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The Metaphysical Properties and Uses of Garnet

This blog is sung for the metaphysical properties of red garnets. There are many different verses for different garnet colors and added verses for the shades of red. This is the chorus that repeats for all types of red. 

Garnets are much more than so much of what I see that is written about them. Garnet has to do with emotion and words that are emotionally charged. A tie that binds blood oaths and undying love. So many walls are held together by the same energy as garnet. So many blankets are woven from garnet’s warm fabric. A stone of honor; the honor of your word and the honor of your bloodline. 

Garnet’s energy succors with anger and dissolving resentment. No need to hang on to anything. The rain today washed us clean. The garnets sang to us in our boats as we survey the flooded lands of our former hatred. Garnets for days. Hatred burned. 

Garnet is a talisman for protection against dreams of horror and night terrors. Memories of this side that our eyes have seen, or visions from the other side. Never before looked upon but playing in our minds just the same, are all burned by the fire of garnet. 

Garnet is well combined with Onyx and Amber. Like Onyx and Amber, garnet has memory, but of a different kind. The first stone used in animal speak healing. A romantic notion without complication. A dark stone that radiates closeness, tied kinship, amity. Among the most ancient of gems,

Garnet uses destructive energy to make way to your creative energy. Burning the field that becomes a great medicine forest. The great destroyer to make way as the great creator. If you fear change, tread lightly on Garnet’s path. 

An important stone, a one of the great seven, garnet gives you the ability to maintain sanity on this creative plane. 

Intense feelings rise but become useful and leaves the most awaited gifts at your front door. Garnet will bring you the awareness of fire and with meditation and concentration can help with DNA activation. 

Specific cuts of garnet have varied gifts. Square, Rounds, Ovals, etc. all give specific energy. Join me on Patreon for an extended look into Garnet. I will talk more about dreaming Garnet, stone bundling, concentrating, cleanings, charging, the memory of garnet, and shapes/language direction.