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Smoky Quartz Crystal Skull Therapy

Smoky Quartz skulls can help us understand the void or empty that can plaque our heads at times. This is a part of the known Crystal Speak of Smoky Quartz. Being a stone of emotion; able to lift negativity, a path to ground us when the spin of the Earth is heavy, relieve depression, ease stress, and give us an understanding of jealous and dark feelings. The Smoky Quartz Skull is a carry on reminder of ‘keeping our head’ so to speak. A great pocket stone for Empaths who take on other people’s dark emotions from just being around them; the skull shape is not just some sort of hipster fashion. It is of the symbolic language and is never to be taken lightly. When emptiness comes you can even pull your skull out of your pocket and warm him with backwards breath. The warm fog on his head is a symbolic representation of your own head beings warmed by the gods.