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Smoky Quartz Metaphysical Properties and Uses

The Heart of Veracity is Smoky Quartz, truth is embedded in each gaze. As the dark slowly lifts, it gives way to a clear picture. Drawing the truth out of a situation, especially where it is needed for you to prevail, is the gift given by Smoky Quartz. Their surface can seem dark and listless, but upon a closer look, you see an inner light. Like the bottom of a bog pool. That shimmer of life that lives underneath. A summoner to find it. A hidden power that rises. 

Smoky Quartz is a stone of the mental plane; being the governing power over concentration, surface associations, specific stages of trauma, and specific dream association. 

This being said, Smoky Quartz is a way to tie the mental and physical together to manifest a constant dream, goal, or repetitive wish. The Smoky Quartz is a seeker crystal, by this, it naturally attunes itself to the wearer. Making pathways where you specifically want to go and leading you there as a personal guide. Smokies are also transformers, helping you grow and transform on your journey. This is the ultimate “goal” stone. 

Paired with Fluorite, it can dissolve fatigue brought on by burn out. Also helping with endurance for the long journey ahead. 

All aspects of concentration fall under the reign of Smoky Quartz. Focus, short attention spans, the ability to absorb what has been learned, and all attention disorders. A helper in paying attention the things in our lives we tend to not see because our attention is transfixed elsewhere. 

Surface associations such as communications and making yourself understood. Showing up in self defense when other people try to tell you who THEY think you are. A must for those who tend to over analyze past conversations with anxiety and distress. Those who replay things over and over to no avail adding self doubt into the mix. Smoky helps refocus away from these issues. Also helps refocus the energies put into melancholy and worry about uncertainty. An aid, setting a warm overcast on the cold coasts of loneliness. 

A helper in healing from past traumas and the onset of depression and anxiety from said traumas. In this area, smoky quartz is a helper stone and must be paired with a lead stone for the specific trauma. 

Smoky Quartz is the lead stone and only stone for lawsuits and justice. Pulling the truth and setting records straight. Paired with pyrite, the duo can expose liars in your everyday life. To you and sometimes themselves.  

Smoky Quartz also falls under a very exclusive category that has only a membership of seven. Smoky is one of the Seven Ancient Stones of the Gods. Playing an extensive roll in antiquity and lore.  Over many years of compiling old stories about this stone, I am taken aback by the rich catalog of lore about Smoky Quartz. Not just in one region but in places all over the world. One of the Seven that speaks to people in this new world, as much as the old. 

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Cat Watcher of the Ways

Wednesday night, I was visited in my sleep, in a lucid dream. My visitor was grand. She came into my room, not through the door, but appearing after the entrance. Walking slowly, her antlers scraped the ceiling. Pieces of the damaged surface paint fell at her feet and grew into baby deers. Licking their new bodies. Becoming to their new shape. She stops but the scraping sound continues as she stands at the foot of my bed holding her sceptre. Only one side of her is brightly visible where the half moonlight shined through my window. The dark edges of her detail on the other side were incomplete. I am sure she is Elen of the Ways. Is it weird that I am sleeping but watching her? Not at all.

The scraping noise stopped. She looked down at me as I sleep and this movement was like a call to the fabric of being. I rose upwards and realized I was blue and translucent. I looked behind me and my body was sleeping. She held her hand out to me and I reached for it. I suddenly felt myself pushed back into my body. I woke up and my cat Nicodemus was laying on my chest. He wouldn’t leave me, which is odd because he isn’t clingy. He put his weight on me. His purrs said, “Sleep.” It smelled like salt. The crashing of waves was in the distance fading.

I can see through the deer’s eyes as they frolic through the grass. I see the baby deer in a large brush, looking at his mother before they sleep under the moon. I now see through the deer’s eyes again. His mother says, “Sleep.”

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I am going to go down a road that I never really travel down. Rarely. The years of 1993 and 1994 were red lettered years in my life. You can truly see everything that I am now because of these years. The events catalog, to this day, sections of my personality in the same way a table of contents identify   chapters to a book. My becoming nurtured by the care and tending of these years. 

