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Clear Quartz Metaphysical Properties and Usage

Crystal Speak begins and ends with Clear Quartz. The Crystal Sphere that tells us the answers, the healing power from a Shaman bag, the protection of a talisman, the communication with a guide, the animal medicine song, the elder god’s staff, …

These are all conversations of the Crystal. These are the vocal sounds of the Crystal when they speak. 

Mother Earth bleeds and this blood coagulates. Like water freezes to heal and renew the land; the blood becomes solid and all the cells stand still. This is Quartz Crystal. The clotted blood of the goddess. The frozen power of the crystalline world. 

A tree’s life is similar to a quartz, but a quartz will be here much longer. They mimic the frozen water, they blaze the rainbow fire, they hold the ancient air spirits, they are solar energy, they are of the earth, they are the amplifiers of all energy, they are the keepers of messages, and they hold the records of the time before. 

All is a circle; a beginning will become an ending.  What you believe is the past will soon again come around and be the future. All cycles in a circle. All rotates around the crystalline.  

In such a cycle, the Moon gains and sheds, like all that is above and below. When the Moon is on an increase, there is a magnetic pull, this in itself will give you the advantage. This is the time to scry, ask the spirits, find guides, and listen to the call of the crystal. 

With great change comes Clear Quartz, it coincides with The Tower, the 16th Major Arcana Card. Quartz is used for stimulating the Crown Chakra but resonates high with the whole chakra system. The Crown Chakra is tied to our way of thinking and what we know based on our perception and experience in this world. To help enlighten a person or yourself that has been wrapped in negative thinking, feed a quartz and dedicate it specifically for your Crown chakra. Do not use it for anything else. Let this Quartz help you maintain thinking that has to do with light. 

Quartz concentration can be accomplished by many different methods. You can bury it in dirt and dig it back up, use Full Moon Water, ice cold water, lake or ocean water, and the most effective method, blood. That being said, if you wish to use blood, use your own. Animals are not here for your personal power gain. Any who harm an animal as such, may they remember it in their marrow and recognize it when it strikes back like a snake. Animal medicine is complex and not for the unskilled. No Animal Medicine weaver harms animals for their spiritual gain. No exception.  

Quartz is the known funeral object of the old world, being set in graves since the dawn of time. Its power also holds place emotionally as well as physically. You can give a crystal all that does not serve you and bury it. This is best done on Last Quarter. 

The shapes of a Quartz were always important and specific to the rite. Every Birthplate has a crystal at the last position representing the exit from this place and the beginning in the new. 

Quartz is a key center of concentration dedicated to freezing specific people in your life from taking your energy. Some call this a “Prescription Cast” or a “Cold Shoulder.” Regardless, you do not need a real Quartz for this, just the suggestion of a quartz in your mind and the freezing of water. Even the thought of a quartz has energy.  (I will explain this in a Patreon Post)

Quartz is a Gem of Winter, added with the winter Jade, together they both can summon secrets from the deep. Quartz has a specific purpose with every single stone on this planet and can effect a whole bundle with it’s addition or absence in the bag. Clear Quartz is the most combined crystal with the most wide range of uses. Quartz is also the most programmable stone in existence. It can enhance stones with crystal grids and charge stones that need an alarm clock. Some stones are prone to sleeping. Wake them up with Clear Quartz. 

Quartz has a profound effect on steel. This is why I often use crushed granulated quartz in steel casting. The effects are profound. 

Quartz is an all around energy amplifier; since the dawn of our civilization it has been used as such. This is also why it is always combined with goal setting stones. 

Pertaining to the 7 Crystal Systems, there is so much more to see within a Quartz. The shapes in each type of crystal adhere to a symbolic language. The shape of the crystal system inside of clear quartz makes it a Seeker Transformer. Putting you on the path to find your true purpose and helping you sail to a place where living that purpose will become your reality. 

Not to forget specific types of Quartz Crystals for example, Dow, Faden, Record Keepers, Elestial, Lemurian, Teacher Quartz, EarthKeeper, and the list goes on and on. This is all for another post. I did go into some detail in a Social Media post on Facebook and IG from 2013. I will try to find it and link it when I can. 

Manmade shapes such as Skulls, Merkabas, Vogels, hearts, wands, etc. all have their place as well. I will explain more about this in another post. 

