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Vesuvianite Crystal Properties

Over the passed months, I have received so many emails about Vesuvianite. I do not know what pop culture phenomenon made this stone so popular suddenly but I am always willing to post a blog about the stone. 

Vesuvianite is grouped with a very specific energy family and I really do not suggest this stone unless you are versed in crystal speak. The main reason is this stone in the top class of attractor stones but it is also classified as a unity stone. This stone will bring you what you truly seek; it can clear the trends, the group mentalities, the fillers… it knows you more than you know yourself. This may not be the path you are ready for just yet. As an advanced stone, always use with great caution. 

This stone appears on every birthplate of individuals born in Spring, but appears closer to the bottom to neutralize the stone. This stone must always have a companion stone but the second stone that is carried with it depends on the holder. A larger group of people will be able to pair the Vesuvianite with Amber, but not everyone. If you are versed in Crystal Grids and Speak you understand this completely. Some will be able to pair with Aquamarine. Remember to always research the system of formation in your crystals to know how they pair or should not pair. 

Vesuvianite is a stone of self awareness and becoming. As said above, this energy system knows you better than you know yourself, but the journey is also very important. Another reason for a neutralizing stone or a seeker stone pairing. 

Associated with the Heart Chakra, and the heart’s desire, Vesuvianite is also important for people who have been emotionally stunted. Unable to show emotion, love, or any type of care. Psychologists treating sociopathic patients would do well to carry Vesuvianite as the stone will be neutralized by the daily association with the patient. Vesuvianite will also keep the psychologist shielded from the unbraiding of the psyche concerning the patient. This stone has a very specific concentration and cleaning. To cleanse this stone, ring a bell around it. This will remove or chase off the negative attached to it.  For charging, any full moonwater, but springtime is the best. Use a soft cloth, lightly soaked and make sure the cloth has been rang out well. Do not submerge into water.   

 I caution the Empath from interacting with this stone. If you are sensitive, this stone may literally break itself against you or break you emotionally. Again, this is an advanced stone therapy and I usually never write about these groupings because I fear the consequences of idle use. So I must stress these warnings over and over. If you are sensitive or empathetic, please there are so many other therapies of crystals. 

There is more about leadership and influence that I wish not to get into because I believe this stone has many misuses that are of concern. 

It is a beautiful stone that has several names due to its variety in location and culture. Its color is like a faded moss and its color therapy radiates the end of a journey. The outcome. The desired destination usually. Not always. 

Vesuvianite’s animal relationship is the serpent but some cultures attribute to the Praying Mantis. Both misunderstood creatures that give peace through chaos. Vesuvianite is sometimes attributed to Eris, a goddess of chaos, and proper concentration is indeed needed. Venus was also given this offering as was Vulcan.

Crystal Speak can sometimes be rather complex but once you understand the ‘key’ the coding is your new first language. I always urge people to read books and stay away from much of the “copy and paste” quick fix website meanings. Thank you for all of the kind requests about this stone. For over 2 decades I have always suggested picking up a copy of “Love is in the Earth” by Melody. It is an excellent book on Crystals. There are many others, follow me on Good Reads for lists. Happy New Week!