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The Goddess Circe

Have you ever been underestimated, harshly judged, or completely disregarded? This is the story of Circe. Cast aside at birth as nothing special, thought to only have the power of immortality granted by her parentage, but nothing more. Her voice was thin and her eyes were yellow, so she was given the name Circe, meaning Hawk in Greek. Not as a badge of beauty, but mockery. Made to feel powerless and small, the outcast of her family and an outsider of her kind. No one understood what she was capable of, not even herself. Her becoming soon was realized. In her exile, she grew into her powers and her true nature, discovering that she could ‘know’ the secret spells of plants and herbs. The first to ever hone this power and speak the language of plant life. The green of the Earth knew her and she knew it. The first Hedgewitch, plant magician, and first to hear the voices of plants, i.e. plant speak. As her power grew, her confidence blossomed. Rising like a phoenix from the ash, the elder gods stopped in her tracks, realizing she was overlooked. She is a testament to the fact that no one decides your destiny but you. Underestimated, misjudged, or overlooked… other people do not write your story. Only you can do that. Your becoming awaits.