In the world of crystals there are a few different stones that are considered “Living Stones.” Each of these stones live so differently, they are not in the same category. For instance, a Jade breaths water and dies for several generations. A Quartz lives always but opens its eyes and takes a single breath every few hundred years. The messages it gives to its many holders are through its dreams. They sleep like the elder gods and rest until the end arrives. 

Whether it be fairly clear, included, kissed by a rainbow, or shaped by a hand; it is of all. The base principle is colorless but all color, the loudest of silence, the living rock that never eats without being fed and never sleeps without dreaming, the unmeltable ice of the Earth. The properties and lore of Quartz is so undeniably vast that this world alone cannot contain its knowledge. So it stretches out to other places and when you touch it you can connect with other places that you could never exist in physically. As we are deliquescent, we aim to become crystalline. As the cycle continues…. Crystal Speak begins and ends with Clear Quartz.

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They Watched and They are Watched

There are days of the week I leave the house in the dark. The earliest of morning. I am not unlike many other people in doing so. 

Yesterday was a Monday morning and I went for a run at the gym. Walking up to the steps, like many women, I have my car key between my knuckles. Equipped with my arsenal of defense ready; no cellphone in front of my face with all eyes piercing every corner. 

Leaving the gym it was still dark, I get my key ready for the journey to my car. I look to the right then to the left of the doorway, I cautiously make my way down the few steps to the ground level. On each side of the stair’s end, like guards posted, waits two large bushels of beautiful ornament grass. 

I quickly look to both sides to make sure my journey to the car stays solo. As I make my way through the clear path, I hear nothing, but I feel a presence behind me. I turn faster than I can think and there it was… walking from out of nowhere and then sitting at the top of the stairs. A beautiful black cat. I say, “Hello baby!” He looks like my dear Didymus, he looks majestic and regal, although I can’t see his eyes. He takes some steps closer and stops to sit, then repeats. Suddenly I understand, “Go! I’ve got you!” I smile and thank him. I get in my car and look to catch the last glimpse of that beautiful cat, but he’s gone. I felt so safe and looked after. She watches over her daughters. 

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Labradorite Kin

The Heart of Foresight is Labradorite, what is to come can be projected through its chambers. There are many crystals that deal with different aspects of Foresight, but Labradorite deals with the foresight of the heart. The Spirit’s path that awaits. The Northern night sky air, set afire in the form of Aurora Borealis, scorching a permanent reflection in stone. Labradorite has mystified since the moment it was first seen by human eyes. The lore about this stone could fill its own book and honestly, that is something I intend on fulfilling.

The fortune-teller, the bone reader, the card shuffler, the wind waver, the water witch should all wear labradorite and always program it under a New Moon energy. Those who seek answers always come from the heart side of foresight. So the labradorite is cast. The hand that holds prophecy should also wave Labradorite. In turn, also a stone of the night, giving us prophetic dreams and working for us best in the nighttime. I have never gone to a show or a nighttime event without.

The draw of labradorite, for me, is the way it becomes a shield. The stone of the Empath, guarding our energies like a hard shell of impenetrable armor protecting the body. I always have worn Labradorite into public places. It keeps us safe from all that wishes to attach itself to us. This is because the Labradorite falls under a unique cross combination of “barrier” and “Filter” crystal systems. Its ultimate power as a talisman is to protect you from the negative and give you a better perspective. 

The labradorite is a great combination stone and can be webbed with over 16 other stones for energy shifting. One of my favorite combinations is crossing Labradorite with Smoky Quartz. If you are ever feeling exhausted mentally or have too much on your mind; combine these two for some clarity and peace of mind. Attuned with Amber, it can be used to heal old family wounds by way of communications through dreams with family members that have passed. A healing of the mental, emotional, and physical all intertwine from this union. 

This stone has a special power on the weekend that no other stone has. Labradorite naturally filters energy like anxiety or any needless emotion. Usually, people harness anticipation for the weekend all week long. During the week the excess energy is accumulated and always peeks on late Friday. I highly suggest wearing this stone every Saturday of your life if possible. The mountains you will climb!

Labradorite is the master stone at filtering unneeded energy and using it for fuel. Nurturing inspiration, accumulating knowledge, and creating new ideas. All recycled from what does not serve you. Like the New Moon that birthed it, Labradorite removes your old skin, making way for the new growth and glow ahead. It is what is to come. It is the heart of Foresight. 

