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Yellow Aragonite Metaphysical Properties and Uses.

People often ask me about my obsession with Yellow Aragonite. I have had two makers tell me they don’t use it because it doesn’t “sell.” I also know it isn’t highly desired but for the true crystal lover, it cannot be dismissed. I use it often to honor it but I also use it to encourage awareness of this stone for people that haven’t “seen.” This stone has a secret life, like many stones do, but this life is going to be exercised in a much greater detail than other types of Aragonite. The Yellow Aragonite is a power stone that will help recreate this world. 

This stone is a must for the Tarot Card reader and the interpreter of symbolic language. Yellow Aragonite is the reflection of sun on the water and the cell phone number to the gods. All canvas open to interpretation is painted on Yellow Aragonite. 

A very soft energy that is easy to work with, yellow aragonite speaks to us gently and understandably, a stone that loves all animals especially humans. 

A stone to help you with self acceptance and burns away all self doubt that lingers in the darkest corners of our minds. 

As an “Increaser” stone, it can be added to any concoction to make the flame higher. ‘Adds to’ and ‘Amps up’ any stone bundle combo. I highly suggest adding it together with citrine for a power punch of self assurance and happiness. 

A wonderful stone for massage because this stone “stimulates” and “increases” all thought and action. Not for “Stone Eating” or elixirs. (Remember stone eating is not actually eating the stone… it is the term used for the divination technique. Do not eat stones) (A large post coming up about this on Patreon)

Best worn as a necklace and secondly as earrings. Never wear below the knees (toe ring, anklet, in a shoe, in a sock, etc.) This stone should always be worn above the ribcage’s end.  

Yellow Aragonite is the main Hair Energy stone. Yes, it can help you grow your mane out but it is really much more than that. Hair is not only something to style, it is the “antennas” of the body. Tying to the Zero Point Field and serving as our “cellular up” to another plane of consciousness. A higher energy. When I think of this stone I always think of ‘The Creation of Adam’ by Michelangelo. 

The stone of Hair Stylists and Painters, yes they go hand in hand, a perfect talisman for anyone who has to create something from nothing. A thought into a tangible reality that all can see and touch. 

Be careful where you buy all Aragonite. They remember things like the hair remembers. Reprogram often and clear every cycle with cold water. 

More discussion about this stone will be on my Patreon soon. Concentrations, more uses, clearing & old world techniques harnessed by folklore coming up. 

Happy Week’s Start to all and may it be filled with new hope and renewed energy. Last Quarter is nigh.