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Symbolism Behind Earring Adornments

To some, earrings are just an adornment; some love them and others do not wear them at all. For me, the Metaphysical life of the earring lives and breathes; never at once sleeping. After all of this time, the energy has not dissipated, but ripples steadfast; almost unused. Not just in pressure points, types of metals, placements of earring points, and stones applied… all are relevant to the the significance of the symbolic language of this old world adornment. 

All that exists is entwined with reason; the birth of symbolic language stands in this place. Gold has its metaphysical gifts but add a stone to the metal and those gifts combine or sometimes cancel out. This is to be seen like any recipe of the culinary arts; it acts the same as adding ingredients. Metals of Gold, Silver, Steel, etc. all have their purpose and we can enhance, substitute, and even remove properties of crystals with metal aids. Placements of stones will also have their additional properties. For instance: wearing tiger’s eye as earrings has a lessoned effect as it would better serve on your arm. Tiger’s Eye is never enhanced by metal unless it is steel. Specific stones prefer the ears; Amber, citrine, and emerald. Some stones like Amethyst and tourmaline do well in many areas of wear but are strongest in the ears. Specific organic materials such as bone are also best metaphysically as earrings. 

The placement is always very important to the symbolic life of the stone and metal used. The Language and direction of adornments are not only one and the same but should always be taken into consideration when wearing jewelry. A stone worn to draw good fortune should be worn on the receiving hand. If worn on the repelling; it will repel the very manifestation you strive to create. 

When discussing earrings here, I am only referring to the standard lobe earring, but remember that different piercing placements on the ear have different effects when it comes to metals and stones. The standard placement I speak of here was believed to keep the memory or memories. That being your “Spiderwick” to grasp memories from another life, someone else’s life, or things you cannot remember in this one. It was  believed to be a helping hand to your next life to remember what you had learned. Like a button or a switch to access a vault of memorable treasures. Another way to enhance past life or ancestral memory is amber earrings. If you wish to hear animal speak and the enhancement of animal guides then bone is the enhancement you seek. Clairvoyance; Quartz, Health of mind; Amethyst, etc. Earrings have such a metaphysical meaning by themselves; similar to the birthplate. The birthplate has 5 main placements for stones that are unique to your birth chart. The Ear is no different. A book could be written on this subject and it could easily be a volume set. Yet it would just be another chapter in the great book of symbolism. I will post more about the symbolism of earrings and the language they speak in the future. I have also dedicated a “Highlight” to this on my Instagram page. Happy Earring Wearing! 

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Crystals of Kind

First and foremost; enhancements and treatments. Some stones are dyed, filled, or treated to make the stone look a specific way. EPJ does not treat any gemstones. We are highly against treated gems because it can affect the metaphysical properties. This is just us, some people do not mind, it is all a matter of preference. We do not dye any gemstones because the look does not last. Again, this is our preference. We have offered ’filled’ gemstones to less than 0.3% of the offered jewelry over the years. Filled gemstones still endure their metaphysical properties. So this was acceptable to our standard. As stated many times, we have only filled two specific gems for a desired look. This is always stated in the description of the item. We use to offer filled natural quartz crystal many years ago, because so many asked for a more clear look, but have not offered it for years because I personally just want the unfilled natural. EPJ currently only offers one filled natural stone and it is stated in the description. The only gemstone we offer filled is large garnets. Our smaller garnets are unfilled natural as stated in all descriptions. Many companies do not list treatments or fills. Make sure to always ask if you have a specific desire for your stone. EPJ also used to specialize in costume jewelry. Although all costume pieces were sold out years ago, they have always been labeled as such. I have always been a fan of old world costume jewelry artistry. If I ever do anymore of those pieces, they will always be labeled as costume. Anytime you have a question about any stone, always email us at and we will help you out. Always full transparency.

In the world of gems and minerals, there are so many types of of crystals. Not just varieties, but how they are pulled from the earth and added features to enhance stones.

There are so many types of garnets, some are very expensive and others are not. Especially if they are filled or treated. Again, EPJ does not treat any gems. Currently, we only use one type of filled natural stone and that is for large garnets.

As many of you know, EPJ uses Pyrope or Almandine Garnet the most. Most of them (like the smaller pieces on the website) are heavily included. I mean heavy. For the very large ones, the description will state if or if not they may be filled, but indeed very real. This assures the metaphysical properties, but also gives the look desired by so many. We also buys in bulk and we are able to offer better prices since there are several rings available as opposed to just one for sale. Almandine is one of the most inexpensive and abundant garnet types on earth. So they don’t cost as much as a fine jewelry store garnets. But they have that beautiful dark red that everyone seeks.

Some garnets, like Demantoid or Andradite, can ask thousands for a tiny stone! It always just depends on the size, clarity, fill or no fill, and bulk or single.