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In Bloom

I have been writing a lot lately. Exploring the maze of anxiety’s complex design. Recently, another person’s energy got the best of me and it left me in many states of wonder. I usually am not affected by too many opinions or words held by others. We are all on such unique journeys and I understand that people have things they are working through. I have many paths that I navigate with my trusty yard sheers (hedge trimmers) and nothing brings more joy to me than removing dead things. The things that no longer make sense. The things that do not serve me. The garden in my mind should be the way I desire it, but it should also be fruitful. It should flower, nourish my soul, bring helpful seeds to others. What a joyful thing in this life to see flowers and LIFE giving vibrations come from seeds you gave to someone else. These holy gifts are real and we take them with us after this life. 

As for this energy that I encountered, make no hesitation that I not only expelled it, but I exercised it. As I have said many times, your left hand must be just as strong as your right. When someone shames others for their family, their background, and the identity this world has pressed upon them, well, there is no room in my life for such pestilence. No one can tell you who they think you are. No one can shame you for your true identity or things that cannot be changed.  No one should oppress you. No one should make you less than they are. There is no lesser or greater. I don’t like people who stand up high and liquify people into a measuring cup. When someone uses their energy, keyboard, or actually tells you that you are nothing… remember you are nothing to them… THEM. They reflect their nothingness onto you and hope you will accept it. Because really, you are everything to them and they need to take you down. Down to the dirt… as I have always said…. 

“See, a seed can be planted too far down and be surrounded by darkness for a long time. If it sprouts, you wouldn’t believe all the tall greens around it that may try to take its light so it won’t grow. Sometimes weeds step right in and try to choke it. Then as it catches the light and rises, a few will gossip quietly and wish for its death. Roll their eyes. Ya know, all that hateful stuff. Then when that plant grows taller than all those light hogs and weeds, you would think World War III had broken out. That’s when people lose their minds. Show their truest selves. A personal attack for just growing and being. Sure you have a ton of friends growing with ya but there are always those other guys in the mix, all angry. Then, when that flower blooms… those other guys are still green with jealousy. Hating you for how people may love your bloom. They say things like, “She didn’t always look like that!” .. “She wasn’t a flower 15 years ago.” … “She thinks she is so special.” … “I know where she came from, the dirt, she is nothing.” 

You’re right about one thing, I did come from the dirt and now I bloom every season.” 

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Cats and Crystals

I know it has been a very long time since I wrote an Animal Medicine post. I appreciate the emails with requests for stones, books, and all the medicines. All of you are so amazing and I am honored to get to interact with each of you. Cannot tell you how much I appreciate your kindness and support through the years. 

I noticed that I hadn’t posted for years about cat circles, interjectory energies gifted into thoughts by cats, or prophetic dream or dream states brought on by specific animal energies such as the ones brought on by cats. 

Nicodemus, my oldest cat, is definitely my “anxiety” cat. When I can’t sleep he jumps up on the bed and lays on my chest of stomach. His deep purring puts me to sleep within moments. Once I am asleep his work is done. He leaves. There have been times I was worried or unsure. In these times, he is always there. He, like Holden, both have absorbed a lot over the years in protection of me and my household. Cats do not neutralize or dispel energy. They do take it between the worlds and on their messenger routes. It becomes baggage, it can become sickness. Especially for sticky indoor cats. As humans there is nothing we can do to stop them from their born nature. Cats protect energetically while Dogs protect physically. I have a story for you that happened over 2 years ago that would floor you. That is for another day though. 

For now, remember it is important to protect our babes. Clearing a Cat’s energy can add years to their lives and well beings. It can change them but only in a good way. As I have posted in the past about Earth Medicine being positive productive without backward cause. 

Have you ever noticed cats loves to lay on crystals and rocks? You would think they would want something soft and plush to lay on. I leave a very large 20 pound crystal on the floor upstairs for them to lay on it they need to concentrate or expel before I can help clear them. 

I use a blue kyanite wand most of the time. My cats also love selenite. Take the wand and start at the cat’s crown, taking the wand down their spine, to the end of their tail. Then under their bodies on the ribcage and abdominal area. Sometimes they want contact with the crystal and sometimes not. Petting your cat with a crystal can’t hurt but I leave it up to the cat. Clearing your Cat is similar to clearing your crystals. Absorb and release.

