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The Goddess Hekate

I do not think it is possible to talk about Hekate without talking about my Grandmother. Hekate and Electryone (Alectrona) were my Grandmother’s Patroness Goddesses. They were her absolute favorite, and she incorporated them into everything she did. All three of her Doberman’s were named after the same Goddess; she was adamant that the family dog honored her deity. Growing up around an always dressed Hekatesion, scooped right into the wall by the doorway, gives one a familiar feeling to the image and energy. Many see Hekate as a Moon Goddess of the darkness, but her torches paint a different story. She is the one of the dark that shines light. Giving way to self-discovery and the Queen of personal shadow-work, one could say she governs both light and dark. She is the keeper of all that is hidden, the key holder to locked doors, and the light bearer of every path. As the Goddess of the Crossroads, she will meet you at every crossing. Her black dogs stand guard as ghosts gather under the oldest trees to consort with her. Hekate represents feminine strength and protection. She is the Darkwater that assists your shedding of old skin. She is the death of all the things that do not aid in your becoming.