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Shape Is Intention

Many times I have written about the Language and Direction of Adornments. This concerns which way a Cameo should face for specific intentions, on which finger to wear a Rose Quartz, which pocket to carry aventurine in for abundance, etc. What stones, on which side, for what reason. 

I am going to explore this topic further this month but I am also going to go deeper into the world of Crystal Shapes; natural and carved. Sacred Geometry, Crystal Structure, Chemical Compounds of Quartz, and Crystallography. 

Let us look at an example of Rose Quartz. We know that Rose Quartz is best worn on the chest but can serve us in different ways by wearing the stone on the right or left. 

Most people believe that Rose Quartz draws love, this is true as long as the stone is used properly. A Rose Quartz serves our heart’s best interest. Many do not realize that the stone also repels false love. A talisman that wards off love lies masked in truth. 

The Crystal System of a Rose Quartz is Hexagonal. Its chemical formula is SiO₂. This makes Rose Quartz a Seeker Transformer crystal. A Crystal designed to help you seek out what it is you desire and transform your reality with this energy when it is obtained. These energies can be manipulated by the actual shape of the crystal; natural or carved, and how you wear the crystal. (As discussed above) 

Let’s say you obtained a Rose Quartz in the shape of a Star Tetrahedron/Merkaba. This shape is for meditation but can also be very effective in stone-throwing. Either way, exercising this energy would cause an unwanted love to go away. Maybe if you were trying to get over a person you were in a relationship with or if you are having issues with starting anew. Rose Quartz in Merkaba wards off old unwanted love, even if it is wanted somewhere but you know it is best to end it. The Merkaba knows it is best too. Let’s say you were trying to seal a current love relationship to you; heart-shaped rose quartz would be in order. This is no guarantee, but you are putting it out into the universe that this is the one. A Rose Quartz Pyramid is in order for self-love or helping yourself be strong and say no when people try to use your energy, physical, or material being in a negative way. A Rose Quartz Snub Cube (or Icosahedron) has to do with trust and the lack thereof one or both people have in a current relationship. This shape can also help bring about trust when it is hard for you to trust. Healing the broken trust of the past. A Rose Quartz Crystal Skull can let you know the actual speak of the significant other; maybe their heart is not all in or maybe they aren’t true. The Skull knows and will guide you. 

Shapes combined with language and direction can exercise the energy of the crystal. Join me on Patreon for an in-depth post about how to know what crystal speaks to which direction and easy ways to understand, memorize, and exercise such energies. 

Thank you so much! Happy Week’s End!