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Smoky Quartz Metaphysical Properties and Uses

The Heart of Veracity is Smoky Quartz, truth is embedded in each gaze. As the dark slowly lifts, it gives way to a clear picture. Drawing the truth out of a situation, especially where it is needed for you to prevail, is the gift given by Smoky Quartz. Their surface can seem dark and listless, but upon a closer look, you see an inner light. Like the bottom of a bog pool. That shimmer of life that lives underneath. A summoner to find it. A hidden power that rises. 

Smoky Quartz is a stone of the mental plane; being the governing power over concentration, surface associations, specific stages of trauma, and specific dream association. 

This being said, Smoky Quartz is a way to tie the mental and physical together to manifest a constant dream, goal, or repetitive wish. The Smoky Quartz is a seeker crystal, by this, it naturally attunes itself to the wearer. Making pathways where you specifically want to go and leading you there as a personal guide. Smokies are also transformers, helping you grow and transform on your journey. This is the ultimate “goal” stone. 

Paired with Fluorite, it can dissolve fatigue brought on by burn out. Also helping with endurance for the long journey ahead. 

All aspects of concentration fall under the reign of Smoky Quartz. Focus, short attention spans, the ability to absorb what has been learned, and all attention disorders. A helper in paying attention the things in our lives we tend to not see because our attention is transfixed elsewhere. 

Surface associations such as communications and making yourself understood. Showing up in self defense when other people try to tell you who THEY think you are. A must for those who tend to over analyze past conversations with anxiety and distress. Those who replay things over and over to no avail adding self doubt into the mix. Smoky helps refocus away from these issues. Also helps refocus the energies put into melancholy and worry about uncertainty. An aid, setting a warm overcast on the cold coasts of loneliness. 

A helper in healing from past traumas and the onset of depression and anxiety from said traumas. In this area, smoky quartz is a helper stone and must be paired with a lead stone for the specific trauma. 

Smoky Quartz is the lead stone and only stone for lawsuits and justice. Pulling the truth and setting records straight. Paired with pyrite, the duo can expose liars in your everyday life. To you and sometimes themselves.  

Smoky Quartz also falls under a very exclusive category that has only a membership of seven. Smoky is one of the Seven Ancient Stones of the Gods. Playing an extensive roll in antiquity and lore.  Over many years of compiling old stories about this stone, I am taken aback by the rich catalog of lore about Smoky Quartz. Not just in one region but in places all over the world. One of the Seven that speaks to people in this new world, as much as the old. 

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Cat Watcher of the Ways

Wednesday night, I was visited in my sleep, in a lucid dream. My visitor was grand. She came into my room, not through the door, but appearing after the entrance. Walking slowly, her antlers scraped the ceiling. Pieces of the damaged surface paint fell at her feet and grew into baby deers. Licking their new bodies. Becoming to their new shape. She stops but the scraping sound continues as she stands at the foot of my bed holding her sceptre. Only one side of her is brightly visible where the half moonlight shined through my window. The dark edges of her detail on the other side were incomplete. I am sure she is Elen of the Ways. Is it weird that I am sleeping but watching her? Not at all.

The scraping noise stopped. She looked down at me as I sleep and this movement was like a call to the fabric of being. I rose upwards and realized I was blue and translucent. I looked behind me and my body was sleeping. She held her hand out to me and I reached for it. I suddenly felt myself pushed back into my body. I woke up and my cat Nicodemus was laying on my chest. He wouldn’t leave me, which is odd because he isn’t clingy. He put his weight on me. His purrs said, “Sleep.” It smelled like salt. The crashing of waves was in the distance fading.

I can see through the deer’s eyes as they frolic through the grass. I see the baby deer in a large brush, looking at his mother before they sleep under the moon. I now see through the deer’s eyes again. His mother says, “Sleep.”

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Books and Nooks

I am overdue for an update pertaining to my book releases. First off I want to thank every single person that has emailed in asking about dates. Not only do we get emails daily, but we get more emails about this than jewelry! I also want to thank everyone who signed up to the mailing list for release date notifications. I am floored by how many of you have signed up. I am teary-eyed as I write this post. So much gratitude! 

