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Boudica Coin Necklace

Today’s spotlight is not on a Goddess, but an ancient and shining one all the same. Boudica was the most famous Celtic Tribal Queen of Britannia. She fought to save her people from the invasions of the Roman Empire. Her bravery and warrior spirit are legendary to this day. She fought for her truth until the bitter end and is an everyday reminder that your fighting spirit can never be defeated. No matter what the scorecard says, you prevail by perseverance. Your fight alone makes you unable to lose. 

By celebrating her warrior spirit, we are remembering empowerment in ourselves. I thank everyone that lend their hand to this project. 

Jamie Sawyer – Muse, Warrior, Friend, and contributor of inspiration
Orla O’Connor – Curator of Celtic Art, Contributor
Shannon Kelly – Writer, Celtic Scholar, Contributor
Nessa Walsh – Cultural anthropologist, Contributor

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The Hand of Hekate Necklace

I appreciate all of the kind encouragement through the manifestation of this piece. Posting the rough molds was a little scary because there was so much that was unseen going into this necklace. Sometimes the story is never seen, so your interpretation of the story you are retelling through art, is also cloaked in your mind. 

A very long time ago, I saw a photo of a Great-Great Grandmother in my family tree. There was not a lot of information about her but she was interesting. I was determined to learn more but no one could really tell me anything. Genealogy research also went nowhere. She was quite the mystery. When that happens in ancestry, you start researching their names, clothing, and jewelry in photos. Her name was Amandus (Amanda) Rossetti. Her mother’s name was Mahala. That and a photo of her as a very old woman were all we had. Secondly, I studied the dress she was wearing. It was not of any major significance. Her white hair was piled on top of her head and you can see a necklace around her neck. It was somewhat clear, but I had a friend of mine zoom it in and clean it up a bit. She was wearing a necklace known as a Mano Cornuto or the Sign of Horns. An Italian Amulet that looks like the “Rock and Rock” hand gesture but facing down. Mano means “hand” and Cornuto means “horn” and like the Italian horn, it protects against Malocchio, which means the Evil Eye. These symbols have been around before Italy and before Rome. They have been found prior in Greece and even Ancient Sumerian cultures used them. Not to mention the Karana Mudra, among many others.  

This propelled me to take several classes on hand gestures and their symbolic meanings from antiquity to now. I was taken aback by the meanings and beliefs behind them. This was when the internet didn’t offer classes, so I had to take in-person workshops, so it was over a several-year basis. From there I branched out into learning about hand gestures deities used and were known for. I was so geeked out on these hand gestures that I found myself one day, years into research, that all started from a very old photo of my Great-Great Grandma. This is an exact example of how my brain works, I just keep gobbling up info until I’ve paved a highway. I then look up and see that I am miles from where I started.

This pendant is a huge symbol of that essence of me, combined with something from my family’s distant past, and more than anything a huge dose of the old ways. This pendant is Hekate’s hand projecting protection from all who target you. Her snake is symbolic of you being able to shed anything that tries to attach itself to you, like old skin.

Hekate’s Cuff and Ring have a stone choice of obsidian or amethyst. A few people that viewed the work in progress told me I would be “on trend” if the nails were long and pointy. The thing is, I wanted an edited design that would last the test of time. One day, that may not be on-trend. When that happens things seem dated. I like the idea of timelessness. Just as this hand gesture is timeless. Just as Hekate herself is timeless. 

Thank you for reading this blog! This necklace is very limited and will not be around again. When these are gone, they are gone. All of my love and many many bright blessings!

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EPJ Adjustable Rings

Over the years, EPJ has been asked many questions about adjustable rings and I am posting a super long blog on Patreon about the years of adjusted rings. This one is short and sweet. 

