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Magic Words

There are a lot of people that won’t be able to read this. It’s just not in their present nature to consume words. That is a subconscious choice that belongs to them and then alone. Some will see what I have to say in black and white, some will see it in color but dulled around the edges, then others will see it in the verdant way Spring comes to life after the first warm rain of the season. 

There is no right way or wrong way. People are meant to walk all sorts of different paths for different reasons. It just is. 

This weekend, let us wash technology away, take a break from seeing through a digital screen, and touch the leaves outside that seem to be leaking away from their colorful richness as your eyes pass each word. This post is about magic words and when words become magic. It is different for everyone. Some just repeat the words, some have to concentrate the words, and others must use symbolic language to make them come to life. No matter what, all people can make their words magic.

When I was 14 years old, I was reading a book my Grandmother gave me to read. Like many books of this nature, there were “magic words” or “rhymed incantations” that followed actions feeding the subconscious mind. Repeated chants accompanied by motions and a “way” of saying them. There is an old saying my Grandma always repeated, “Words are magic, that’s why they call it Spelling.” Oddly enough, I saw the meaning behind this several times but never consciously saw how I could accidentally make my words invoke. 

We know about the power of “I AM” and whatever you say behind it is your gift to yourself. We know the power of chanting and how engraining words into the topsoil of the mind can grow our most desired flowers. It is all known, but how many times do we ‘see’ our accidental magic? I want to tell you about one of mine a couple of years ago. Listen, friends, it is of great importance…

A couple of years ago, I began a journey to learn Swedish. It was mostly for Genealogy and studying my Grandfather’s family records. They had interesting stories, names, and great documentation. Problem was I could not read any of it. So I started using apps and different online sources to read about my family. You always start small, with basic words, and repetition. This was where I was a couple of years ago… Learning about common insects and animals. 

Spider… spindel

The spider… spindeln

Spiders… spindlar

The spiders… spindlarna

The spider is drinking water… Spindeln dricker vatten

The spider is in the window… Spindeln är i fönstret

The cat plays with the spider… Katten leker med spindeln

I didn’t realize how many times I said these words, but I repeated them over and over. Not just looking but seeing each letter of each word. Planting these seeds in the topsoil of my mind to grow yellow and blue flowers. 

A few hours later, I went into the bathroom, where I saw a spider in the bathtub. I smiled in my mind and said to myself, ‘Ah Spindeln dricker vatten’ meaning the Spider is drinking the water. 

Later on, I was looking out the window at deer in my yard and suddenly the largest spider ran halfway across the window and stopped right dead in the center. It was outside but I was still surprised. He was pretty big. I thought how convenient it was that I knew how to say ‘The Spider is in the window’… ‘Spindeln är i fönstret’ and I heard the voice in my mind recall it as a memory. The day went on subconsciously like most of our days do and I had forgotten about my eight-legged experiences. Until after the sun had set. 

That same evening I was almost mortified when I found my cat playing with a large wolf spider that he had cornered and killed. I thought to myself, ‘Katten leker med spindeln’ and thought it was odd, yet again, because these spiders came in a form that I had language for. I thought nothing more of it until the next day. 

The new day came quickly as all days do. I noticed that even tho I had only five hours of sleep, it was heavy with REM according to my Fitbit. I grabbed my morning water and went on to start my Swedish lesson. That day it was a mouse. 

Mouse… Mus

The Mouse… Musen

Mice… Möss

The Mice… Mössen

The Mice hide in the wall… Mössen gömmer sig i väggen

The mice are in the cabinet… Mössen är i skåpet

The cat plays with the mice… Katten leker med mössen

I repeated this phrase fifteen times. The lessons I was doing came in fives so I did three and called it a day. The sunny hours were blacked out with a heavy work schedule and my lessons were short. I remember this day vividly and everything that came after. 

I was in the kitchen getting things ready for the day and on opening a drawer I was sure I saw a mouse! It was so fast that maybe I was mistaken. Maybe too many mouse lessons have left me seeing them? It was strange and almost like a dream. Why do we have a mouse? It was almost absurd saying. We live in a suburb and we have cats. Mice do not come into houses with cats. They just don’t. Maybe I was loopy from lack of sleep. I shook my head and thought, ‘Ingen Mus’, meaning ‘no mouse’.

That evening we heard them in the walls. My beautiful cats could not chase them away because they couldn’t get to them. I knew immediately what it was because of the drawer incident. I thought to myself, ‘Mössen gömmer sig i väggen’ and still made no connection with trying to learn a new language with word concentration.

That morning, I got up and made my way to the kitchen for water. I open the cabinet and what do I see? Not one but two mice!  Katten leker med mössen!!! At that moment, in my shock, I realized another repeated phrase was yet again blooming from the fruit of my mind. I had no time to think of it anymore. We really had mice in the cabinet!  That evening I thought about it before I went to sleep but my subconscious mind quickly wrapped me in it’s silk and took me elsewhere. The next morning, I came downstairs to a massacre. My beautiful cat Nicodemus sitting, very pleased, surrounded by several dead mice. What a scene and my cat most likely had one of the most red-lettered nights of his life. The night of the mice. Katten leker med mössen. I started to count the mice that I had seen and I realized there had been fifteen. That is so many mice to come out of nowhere. After this they were gone, never saw another, and I learned to quit concentrating words on that plane of existence. Our words matter. Watch what you say and how you say them. Mostly how you seed them. It isn’t that it was a different language. It wasn’t that it was magical sounding because it was new… it was because I didn’t place them on the wind. I concentrated them in the soil. Now, I have some magical words that we should concentrate on…

“Say the magic words” …Say these words out loud, thinking about each word like you are reading it, learning it, bathing in it. Repeat after me… 

“Fire Fights Fire. Rain puts out the fire. There is no more fire. The air is new. She breathes again. We breathe again. There is breath. All is harmony and all is peace.