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Golden Healer Crystal Muse

There are many reasons why Golden Healer speaks to me. To state the obvious, my maternal side is from Quartz country. Our family blood is woven into the Salem Plateau. The Earth rock and soil literally are the same as our blood. These family bonds are as strong as tree roots, and they are a part of every step we walk, securing the ground under our feet. Climbing like a twisted ribbon to the cellar of the Appalachian Mountains. This stretch of land is specifically named, The Black Mountains. Like all land, this land told us stories, and those stories gave way to an understanding of the land’s rock within. This is Earth’s most Ancient Crystalline rock; our kin, lived and died there. Our Ancestors literally live there within the soil. Our passed-on Kin giving their DNA to the rock. Parts of us belonging to the rock forever. When this is your root life force, you cannot help but to know the ways of crystal speak. Even before any of us could understood people, we understood rocks. There are methods of feeding crystals that involves blood and soil. When this happens, there is not just a way for the crystal energy to move in your favor, there is a way for you to become a part of the crystal nature. When generations of your DNA is buried into this rock, you are eternally joined with it. Crystals from this area know me and I know them.

Not all Golden Healers are from this area of land. The term “Golden Healer” to some, is for crystals that ONLY come from Quartz Country. I am a little more lax with some types and I am willing to call some of them all Golden healers, but there is a difference that does set them all apart. The truth is in the chemistry, then the location.

There are a few different “types” of Golden Healers and then there are crystals that are identified as such but are not at all. The internet is a cluster of “copy and Paste” mixed with checkered facts. Some really great sources and some cherry picked until the facts are unrecognizable to the subject. The information on Golden Healer seems to be quite scattered on the internet. Please research carefully if you are specific about your Golden Healers.

First and most importantly, what is a Golden Healer? There is a specific “type” that are considered “true golden healers” and other’s considered “chemically golden healer” or sometimes I have seen labels like “Mineral Quartz iron oxide.” Strangely enough, I have also seen Yellow Quartz, Fire Quartz (Hematoid), Tangerine Quartz, and Limonite stained Quartz labeled as Golden Healers. They are not.

A Golden Healer, to some, can only come from the Ozarks. Others do except the other places they are found. The truth is, the Ozark versions have higher levels of a specific type of iron oxide level. This is why Crystal workers of all kind favor it and some have become a bit elitist about them. The greasy iron oxide coating is grown within the crystal itself. It cannot be removed with an acid bath or completely polished away. It is always.

Other Golden Healers found in other places on this Earth may or may not have the same formula in measurements but all the ingredients are present, so to me, this is still a Golden Healer. When the crystal structure is off, it seems to come down to a matter of opinion. Whether you wish to call them “True Golden Healers” or just “Golden Healers” is completely up to you. There is a noticeable price difference between the Ozark versions of these beauties and others from all over the world. Interesting enough, many clear Quartz now coming from the Ozarks were once very light color golden healers. I always say to all, ‘always check your sources with a fine toothed comb.’ Artificially irradiated crystals are a little annoying to my energy field and I wish the world would leave all of this perfection alone.

I’ve heard many describe a Golden Healer’s properties in these terms, sometimes exact… “It’s golden and it’s a healer. There it is. Master Healer.”

I am here to tell you that it isn’t that simple. Sometime ago, I wrote several posts about “Teacher Quartz” and their relationship to us. Following up with a few posts on “Companion Quartz.” There is a kinship there but the Golden Healer can fall under the eye view of “Muse Quartz” and “Healer Quartz.” They are givers of healing through ancestry, art, and “SkitSkater” … an old Ozark term for when the young kids say “It Gives Life.”

Golden Healer can raise your vibration and bring you to new levels by uprooting you out of old systems. Linking you to your ancestors (color Yellow therapy 3) and healing with their lessons and love. Healing that you can also find through artistic outlets. That exact feeling you get when something awakens your mind. That “Life” feeling. Golden Healer inspires it daily within you.

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