First of all, the perks of adjustable rings are vast but there was more method behind the madness than just perks. A long time ago, three friends and I were at a mall store (yes those things were real) and we were looking at beautiful rings inside a case. My friend asked to see one of the rings, and the lady behind the counter got super rude. “All of the rings are only a size 7. If you want it you have to pay to have it sized.” My friend that asked was a US size 13 ring finger. My other two friends were sizes 6 and 9. I was a size 4.5. I thought about how weird it is that everything is “average size” and it took me into a world of overthinking. In my years of being a jeweler, not just for large jewelry stores but for small Mom/Pop shops and then my own, I had witnessed the more “average size” if there was one… being a size 9 or 9.5. Not a size 7. How do they determine “average” anyway? To me, there is no standard or average. Human beings are just human. That is it. The shapes and sizes we take on are more “meant to be” and aren’t wrong and most definitely shouldn’t be rated on scales like “average to not-so-average.” What a strange world we live in. What a strange thought that anyone should be the same as someone else or be compared to them in some way. I am forever in awe of this strange place. 

The adjustable rings took many shapes over the years before they stayed in the tree of life shank style. I like the idea of being able to be human. Ya know, gain some weight, shed some weight, experience swelling from some outdoor work, a late night hanging out with friends, a cold day in December when your rings just want to fall off. Ya know, breath… and being able to wear my rings. Sizing isn’t cheap. Sterling silver adjustable bands wear down and break easily after adjusting only a few times. SO I shied away from sterling early in the EPJ days. Stainless steel is made to last. Being hypoallergenic stainless steel makes the shank another way anyone can wear it at any time in their lives. 

For some time a viral video was on YouTube on how to adjust your EPJ rings. It wasn’t some amazing revelation that made it a popular video. The thing that made it somewhat viral was because myself and my best friend were being hilarious while doing the video. Not professional at all. We were just being so silly. Eventually I took the video down because I really needed to make one that was shorter and more to the point. I tend to get really silly sometimes, but hey, there is that human thing again. 

So here is a step-by-step on how to adjust your ring at home. You can always email to have us do this for you. I am always willing to adjust your rings. It is always free, you just pay to ship. Much cheaper than having them sized. 

You will need: 

  • A wash cloth
  • 2 pairs of needle nose pliers
  • A ring mandrel if you have one but it is not necessary if you don’t.

To make your ring larger: 

If you have a ring mandrel, this is the easiest thing in the world. If not it can take a little more time and skill. First, if you have a ring mandrel, slide the ring down the sizer and push it down. When doing this the ring will open up. You can use the needle nose pliers to shape the ring if needed, just remember to use the washcloth between the ring and the pliers to prevent scratching. If you are more crafty, you can also shape your ring with a Nylon Rubber Jeweler’s Hammer.

If you do not have a mandrel, you will have to open the ring with your needle nose pliers. Start from the side that connects to the top of the ring. Pull out in small paces all the way down the ring to the middle. If your adjustable ring has an arm, you can also pull the arm out and tuck the end as you see fit. 

To make your ring smaller: 

To make your ring smaller, it is just a matter os squeezing the band inwards. You may wish to use the washcloth and the needle nose pliers. Remember to use the washcloth between the ring and the pliers to prevent scratching. 

If you are not wishing to size your ring yourself, just write type your size in the note section of your order. You can also email us at if you place an order and forget your size. Once your ring is sized to your preferred size, you can easily open it or close it down through weight gain, weightloss, swelling, or weather changes. Remember, anytime you need us to help, we are just an email away! 

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Limited Memoria Pieces

The Memoria Pieces are listed on the website and I am taken aback by this project in so many more ways than I could ever describe. The Memoria Pendant is a nod to the memento keepsakes of the past. The necklace and ring settings are ready and only requires your memory contribution. After purchase, ship the hair, ashes, furbaby nails, etc. to us for setting. Our address can be found on the Q&A page on the website. Also stated below: 

Girl World Design LLC/EPJ
P.O. Box 11163
Kansas City, MO 64119

For questions about the necklace, email 

I have been working for some time on these pieces to remember family, friends, and furbabies. Much like hair mourning pieces of the past. These are a very limited-time offering. There are only 13 to 18 of each setting. When they are gone I will not make them again. These EPJ Memoria pieces will only be available for a small amount of time and when their time has ended, they will not be available for remake or custom. Energetically, these are the only ones I can do. I did one last year for a dear soul, and it was so special! It really helped me through a lot. I am so grateful for that piece. The project definitely helped me get back to making hair jewelry. I hadn’t for so many years. 