This was the year that I had an understanding of the left & right that coincide with the spiritual world and the physical world. In the physical world, when we want someone to STOP or when defending ourselves, we naturally raise our dominate hand with our palm facing out. Stop. This is also the hand we “give” with. We give direction, we hand an object to someone, we pay for items, etc. We are dominate in giving. 

In the spiritual world our subordinate hand is the hand we receive with. What we receive in energy we give physically . When someone attacks us physically we use our dominate hand. When someone attacks us energetically, many make the mistake in thinking their dominate hand is the hand to stop the attack with. This is incorrect. You receive with your subordinate hand, no matter if it is given or thrown, you MUST refuse and END the action with your subordinate hand. You must choose what you receive.  

“Little dear one, Is it always just love and light?

Brightlings always make sure your left hand is a strong as your right…”

I am right handed. If someone physically was walking toward me, I would raise my right hand as a gesture to ask them to stop. If someone threw energy at me, good or bad, I would receive it or decline it with my left hand. This also paints a clear picture of how to wear stones, their directions and language all come to key. 

Now, about the ring… In 1993 my Grandmother gave me a very “real” book. There were all those fluffy magic books in the 90s that I had read… then there was this book. Finally, a book that appealed to our darker nature. Shadows no longer collected dust but I learned quickly that they must be exercised the right way. The left isn’t really dark but it can be seen as such. This is because of outcomes experienced by people who didn’t learn enough about the room they play in, before they turned off the light. Then they tried to continue their play in the dark. Tripping over furnishings and not finding what you are looking for is not the fault of the lighting condition or the light switch itself. Know your surroundings, know where you play. It is sometimes made dark by the misunderstanding, but those who have night vision do not see it as dark.

In this gifted book, it always reminded us about the importance of ritual jewelry. I was well versed in this already but I did not have any rings with my my name or intention written on them. As you know, you must write your name on your jewels and tools during any ritual. Not the name you have been given in the physical world but the name you were given or gave yourself for ritual. The name the spirits know you by. The name no one else in the physical knows except those in your Klatch and family community. The way your name is known in the spirit world is much like how your power animal and guide is named. No one knows your guides name except you and should never be given as long as you live. Anyone you gave your other name to, in perfect love and trust, that ends up misusing it will find their guides gone. They will see the backs of any spirit that was ever inclined to work with them. The name is so important. The name is title of your book. 

I designed my first ritual ring and it was the Spell Ring. Exact in every way you see it here. The first had my “name” on the top and the second had a word of protection on the top just like the Spell Rings released today. At that time, I was just entering my teens, I was not able to fully make my design myself. To help, my Grandmother took me to a jeweler to help me manifest this into reality. Now, 26 years later, I manifest them into reality for you. 

The top of the ring simply says, “END”. This is a power of protection and a strengthening of your Left hand (or subordinate hand.) An exercise in restraint, protection, and ending a current. The word END and STOP both have the same meaning and are used interchangeably in this practice. The ring also features a septagram and specific talisman as a cross combination to protect the wearer and teach their hand how to receive positively and energentically.  

Many Bright Blessings friends and all of my love. Happy Week’s end! 

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Lapis Lazuli Metaphysical Properties and Uses

Let’s talk about Lapis Lazuli. I mean really talk about it. Not the copy and paste “This stone is good for… etc etc.” kind of talk. Let’s talk like there isn’t a like button. Too many times copy and paste is the fall back for show and too many times a stone’s properties get lost behind trends. Let us run full speed up against it and experience the collision reverberate within us. Let us listen as we truly hear Lapis Lazuli’s Crystal Speak. 

Lapis Lazuli is related to the essence of all that exists inside you aside from the physical. Your breathe, your soul, your  being. This stone serves as a talking device between the flesh and spirit. It is the vocal cord crystal of the Earth and the vocal cord crystal of your personal truth. It can find the “True Self”, when the true self sleeps. Do you believe your true self is the self that systematically rises to alarms and works the clock daily? Do you believe your true self is the one who is tired? Marathoning Netflix? No. This is not your true self. Your true self sleeps. Where does this self sleep? In the night sky of lapis. Dreaming of how to touch the ground. 

Lapis relates to the third and fourth chakra; third eye and throat. Aligning the voice and conscious awareness is the key to finding the self in the sleeping abyss. All memory revisited and all speechless moments broken for speak. 

