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The Hex Breaker Amulet

I am so happy to release the last edition of the Hex Breaker Amulet today. I am overwhelmed with gratitude over the constant flow of kind messages I have been lucky enough to receive concerning this necklace. Many have asked about the construction of the symbolic language portrayed on the face of the amulet. First I want to discuss the actual word Amulet and the word Talisman. These two words are often misused in jewelry. Especially with the latest crystal craze that has flooded the internet. I personally love that the world is opening to new things. Trends open minds, shrink fears, they even tear down walls. There is a little backlash with that and abuse does come in doses. We have to destroy to create and we must always take into account that pain comes with growth. If it means the world is becoming more open-minded, I will take it. The misinformation must be rectified, “all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

The making of a Talisman and the making of an Amulet, both, are more than a person just saying they are, then they become so. It takes more than a crystal and more than symbols depicted on the piece to make it so. Like the letters of any alphabet, symbols change when they are put together. They change when they are made under specific planetary or lunar conditions. They change with each metal or crystal used. Not a science, just a language, a symbolic language. 

So before there is any understanding of the symbols used, there must be an understanding of the canvas they are displayed upon. The following description is an excerpt from my upcoming book discussing the Hex Breaker and the making of Amulet or Talisman pieces. 

“A talisman is made with all energy of the crystals, metals, numerology of the measurements, and lunar, solar, or planetary times of construction in mind. Not just any piece can be called a Talisman or an Amulet. Adding these descriptions to an item when no action has been taken to earn such a name, is unfair to the buyer, and false advertisement. A piece cannot be called a Taliman or an Amulet only because it contains a crystal or a magic symbol. It must be made as a talisman or an amulet. Yes, there is a difference, but it does seem that these words are interchangeable in today’s world. 

A talisman magnifies the power of sources it is made with, e.g: the materials it is made with, how it is made, the energy present when it was made, the energy of the maker, and the wearer to bring a specific desire into manifestation. A talisman is an amplifier, manifestor, magnifier. In turn, it can also be made to give protection and defense, but the protection is dependant on each other the ingredients above. It demands a specific Consecration Ceremony to actually be a Talisman.

An amulet is for protection and defense against evil specifically. Made to keep you safe and to ward off attacks against you. These pieces do not specifically empower you, they solely protect you. 

Both must be made specifically for these purposes. Just making something and declaring it either will not suffice. I believe this is definitely a problem in this new world of meaningless phrases and quick-paced fashions, but know that if it is claiming to be a Talisman or an Amulet, it may not be either. 

These pieces must be made in such a way that they harness the energy to produce their purpose. Something made that just looks neat or magical doesn’t really have a purpose besides aesthetics. Calling it a Talisman or an Amulet is not respectful to the nature of what the piece could be. It is not responsible to label in such a way to lure the buyer to what they may be seeking.

A true Talisman or Amulet by name is constructed from measurement and making sure the corresponding numerology combines properly with said measurements of the piece. The maker must be aware to only add “times to work” on the said piece under specific moon phases and planet alignments. Including metal metaphysical meshing with stone metaphysics and making sure the stones themselves properly combine metaphysically to other stones involved in the talisman or amulet, if there are more than one involved. It is not just something you can slap together or design in a day. Each design period takes each person different amounts of time. My own method usually takes three months designing. Sometimes it can take longer because I personally wait to design under certain energy influences. Each maker takes different time measurements depending on when they can get to specific alignments and phases. My personal time measurement for a small batch is one solar year. I have taken up to five years in the past with a few items and with one specific batch taking eight years. Remember when you see wax being cut in my storyline, it took months to get there and the piece will not release for at least a year after that point. Some moon phases and planet alignments I refuse to work under so sometimes it can take longer. This is why I make items first then list them. So there is not wait time. This also accounts for why my custom pieces take a very long time. Talisman and Amulet making is not a quick thing.” 

The mapping of a magical object with magical symbolism is another bowl of wax in itself. There are vast areas in the subject of crystals and metals that seem to have been dismissed altogether. Just like knowing which crystals should and should not be combined or understanding which metals should be used for which stones; it is important to understand symbols in more than a fundamental way. I would suggest a true study that consists of more than a beginner’s class and an understanding of metaphysical properties in its chemical compound complexity. As opposed to all of these wild descriptions found on the internet, e.g. “Amethyst is good for… (add whatever)” The truth is, specific stones can change properties when a person’s planetary birthright is opposite to the whoever wrote, “Amethyst is good for…” There are certain people that are not affected energetically by Amethyst at all. So why give everyone the same understanding of this stone? Amethyst is a level one crystal so its changes are not as vast as a level five crystals, but the changes exist. It is similar to the Sun Sign Horoscope trend of the western world. It really is an unfitted flat sheet when you need a quilt. The same goes for symbolism. In order to balance and connect a universal Amulet, the symbolism must combine properly. In the English language, the letter A by itself can be a word. The letter I by itself can be a word. Adding them together does not make a word. I see a lot of things online that just do not make sense, and I am among many that are scratching their heads. We have to be smart, accurate, and precise. A google search will not teach you what you need to know. Study your subject, read books, find teachers. Answers are never easy but it is always worth it in the end. Remember if you are buying an item labeled as a “talisman” or an “amulet” it would be good to find out if it truly is if you need this item to be for empowerment or protection. If you just like the piece aesthetically then, of course, I say take it home. I believe we are drawn to things for a reason. 

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Stay tuned for info on my upcoming book. Many Bright Blessings and all of my love to you.