I am so excited to release these because they have been a lot of time and hard work. A labor of love. In the sample photos, I used my own hair, hair from my Grandma Veda, my Aunt, and an amazing friend. I am currently making a ring with my Grandmother’s ashes and it has been therapeutic. The thought that she will be with me in this ring is such a beautiful feeling to have in my heart. I also have some hair from one of my Grandma Beverly’s beloved horses. This is so exciting! I am hoping to make something amazing from those precious hairs to pass down to family along with these other pieces. While I am working in this type of space, I want to open it to others for the same memory pieces. When these are gone I am closing custom orders for memory pieces for years to come. I may not be able to come to the point to make more again, but I will leave this open just in case. 

Thank you for this space to cement memories of loved ones, in a visual view, for all to see. Many Bright Blessings. 

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The Hex Breaker Amulet: Talisman Science and Amulet Mapping

Many times I see the word, “Amulet” next to a beautiful object. Usually a necklace. Usually something grand. Question. Is it truly an amulet? The same can be said for the word “Talisman” and the same question stands. What is a Talisman? Can It be both? The answer is Yes and No.

Amulets offer protection. Most of the time I have seen the word used it is misused, and in reality, it seems like this is a “fashionable way” to simply describe a necklace. In my humble opinion, it is misleading. So what is an Amulet and what is a Talisman? And what is the difference?

An amulet uses power symbols of protection involved in the design and the symbol or symbols incorporated are used with intention, furthermore correctly. Amulets use symbolic language to shield and are not made during a specific planet or moon phase. They can protect the wearer from danger, and through symbolism, ward off unwanted energies.

Talismans are charged with specific magical properties that can span from protection, luck, or to apply the wearer with a desired outcome. Talismans are made over many moon and/or planet movements. Incorporating energy from these plants in a layered form. The Talisman is “charged” as the Amulet is magically symbolic. A good example is the Evil Eye symbol. This is an amulet, a symbol that protects you from the Evil Eye. If a maker were to charge it as they made the piece, it would be both, an amulet and a talisman.

The Hex Breaker is technically both an Amulet and a Talisman. Providing protection with the use of symbols and specific planet/moon phases. At the same time, made with moon water from specifically dated eclipses or Moons to provide empowerment. A talisman can empower with embedded energy. An Amulet cannot empower, only guard. The Hex Breaker is a cross combination of both.

The symbolic nature of the Hex Breaker has been one of the main questions emailed in. The planetary movements and Moon waters have been specifically stated, but the symbolic stages of the Hex Breaker were not. In the Hex Breaker Booklet, they will be thoroughly explained. Not just by their actual symbolism, but also by their placement and the whirlwind’s dialed positions on the face of the Amulet.

Here I will give identification and a brief description of each symbol for reference. Full understanding of the uses and placements of the symbols are detailed in the booklet.

Symbol One: Ausekis

Ausekis is a Latvian power symbol. It is sometimes referred to as the 8 pointed star. (Octagram) Representing Venus also known as The Morning Star. Appearing right before dawn, a symbolic metaphor for overcoming darkness. It is one of the Crosses of Lietuvēns. The other being the pentagram. These crosses are always drawn without lifting your hand.

This star is also known as the Anu Star, yes, this ties to Mesopotamia starting with the Sumerians and their pantheon. The King of Heaven Anu and his daughter the Queen of Heaven. Also known as The Star of Venus, The Star of Inanna, or The Star of Ishtar. Depending on the counterpart. They are all tied together.

This symbol was placed at the very top to represent the dawn but offset towards the first hour to represent moving forward. Also, offset from the middle symbol for increase or movement against misfortune.

Symbol Two: Hex Star – The Shape of Defense

When starting this project, I knew that shape was everything. The shape of the Amulet or Talisman must be the first symbol or shape that is laid out. You can easily use an oval, a circle, a square, or a rectangle; but it must make sense. I didn’t want to use a standard shape that is an everyday shape to the eye, I wanted to use a red-lettered shape from antiquity. I chose the Hex Star. This symbol has so many names and I have given a small list of those in the booklet.

