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Vedas and Oval Rings in Rhodonite

The Veda Necklaces and the Juno Rings in Rhodonite are available on the website! I am so in awe of these beautiful plush pink tones!

The Veda Necklace can be found here:

The Juno Ring can be found here:

These magical chunks were considered high quality, but I do not get into grading systems because I feel like all crystals are relevant. The stone should always call to you, and the grade is always an afterthought. Trust your instincts. If this palette of plush pinks calls to you… the calm tranquility of Rhodonite awaits.

This Rhodonite has that sought-after plush pink color that is found in these grades. Again, I love all qualities of gems and am drawn to all needed gem energy.

“Rhodonite, being a Level Five, is a friend, shield, protector, and blanket from the cold. Piny The Elder described it as ‘The lifeblood of the Rose.’ This crystal is that feeling in your heart and blood when you hear that song that gives life. It is that first feeling of new love. It is the excitement on the morning your vacation starts. It literally is the energy labeled as ‘Gives Life.’”

You will most likely see a lot of talk about Rhodonite having to do with fire. This is somewhat true in personality but needs to be detailed. Rhodonite is an Earth Crystal with added Fire traits to its persona. There are also thin attributes of water. This is because of the slow fire and a slow-running stream vibe. Rhodonite is Patience. Calm, ease, slow-moving. Patience and that slow burn are needed right now. “Gradually. Always Gradually,” says Rhodonite. Slow-burning fire next to an easy-flowing river. Rhodonite offers balance on wobbly ground and alignment when we are mentally off. That new gradual joy that gives life.

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