I know I haven’t posted for some time about this topic, I know I am long overdue. I promise I will have a release date before the year is up. Several months back I posted that I was having trouble with my publisher suggesting I leave specific things out. Not in an “Editing” type of way, but more so as to “sell me” in a different light than I am. I have no desire to do that. As many of you know I had a tv show that tried to do that after they promised they wouldn’t. I declined after I signed and it wasn’t pretty. Over a few months and even most recently, I have had “incidents” where I was in other people’s spaces and was respectfully quiet about certain things. I played parts of different people that the hosts or other guests would enjoy. Engaging in small talk and dying small deaths by each word. I sometimes feel like I have been hiding for many millennia. Dare I leave my hut for a walk by the lake? Dear gods of Olympus, do I ever despise small talk! I am really bad at it. I am also a respectful person when space is not mine. So, in the hut I stay; clanking around mumbling to myself, those words keep me up at night. Some of my occult & “people peeling” convo is not so enjoyable in mixed company and it can leave people less thrilled with what can be conjured. Not that it is any doing of mine. The demons we face in the belly of anxiety are conjured only by ourselves. 

My publisher gave me many gems of advice and they know what they are talking about. It’s just that I am not interested in being popular. I’m far too removed from any youthful trappings of needful acceptance. I am also far too experienced with the backhand of Father Time to be in any hurry. I know it has been 5 years since I officially announced it but to me, it has been a blink. The Sleight of hand can make you believe anything and I too am sometimes fooled into believing I have time. Even if I don’t make the finish line the way I wanted… What does it truly matter when we are all just trivial ripples in the water. Sometimes, I get powerful in my wingspan and think I can change the course of the whole stream with my feathered flaps. If little ripples were large birds, I would win a medal every day on the river. We will see. 

I have posted many quotes that my publisher has offered to me in hopes of finding ideas and open avenues from you. They have said that they will have trouble marketing my books. I don’t care about how many people read them, I care about the right people reading them. I do understand that a publisher has to think in terms of staying in business. They are not bad or wrong to think this. Problem is, it isn’t my thought process. I have always been the one to tell everyone,  “Close your eyes and jump”… when people show me hesitation, I jump first. So statements jetted to me on the air of an email like, “Some occult subjects that aren’t easily categorized and can be problematic.” or “Some of this could go either way. It’s not occult enough or too intense.” and “this is why we can only publish 5 of your 13 books…” The main one was my 10 volume set on Animal Medicine. This is why I said last year it most likely will never see the light of day. I was told that it is too heavy and in-depth. They wanted me to water it down to one book. This would leave too much out. They said, “People don’t read like that.” If someone wants to learn about something, I mean really learn, you must read like that. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for all publishers and I understand why they do what they do. Since so many of you are waiting, I like to let you know about the process. At this point, I am trying to make sure things do not get watered down. I want to I bring these things to you, to open your mind to how things are presented to you. Larger and Large companies use strategic categorizing and planning to bring to you what you see. I wish they would just publish it and let it be. No need to make it pretty. Those who are looking will find it. 

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I am going to go down a road that I never really travel down. Rarely. The years of 1993 and 1994 were red lettered years in my life. You can truly see everything that I am now because of these years. The events catalog, to this day, sections of my personality in the same way a table of contents identify   chapters to a book. My becoming nurtured by the care and tending of these years. 

This was the year that I had an understanding of the left & right that coincide with the spiritual world and the physical world. In the physical world, when we want someone to STOP or when defending ourselves, we naturally raise our dominate hand with our palm facing out. Stop. This is also the hand we “give” with. We give direction, we hand an object to someone, we pay for items, etc. We are dominate in giving. 

In the spiritual world our subordinate hand is the hand we receive with. What we receive in energy we give physically . When someone attacks us physically we use our dominate hand. When someone attacks us energetically, many make the mistake in thinking their dominate hand is the hand to stop the attack with. This is incorrect. You receive with your subordinate hand, no matter if it is given or thrown, you MUST refuse and END the action with your subordinate hand. You must choose what you receive.  

“Little dear one, Is it always just love and light?

Brightlings always make sure your left hand is a strong as your right…”

I am right handed. If someone physically was walking toward me, I would raise my right hand as a gesture to ask them to stop. If someone threw energy at me, good or bad, I would receive it or decline it with my left hand. This also paints a clear picture of how to wear stones, their directions and language all come to key. 

