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Lapis Lazuli Metaphysical Properties and Uses

Let’s talk about Lapis Lazuli. I mean really talk about it. Not the copy and paste “This stone is good for… etc etc.” kind of talk. Let’s talk like there isn’t a like button. Too many times copy and paste is the fall back for show and too many times a stone’s properties get lost behind trends. Let us run full speed up against it and experience the collision reverberate within us. Let us listen as we truly hear Lapis Lazuli’s Crystal Speak. 

Lapis Lazuli is related to the essence of all that exists inside you aside from the physical. Your breathe, your soul, your  being. This stone serves as a talking device between the flesh and spirit. It is the vocal cord crystal of the Earth and the vocal cord crystal of your personal truth. It can find the “True Self”, when the true self sleeps. Do you believe your true self is the self that systematically rises to alarms and works the clock daily? Do you believe your true self is the one who is tired? Marathoning Netflix? No. This is not your true self. Your true self sleeps. Where does this self sleep? In the night sky of lapis. Dreaming of how to touch the ground. 

Lapis relates to the third and fourth chakra; third eye and throat. Aligning the voice and conscious awareness is the key to finding the self in the sleeping abyss. All memory revisited and all speechless moments broken for speak. 

A stone relating to attentiveness and being alert; when you know something wicked this way comes… Lapis is your lighthouse to shore. No wicked wave of the night can crush your boat to the deep. A stone to be worn around people you are unsure about. An unknown Frenemy will be revealed. A liar cannot vocalize their deceit without breaking their skill.

Being a filter stone, Lapis will clear the path of obstacles, giving you a clear vision of your goal at the other side of the journey and how to achieve it. Filters also help us remove the the clouds giving us a bright sky view of life. There are times when life ties us to the negative and lapis is the upbeat cup of coffee that gives us that pep in our step to get us back on track. 

Lapis also relates to the ego.. This is the stone of fame. Recognition from your work, social status, social media, publications, and if you have a desire for being “known” this is the stone. Good for social structure settings like school or social clubs. Just remember that Lapis polishes the Ego, what you truly are will be high shined. 

Lapis projects the inner self in all facets, no matter if the self lives in a darker place. All truth and intention come to life. 

There are many types of Lapis and each has its levels. From the most commonly known Lapis Lazuli, Denim, and Green to the less common names such as Russian or Siberian, Persian, and Chilean. All of these types have the properties above with added variants depending on the type. There will be another blog about these variations soon. 

Take a deep breath, and realize, this magic essence of life is the manifestation of Lapis. Our breath is blue.