because nothing in the world could hold her down. She displayed the speed and strength of a horse but also the unexpected majestic grace and enchanted movements reached upon in Horse Symbolism. Her coin is adorned with a White Moonstone and a snowy Quartz. Displayed with the magical three birds of Rhiannon that follow her shadow; she rides into our hearts forever as our true hero of the tale. One of the first female heroes, before the world we live in allowed them. She is Rhiannon. 

Rhiannon shows you what you are waiting to be and reminds you that you are your own hero. “I am here to remind you that you can have anything you want, by your own doing.” 

I thank everyone who lent their hand to this project. 

Orla O’Connor – Curator of Celtic Art, Contributor

Shannon Kelly – Writer, Celtic Scholar, Contributor

Nessa Walsh – Cultural anthropologist, Contributor

Raven Quinn – Muse, friend, contributor of inspiration, strong for battle and delicate like a songbird. Love you lady!