Do not let this name deceive you. The Hex Star acts as a mirror and has been associated with protection from bad luck, evil spirits, hexes, and negative energy since antiquity. In many cases, it was worn into battle as a protection amulet.

Symbol Three: The Mirror – Divination Through Reflection

This symbol of the Mirror can be found in every single culture. This Mirror is the Pictish Mirror. I chose this Mirror not only for what it represents but also because of how this symbol has an effect on other symbols. A stratification of “spelling” if you will.

The Pictish Mirror is a mystery to many light-level scholars, but if you dig a little bit deeper, you will find that the Mirror’s reflection is quite clear. Divination is not something that can be accomplished without shadow work. This type of work cannot even be applied until we face the ego. The Mirror shows you the self. The self now, the self then, the self in the future.

Symbol Four: Fehu is the Creation

In this day and age, most seekers of knowledge concerning the old world, have known something of Fehu. A rune concerning abundance, wealth, and the “source” of wealth. This rune can also concern property protection; this can cover the property of the self and the movable property of the things you own. 
More on its position and whirlwind ties in the booklet.

Symbol Five: Triple-Disc Crossbar aka The Cauldron

The Triple-disc crossbar symbol also referred to as the cauldron, has a layered meaning. The Triple-disc in symbolism usually refers to the phases of the moon, but sometimes refers to the constellation regarding the gates of heaven. Cancer to Capricorn, summer and winter solstices, with the bar going through as the path. They are tied into the symbols on the same row for safe passage throughout each solstice.

Symbol Six: Whirlwind is Source

They are “source,” the push symbols, first seen in cuneiform and hieroglyphics, pushing in different directions. They give support to symbols that are overused like Fehu. The Whirlwinds like the ones on the Hex Breaker add energy to the symbol, sometimes slightly changing its meaning or giving an extra oomph. You can use the ones I have used when writing intention. Give your words a charge. Push and emphasis your words.

Each symbol is given the power of movement. Each has been activated and brought to life. Remember, when writing daily goals or even dreams… use a few whirlwinds. They wake up words and symbols like no other!

Symbol Seven: The Toll Cross — New Magic Inspired by Old

This symbol has a newer history that may be entwined with the old. It has been said that a troll cross wards off malevolent magic. Although this symbol has a newer manifestation, it could be entwined with a symbolic language of old. A cross of protection and ancestry. More details are in the booklet.

Symbol Eight: Triskelion, Triskele, or Triple Spiral

The Triskelion represents the movement of life, that we must endure, it is the only way we can become. If we are not moving, we are not becoming. May we continue and let nothing stop our cycle.

Life, Death, Rebirth — Past, Present, Future — Spirit, Mind, Body — Creation, Preservation, Destruction — Maiden, Mother, Crone

This symbol is to keep you in motion with the universe and in your own divine plan. As well as the universe’s divine plan for you. Just remember, the only things that do not grow are dead things. Even then there is rebirth on the horizon.

Symbol Nine: Four of Hearts

This symbolic language has two important acknowledgments regarding the Hex Breaker. One is what we may not see in plain sight, the Four of Hearts symbols in the center of the Amulet. The second is about the symbology of the Heart as a shape. More about these two ingredients in the booklet.

Symbol Ten: The Eagle

The eagle has the ability to see ahead, far ahead, and knows what is coming. He has eyes that can withstand the glare of the sun. The Eagle has the ability to pierce forward and have an overview of everything. When we are in it, we can’t always see the overview. When it is hard, become the eagle, floating above all of it. See it in an overview form that gives you that Eagle sight. Look at life the Eagle sees the world.

Symbol Eleven: The Helm of Awe — The Helmet

The Helm of Awe, oh the tales, the blending of tales. To see or meet Eye To Eye, in such a profound way; that all conflict can stop and understanding can be had. It is better to meet in peace than destroy. When two opposites meet and peace is had.

