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Smoky Quartz Metaphysical Properties and Uses

The Heart of Veracity is Smoky Quartz, truth is embedded in each gaze. As the dark slowly lifts, it gives way to a clear picture. Drawing the truth out of a situation, especially where it is needed for you to prevail, is the gift given by Smoky Quartz. Their surface can seem dark and listless, but upon a closer look, you see an inner light. Like the bottom of a bog pool. That shimmer of life that lives underneath. A summoner to find it. A hidden power that rises. 

Smoky Quartz is a stone of the mental plane; being the governing power over concentration, surface associations, specific stages of trauma, and specific dream association. 

This being said, Smoky Quartz is a way to tie the mental and physical together to manifest a constant dream, goal, or repetitive wish. The Smoky Quartz is a seeker crystal, by this, it naturally attunes itself to the wearer. Making pathways where you specifically want to go and leading you there as a personal guide. Smokies are also transformers, helping you grow and transform on your journey. This is the ultimate “goal” stone. 

Paired with Fluorite, it can dissolve fatigue brought on by burn out. Also helping with endurance for the long journey ahead. 

All aspects of concentration fall under the reign of Smoky Quartz. Focus, short attention spans, the ability to absorb what has been learned, and all attention disorders. A helper in paying attention the things in our lives we tend to not see because our attention is transfixed elsewhere. 

Surface associations such as communications and making yourself understood. Showing up in self defense when other people try to tell you who THEY think you are. A must for those who tend to over analyze past conversations with anxiety and distress. Those who replay things over and over to no avail adding self doubt into the mix. Smoky helps refocus away from these issues. Also helps refocus the energies put into melancholy and worry about uncertainty. An aid, setting a warm overcast on the cold coasts of loneliness. 

A helper in healing from past traumas and the onset of depression and anxiety from said traumas. In this area, smoky quartz is a helper stone and must be paired with a lead stone for the specific trauma. 

Smoky Quartz is the lead stone and only stone for lawsuits and justice. Pulling the truth and setting records straight. Paired with pyrite, the duo can expose liars in your everyday life. To you and sometimes themselves.  

Smoky Quartz also falls under a very exclusive category that has only a membership of seven. Smoky is one of the Seven Ancient Stones of the Gods. Playing an extensive roll in antiquity and lore.  Over many years of compiling old stories about this stone, I am taken aback by the rich catalog of lore about Smoky Quartz. Not just in one region but in places all over the world. One of the Seven that speaks to people in this new world, as much as the old.