Now, about the ring… In 1993 my Grandmother gave me a very “real” book. There were all those fluffy magic books in the 90s that I had read… then there was this book. Finally, a book that appealed to our darker nature. Shadows no longer collected dust but I learned quickly that they must be exercised the right way. The left isn’t really dark but it can be seen as such. This is because of outcomes experienced by people who didn’t learn enough about the room they play in, before they turned off the light. Then they tried to continue their play in the dark. Tripping over furnishings and not finding what you are looking for is not the fault of the lighting condition or the light switch itself. Know your surroundings, know where you play. It is sometimes made dark by the misunderstanding, but those who have night vision do not see it as dark.

In this gifted book, it always reminded us about the importance of ritual jewelry. I was well versed in this already but I did not have any rings with my my name or intention written on them. As you know, you must write your name on your jewels and tools during any ritual. Not the name you have been given in the physical world but the name you were given or gave yourself for ritual. The name the spirits know you by. The name no one else in the physical knows except those in your Klatch and family community. The way your name is known in the spirit world is much like how your power animal and guide is named. No one knows your guides name except you and should never be given as long as you live. Anyone you gave your other name to, in perfect love and trust, that ends up misusing it will find their guides gone. They will see the backs of any spirit that was ever inclined to work with them. The name is so important. The name is title of your book. 

I designed my first ritual ring and it was the Spell Ring. Exact in every way you see it here. The first had my “name” on the top and the second had a word of protection on the top just like the Spell Rings released today. At that time, I was just entering my teens, I was not able to fully make my design myself. To help, my Grandmother took me to a jeweler to help me manifest this into reality. Now, 26 years later, I manifest them into reality for you. 

The top of the ring simply says, “END”. This is a power of protection and a strengthening of your Left hand (or subordinate hand.) An exercise in restraint, protection, and ending a current. The word END and STOP both have the same meaning and are used interchangeably in this practice. The ring also features a septagram and specific talisman as a cross combination to protect the wearer and teach their hand how to receive positively and energentically.  

Many Bright Blessings friends and all of my love. Happy Week’s end! 

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Lapis Lazuli Metaphysical Properties and Uses

Let’s talk about Lapis Lazuli. I mean really talk about it. Not the copy and paste “This stone is good for… etc etc.” kind of talk. Let’s talk like there isn’t a like button. Too many times copy and paste is the fall back for show and too many times a stone’s properties get lost behind trends. Let us run full speed up against it and experience the collision reverberate within us. Let us listen as we truly hear Lapis Lazuli’s Crystal Speak. 

Lapis Lazuli is related to the essence of all that exists inside you aside from the physical. Your breathe, your soul, your  being. This stone serves as a talking device between the flesh and spirit. It is the vocal cord crystal of the Earth and the vocal cord crystal of your personal truth. It can find the “True Self”, when the true self sleeps. Do you believe your true self is the self that systematically rises to alarms and works the clock daily? Do you believe your true self is the one who is tired? Marathoning Netflix? No. This is not your true self. Your true self sleeps. Where does this self sleep? In the night sky of lapis. Dreaming of how to touch the ground. 

Lapis relates to the third and fourth chakra; third eye and throat. Aligning the voice and conscious awareness is the key to finding the self in the sleeping abyss. All memory revisited and all speechless moments broken for speak. 

A stone relating to attentiveness and being alert; when you know something wicked this way comes… Lapis is your lighthouse to shore. No wicked wave of the night can crush your boat to the deep. A stone to be worn around people you are unsure about. An unknown Frenemy will be revealed. A liar cannot vocalize their deceit without breaking their skill.

Being a filter stone, Lapis will clear the path of obstacles, giving you a clear vision of your goal at the other side of the journey and how to achieve it. Filters also help us remove the the clouds giving us a bright sky view of life. There are times when life ties us to the negative and lapis is the upbeat cup of coffee that gives us that pep in our step to get us back on track. 

Lapis also relates to the ego.. This is the stone of fame. Recognition from your work, social status, social media, publications, and if you have a desire for being “known” this is the stone. Good for social structure settings like school or social clubs. Just remember that Lapis polishes the Ego, what you truly are will be high shined. 

Lapis projects the inner self in all facets, no matter if the self lives in a darker place. All truth and intention come to life. 

There are many types of Lapis and each has its levels. From the most commonly known Lapis Lazuli, Denim, and Green to the less common names such as Russian or Siberian, Persian, and Chilean. All of these types have the properties above with added variants depending on the type. There will be another blog about these variations soon. 

Take a deep breath, and realize, this magic essence of life is the manifestation of Lapis. Our breath is blue.