A stone relating to attentiveness and being alert; when you know something wicked this way comes… Lapis is your lighthouse to shore. No wicked wave of the night can crush your boat to the deep. A stone to be worn around people you are unsure about. An unknown Frenemy will be revealed. A liar cannot vocalize their deceit without breaking their skill.

Being a filter stone, Lapis will clear the path of obstacles, giving you a clear vision of your goal at the other side of the journey and how to achieve it. Filters also help us remove the the clouds giving us a bright sky view of life. There are times when life ties us to the negative and lapis is the upbeat cup of coffee that gives us that pep in our step to get us back on track. 

Lapis also relates to the ego.. This is the stone of fame. Recognition from your work, social status, social media, publications, and if you have a desire for being “known” this is the stone. Good for social structure settings like school or social clubs. Just remember that Lapis polishes the Ego, what you truly are will be high shined. 

Lapis projects the inner self in all facets, no matter if the self lives in a darker place. All truth and intention come to life. 

There are many types of Lapis and each has its levels. From the most commonly known Lapis Lazuli, Denim, and Green to the less common names such as Russian or Siberian, Persian, and Chilean. All of these types have the properties above with added variants depending on the type. There will be another blog about these variations soon. 

Take a deep breath, and realize, this magic essence of life is the manifestation of Lapis. Our breath is blue. 

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Magic Words

There are a lot of people that won’t be able to read this. It’s just not in their present nature to consume words. That is a subconscious choice that belongs to them and then alone. Some will see what I have to say in black and white, some will see it in color but dulled around the edges, then others will see it in the verdant way Spring comes to life after the first warm rain of the season. 

There is no right way or wrong way. People are meant to walk all sorts of different paths for different reasons. It just is. 

This weekend, let us wash technology away, take a break from seeing through a digital screen, and touch the leaves outside that seem to be leaking away from their colorful richness as your eyes pass each word. This post is about magic words and when words become magic. It is different for everyone. Some just repeat the words, some have to concentrate the words, and others must use symbolic language to make them come to life. No matter what, all people can make their words magic.

When I was 14 years old, I was reading a book my Grandmother gave me to read. Like many books of this nature, there were “magic words” or “rhymed incantations” that followed actions feeding the subconscious mind. Repeated chants accompanied by motions and a “way” of saying them. There is an old saying my Grandma always repeated, “Words are magic, that’s why they call it Spelling.” Oddly enough, I saw the meaning behind this several times but never consciously saw how I could accidentally make my words invoke. 

We know about the power of “I AM” and whatever you say behind it is your gift to yourself. We know the power of chanting and how engraining words into the topsoil of the mind can grow our most desired flowers. It is all known, but how many times do we ‘see’ our accidental magic? I want to tell you about one of mine a couple of years ago. Listen, friends, it is of great importance…

A couple of years ago, I began a journey to learn Swedish. It was mostly for Genealogy and studying my Grandfather’s family records. They had interesting stories, names, and great documentation. Problem was I could not read any of it. So I started using apps and different online sources to read about my family. You always start small, with basic words, and repetition. This was where I was a couple of years ago… Learning about common insects and animals. 

Spider… spindel

The spider… spindeln

Spiders… spindlar

The spiders… spindlarna

The spider is drinking water… Spindeln dricker vatten

The spider is in the window… Spindeln är i fönstret

The cat plays with the spider… Katten leker med spindeln

I didn’t realize how many times I said these words, but I repeated them over and over. Not just looking but seeing each letter of each word. Planting these seeds in the topsoil of my mind to grow yellow and blue flowers. 

A few hours later, I went into the bathroom, where I saw a spider in the bathtub. I smiled in my mind and said to myself, ‘Ah Spindeln dricker vatten’ meaning the Spider is drinking the water. 

Later on, I was looking out the window at deer in my yard and suddenly the largest spider ran halfway across the window and stopped right dead in the center. It was outside but I was still surprised. He was pretty big. I thought how convenient it was that I knew how to say ‘The Spider is in the window’… ‘Spindeln är i fönstret’ and I heard the voice in my mind recall it as a memory. The day went on subconsciously like most of our days do and I had forgotten about my eight-legged experiences. Until after the sun had set. 