Now we come to how the gemstones are pulled from the Earth. There are many stones that EPJ refuses to carry because of how they are taken and how humans are taking them. You will notice we only carry specific types on Amber and can’t always carry Moonstone. These two stones have high rates of child slave labor. Any Amber we carry is always Baltic, that and Moonstone we carry is only selected from miners and sellers that uphold ethical practices. This is the sole reason EPJ does not offer diamonds or work with diamonds. These stones are rarely taken from the Earth with care or with valued labor.

We only carry stones of integrity. I will not buy from specific Gem Shows or Specific dealers. I deal with miners and vendors that only carry stones that have zero ties to slave labor and zero ties to sustainable practices. All the sage and cleansing in the world cannot wipe that from your crystal. The energy that we pass on is of great importance. Humanity will not survive if we do not take care of each other and the Earth.

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Ostara Moss Agate Release

My Grandmother always told me “The Heart of a Witch is made of Moss Agate” and this indeed is true. This saying is an old one, it first came about in a legend about Hedge Witches and their green thumbs. Moss Agate is also known as the Gardner’s Stone giving plants a mirror of their former pre-wintery selves. Place Moss Agate half in and half out of a plant pot in the sun. This added energy will aid your plant in its life and growth. Specific stones go to specific plant life but Quartz and Moss Agate are always interchangeable with any plant.

A stone of Spring and magic. Through its mossy leaves we can see the eye of Spring and the vision to come of the season. It is said that Moss Agate will turn brown when spring will come no more. Moss Agate is tied to Gaia the strongest but also bears ties to all Spring energies. Moss Agate and Malachite should be added to the birthplate or medicine bag of any botanist, farmer, herbalist, plant enthusiasts, etc. 

Many Green witches also hold the stone near; folklore, plant medicine, and the green energy holds them to their hearts mirror. Like the Witches hearts of yesteryear, its origin is fire, volcanic rock is its womb. Although it bears the name Moss “Agate”, it lacks banding like traditional agate, but is a form of Chalcedony. Some say it has moss inside but this is not true; there is no organic plant matter included inside this special stone. But the symbolic language of the minds plane sings a different tune. One of two stones that served as an old symbol and talisman of a Hedgewitch; also know as ‘green thumb’ stone. 

These beauties vary from clear to a milky white daydream of dendritic deja vu backdrop that seems to be set for a green centerpiece. An aerial mapping of a magical forest, the seaweed carpet at the bottom of a mysterious lake, or the moss-covered brick along a secret sea wall against an ocean line. This is where a witch heart always is; in nature where all humans were meant to be.

There is so much gratitude to such a stone that has the power to break the monotonous broken record of Winter’s cold song and shatter the icy water into liquid again. Amplifying the green thumb and watching the land grow green and lush. The ice is melting and watering the land. The sun is giving way to warmth and warm golden light. She returns and all hail the return. Spring is nigh.  

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Scarab Amulet Release

So excited about today’s long awaited new release! The Saqqara Scarab Amulet Necklace is an accolade to the gods of Egypt and the brilliance attributed to scarab symbolism. The stones have been carefully cut and inlaid into a hypoallergenic stainless steel scarab frame. I hand selected the stones before they were cut specifically to the shape of the pendant. All Scarab stones were charged with New Moon river water to pay homage to Iah. Each Scarab has different stored energies depending on the stone matching to scarab symbolism. 

I have always been a huge fan of Aventurine and have dedicated a series to this stone in past blog posts. These stones were picked for specific shades of green, invoking color therapy, that plays into the scarab symbol. The Scarab’s alignment with aventurine carries a symbolic language of  “Opportunity” and manifestation of favor with fate. The Scarab will find exactly what your life’s desire is and help you manifest it. Like the Cat, the Scarab can walk between the worlds, there isn’t a place the scarab can’t go to seek out your desire.  

More times than not, I have used onyx as a protective charm in past collections. Having pieces made of real onyx can be beneficial to long term mental health. Protection is self care. The Scarab’s alignment with onyx carries a symbolic language of  “Protection” and absorption of negativity or darkness. The Scarab will work closely with your life guides; shielding you from negative eyes and absorbing jolts meant to harm you. Even when the veil is thick, the scarab can penetrate through and link you to your protectors. 

Stones properties seem to shift slightly when shaped or used symbolically. Lapis Lazuli’s properties seem to shift more than any other stone when shaped. Different grades also effect these properties greatly because specific energies are taken out of the equation. This Lapis Lazuli has very little Calcite (White coloring) in grade. The Scarab’s alignment with Lapis Lazuli carries a symbolic language of  “Inner Power” and the awakening of the true self. The Scarab reaches backwards in time and through the veil harnessing the power of your ancestral line. Pulling from it, the endurance to push forth and rise to your becoming. The scarab’s back reflects the night sky and that same sky is reflected in your eye. You are all and all is you. 

Happy Week’s End and Many Bright Blessings!

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New EPJ Website Launched!

We revamped the Evil Pawn Jewelry website and there is a promo code today to celebrate! So excited about the new features!
There is now a search bar, easier cell phone navigation, promo alerts and a blog. With the new blog I will post news, updates and longer
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