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The Great Orisha Oya

It was such an honor to get to collaborate on this project with Akanni, LaToya, and one of my dearest friends Trina on this project. Oya is one of the most powerful Orishas; of thunder, lightning and storms. She oversees female leadership, transformation and is the “Queen of the Marketplace.” A patroness of female business owners. She is the Queen of the River Niger and can help you unearth family secrets that were lost with those who have passed on. Oya has always brought a sense of power and strength when I have thought of her in my own mind. The fact that she combines power and ancestry together is so beautiful and empowering. For this project, I sat back and let these three ladies advise, design and conjure. So much was put into this objective and I credit the contributors as being the superstars of this project. It was also very important to me that a Yoruba Priestess, Akanni, have all the final say before completion. I am beyond taken aback at how beautiful this pendant turned out and have shed tears over the undertaking of it all. The net proceeds will go to an organization called Solar Sister, a beautiful establishment in Africa that helps train women entrepreneurs with clean energy businesses. They literally put the power in the hands of women. It is such a beautiful metaphor, Oya reflected. Please consider donating directly if you can. 

Oya’s image is drawn after the likeness of one of my dearest friends Trina Thompson. We go way back to working for corporate jewelry stores together. I wanted to remind her, no matter her struggles, to see herself in the divine. Rise like the storm my dear friend and flash your light for all of the worlds to see.