That same evening I was almost mortified when I found my cat playing with a large wolf spider that he had cornered and killed. I thought to myself, ‘Katten leker med spindeln’ and thought it was odd, yet again, because these spiders came in a form that I had language for. I thought nothing more of it until the next day. 

The new day came quickly as all days do. I noticed that even tho I had only five hours of sleep, it was heavy with REM according to my Fitbit. I grabbed my morning water and went on to start my Swedish lesson. That day it was a mouse. 

Mouse… Mus

The Mouse… Musen

Mice… Möss

The Mice… Mössen

The Mice hide in the wall… Mössen gömmer sig i väggen

The mice are in the cabinet… Mössen är i skåpet

The cat plays with the mice… Katten leker med mössen

I repeated this phrase fifteen times. The lessons I was doing came in fives so I did three and called it a day. The sunny hours were blacked out with a heavy work schedule and my lessons were short. I remember this day vividly and everything that came after. 

I was in the kitchen getting things ready for the day and on opening a drawer I was sure I saw a mouse! It was so fast that maybe I was mistaken. Maybe too many mouse lessons have left me seeing them? It was strange and almost like a dream. Why do we have a mouse? It was almost absurd saying. We live in a suburb and we have cats. Mice do not come into houses with cats. They just don’t. Maybe I was loopy from lack of sleep. I shook my head and thought, ‘Ingen Mus’, meaning ‘no mouse’.

That evening we heard them in the walls. My beautiful cats could not chase them away because they couldn’t get to them. I knew immediately what it was because of the drawer incident. I thought to myself, ‘Mössen gömmer sig i väggen’ and still made no connection with trying to learn a new language with word concentration.

That morning, I got up and made my way to the kitchen for water. I open the cabinet and what do I see? Not one but two mice!  Katten leker med mössen!!! At that moment, in my shock, I realized another repeated phrase was yet again blooming from the fruit of my mind. I had no time to think of it anymore. We really had mice in the cabinet!  That evening I thought about it before I went to sleep but my subconscious mind quickly wrapped me in it’s silk and took me elsewhere. The next morning, I came downstairs to a massacre. My beautiful cat Nicodemus sitting, very pleased, surrounded by several dead mice. What a scene and my cat most likely had one of the most red-lettered nights of his life. The night of the mice. Katten leker med mössen. I started to count the mice that I had seen and I realized there had been fifteen. That is so many mice to come out of nowhere. After this they were gone, never saw another, and I learned to quit concentrating words on that plane of existence. Our words matter. Watch what you say and how you say them. Mostly how you seed them. It isn’t that it was a different language. It wasn’t that it was magical sounding because it was new… it was because I didn’t place them on the wind. I concentrated them in the soil. Now, I have some magical words that we should concentrate on…

“Say the magic words” …Say these words out loud, thinking about each word like you are reading it, learning it, bathing in it. Repeat after me… 

“Fire Fights Fire. Rain puts out the fire. There is no more fire. The air is new. She breathes again. We breathe again. There is breath. All is harmony and all is peace. 

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Vesuvianite Crystal Properties

Over the passed months, I have received so many emails about Vesuvianite. I do not know what pop culture phenomenon made this stone so popular suddenly but I am always willing to post a blog about the stone. 

Vesuvianite is grouped with a very specific energy family and I really do not suggest this stone unless you are versed in crystal speak. The main reason is this stone in the top class of attractor stones but it is also classified as a unity stone. This stone will bring you what you truly seek; it can clear the trends, the group mentalities, the fillers… it knows you more than you know yourself. This may not be the path you are ready for just yet. As an advanced stone, always use with great caution. 

This stone appears on every birthplate of individuals born in Spring, but appears closer to the bottom to neutralize the stone. This stone must always have a companion stone but the second stone that is carried with it depends on the holder. A larger group of people will be able to pair the Vesuvianite with Amber, but not everyone. If you are versed in Crystal Grids and Speak you understand this completely. Some will be able to pair with Aquamarine. Remember to always research the system of formation in your crystals to know how they pair or should not pair. 

Vesuvianite is a stone of self awareness and becoming. As said above, this energy system knows you better than you know yourself, but the journey is also very important. Another reason for a neutralizing stone or a seeker stone pairing. 

Associated with the Heart Chakra, and the heart’s desire, Vesuvianite is also important for people who have been emotionally stunted. Unable to show emotion, love, or any type of care. Psychologists treating sociopathic patients would do well to carry Vesuvianite as the stone will be neutralized by the daily association with the patient. Vesuvianite will also keep the psychologist shielded from the unbraiding of the psyche concerning the patient. This stone has a very specific concentration and cleaning. To cleanse this stone, ring a bell around it. This will remove or chase off the negative attached to it.  For charging, any full moonwater, but springtime is the best. Use a soft cloth, lightly soaked and make sure the cloth has been rang out well. Do not submerge into water.   

 I caution the Empath from interacting with this stone. If you are sensitive, this stone may literally break itself against you or break you emotionally. Again, this is an advanced stone therapy and I usually never write about these groupings because I fear the consequences of idle use. So I must stress these warnings over and over. If you are sensitive or empathetic, please there are so many other therapies of crystals. 

There is more about leadership and influence that I wish not to get into because I believe this stone has many misuses that are of concern. 

It is a beautiful stone that has several names due to its variety in location and culture. Its color is like a faded moss and its color therapy radiates the end of a journey. The outcome. The desired destination usually. Not always. 

Vesuvianite’s animal relationship is the serpent but some cultures attribute to the Praying Mantis. Both misunderstood creatures that give peace through chaos. Vesuvianite is sometimes attributed to Eris, a goddess of chaos, and proper concentration is indeed needed. Venus was also given this offering as was Vulcan.

Crystal Speak can sometimes be rather complex but once you understand the ‘key’ the coding is your new first language. I always urge people to read books and stay away from much of the “copy and paste” quick fix website meanings. Thank you for all of the kind requests about this stone. For over 2 decades I have always suggested picking up a copy of “Love is in the Earth” by Melody. It is an excellent book on Crystals. There are many others, follow me on Good Reads for lists. Happy New Week! 

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Ancestry Heart

The Heart of Ancestry was given to us by amber; a part of the sacred family trees of ancestral knowledge. These Baltic Amber stones were selected because of their high testing of baltic acid content. This content makes Baltic the best for jewelry and most lasting but there is a metaphysical component to Baltic Amber that is much more valued to me than anything else. 

Amber is the “key” to past life recall, whether it be in this life or another. Amber is called upon to heal the past and can connect you with your ancestors. If you are sailing the seas looking for an ancestral guide or to discover the hidden branches on your tree, this stone is your shipmate. 

Amber is one of the two “Living stones” but the only one of those two that is not a gem. I find the older the Amber the better for metaphysical purposes, and this is why I selected these specific babes that are estimated to be around 44 million years old. Alive and living in the sacred trees when the gods walked the land amongst us. I have said many of times, I believe in the scientific explanation of past lives. My DNA has been many people with many experiences. When this experience is done, I am not done, I will live again. We all see many faces in the mirror before we become. 

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Onyx Metaphysical Properties and Uses

Onyx was my Grandmother’s favorite stone. Black onyx in particular, so this post will be about the black variation. I love the memories of going to look for gems and books with her in Westport when I was younger. There is one specific memory that is somewhat vague except for our conversation. I remember crossing the street with her and going into the little gem shop. The name of the shop was “Ace’s” and they had baskets of pocket stones. One table had a few baskets of onyx variations and I asked her which one should we get. She replied in her best goblin voice, “Black as midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch.” 

All onyx is vital, but she loved black the most. Not because it was black really, although she did beam about it matching everything and looking so classy. The truth is she loved its properties more than anything else. She was also a Cancer, meaning that onyx was the top of her birthplate and her main birthstone. It appealed to her on all levels and it was a stone I heard of often. Not to mention a specific beloved onyx ring she had… but that is another story. (Told in past posts)

Onyx not only transforms negativity, but it also dissolves it. You can program specific onyx to transform this energy into a specific area. Concentrating an onyx means you only work with that one piece for this purpose your whole life. You can use/wear one or many and concentrate one but you cannot concentrate two. When it breaks or leaves you, there will be no other. This is why I do not suggest programming onyx in a piece of jewelry you are attached to (ie. Grandma Veda’s Ring) I suggest using your jewelry to dissolve what is thrown at you and using a handheld palm or skull onyx to program. I am big on pocket skulls for this purpose. (See #EPJCrystalSkullTherapy ) By programming, you can transform stale negativity into energy, strength, stamina, fuel. 

There are long-time false tales spun about onyx being a bad luck stone. This is only true if you try concentrating it without proper education on the subject. Just wearing it is good luck because you are protecting yourself from negative energies. Earth Medicine is the only Medicine of the four universal gifts that does not have a dark side. Any bad luck that could come from concentrating is a projection from yourself and not knowing how to shadow work or exercise the stone. 

Onyx is a memory stone and does hold the memories of the wearer. It should be cleansed often. (See past posts on methods to clearing onyx) If the wearer has experienced trauma while wearing onyx, the stone should be cleansed every new moon. The onyx will help you to banish the darkness that can take hold of you through traumatic memories. As the moon increases, your happiness and well-being increase. As the moon decreases, the trauma releases more and more. This is a concentration of onyx and I have just taught you how to do it. There are over 50 concentrations and each is specific. Onyx can be a powerful ally if you learn to use this Earth Medicine as a guide and power. Even if you only wish it for negative absorption it is THE best of the best. 

Onyx helps you sense the bad intentions of others towards you. If you meet an energy vampire or zombie without your onyx, make sure to wear it after the encounter. Onyx has its way of refilling your cup emotionally.

Remember that right now there is more imitation onyx on the market than not. Many makers know what they are doing and some have good intentions but end up sell stones that they believe to be onyx. Turns out they just didn’t know. A double-check with the maker is always a good thing. If you ever buy vintage onyx, make sure to clear it before wearing it. If it was worn during trauma if will make you feel depressed or drained. Clear it. Onyx is another amazing stone to pass down to the next generation as an heirloom. This will help them learn from mistakes already made in the family and get them to their path quicker with fewer branches in the road. 

I must stress, if your sun sign is cancer, you need this stone.  It is a part of your birth path and it is the main power stone your life calls to. Open yourself up to it and let it guide you. 

If your Patron Goddess is associated with the new moon, open channels with her through onyx. If you are surrounded by negativity in the workplace, at home, or in any setting; this is the stone for you. This stone is the ultimate weapon against the “Frenemy” and in this case, always carry or wear onyx with aventurine. 

I could write 10 more pages on this stone and I cannot believe how much I had to edit due to space here. If you want me to write up a second onyx post with more, please comment below. I appreciate you and am full of Gratitude for reading this post. Happy Week’s End! 

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The Vedas

The Veda design that dresses the Veda Necklaces, Cuffs, and Rings is a symbolic language to what it’s like to ponder the forevers. We have our loved ones for such a short time and although they leave, they are a part of us in every way. So many pieces of them stay and we see glimpses of them everywhere in our own lives. In a family member’s face, in our own faces, a saying or a way of speaking, and most of all in our very fiber. The DNA that binds us, lives and dies, but does both forever. The 8 sides of this design represent infinity, the ongoing forever connection with our loved ones that have passed. Some times are short and some are longer but time is a changeable fabric. It can be refurbished, it can be dyed, cut down, or added to with thread. These ways are mostly still a secret but some have shown us their magic. The seamstress of time has more secrets than any other. Her thread is the tie that binds. 

Veda was and still is my Maternal Grandmother. She is a part of me and I am a part of her for a continuing infinity.  

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Lake Of Garnets

Garnet energy is, to me, the most special of the red energies. We all have our favorites, but Garnet speaks to me for so many reasons. When I was a little child my Grandmother told me of the red moon folklore that surrounded Garnet and I learned of ancestors who mined Garnets 200 years ago. Perhaps this is why I am partial. 

Garnet helps with anger and dissolving resentment.  No need to hang on to anything. The rain came and washed it clean. The garnets sing to us in our boats as we survey the flooded lands of our former hatred. 

I have always thought that Garnet served well as a wedding ring. Garnets worn on the left force us to speak and release all the thoughts that float stagnate in our mind’s waters. Clearing them and making the waters flow is life. Movement is life. A constant cycle gives life. When things are stagnate and repetitive; find a garnet to push you through. The only way to the other side is through.