Symbol Twelve: The Serpent

This symbol is among some of the oldest symbols we have on record in this world. Rebirth, healing, medicine, renewal. So many different truths to this symbolism. Incorporating the symbolic language to heal thyself, renew thyself, and revive thyself from the depths is the best subconscious cast a person could ask for. The manifestation of the world: the beginning and the end, but there is no end. The snake will eat his tail. The corner world continues. Snake medicine is the first medicine and the last.

Symbol Thirteen: Waxing Moon

In this period of time, much is surrounding the Dark Moon and the shadow self, pop-culturally speaking. We must remember that no matter what phase is on-trend, that all phases are of importance, and emphasis on just one only will cause a great imbalance. The use of one for specific manifestations is important, but no one is more important than another. For this manifestation, we call the waxing moon. I wanted to emphasize this phase of the moon because it has to do with your own increase.

Symbol Fourteen: Circles on Bail

This is one of the many cycles, phases, chapters to a book that has no real ending. The snake will always eat his tale. The circle does not break.

Symbol Fifteen: Pictish Beast

The Pictish Beast is the belly, the belly of the world. The place of intuition and gut feelings. This is the place where all feelings show themselves. From the butterflies in your stomach to their eerie feeling similar to dropping floors in an elevator. This is the place the spirit speaks. The beast is your intuition and protection center. Always listen.

Symbol Sixteen: The Center — The Cross of Chnoubis

“One god will hide another, but eventually they come together. They were the same after all.” — The center stands for the truth, and acceptance of it. The complexity of this place is only the web that humans wove it to be. We are the spider and the fly, but most of all the web.

Thank you for reading this condensed blog about the Hex Breaker Amulet and the science of Talisman and Amulets. The booklet is available now and is the first installment of a few upcoming books on the subject. The release of a book on crystals is up and coming this year, followed by two books about the specifics of Moonwater and a ten-book installment on Animal Medicine.

Keep updated and receive early access on EPJ’s Patreon:
and the website blog:

Many Bright Blessings and all of my love to you. 

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The Primordial Veiled One, Nerthus

Today’s Goddess Spotlight is on the Great Primordial Veiled One, Nerthus. The last known recorded source gave us a “female” Goddess who was pulled along the countryside on a wagon drawn by cows. Shrouded in mystery, a veil covered the deity’s face, and this in itself gave many clues to the prior knowledge of Nerthus before much of this knowledge was destroyed. There is much mystery put upon Nerthus surrounding the deity’s gender, like many others, I prefer to call Nerthus Goddexx. As an elder goddexx, of the Earth, keeping the secrets of the world. Some sources say she is the Mother of Freyja and Frey. Some sources suggest that Nerthus begot them by herself. Originally a sexless deity, able to be the seed and carry life by the self. Similar to the plant life of this Earth in relation to the Earth’s soil. Sometimes said to be Njörd, the male god of the sea or his “nameless” wife, prior to this Nerthus was documented as both genders (a hermaphroditic deity) until the Christianization of Scandinavia. Whether the goddexx was hermaphroditic, changed over time by religion, or Nonbinary; it is clear that the primordial energies are older than gender roles. The animal consorts of Nerthus are the red fox and the wood frog. The true crystal of Nerthus is blue lace agate. Now considered in many circles a Nonbinary Goddexx and the keeper of the secrets of the Earth and our true origins. 

Please see the introductory of The Goddess Collection blog for info about the contributors of this project and their credits. This necklace will be available for a limited time. Many Bright Blessings and Happy Week’s End! 

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Guan Yin, Bodhisattva of Mercy

Guan Yin has been a constant presence in my life since the beginning. Friends from my childhood know that my cousin’s family had a large 4-foot statue of Guan Yin in their yard. In addition, my Grandmother had a 2-feet high statue of Guan Yin in her yard alongside other stone deities. In my youth, we made frequent visits to the Nelson-Atkins Museum to visit their massive 8-foot Guan Yin they have owned since the 30s. (Go visit the Nelson when you can if you haven’t yet.) 

When I asked my dear friend and cousin Candice Wang what deity she wanted to see in the Goddess Collection, she said “Guan Yin of the Southern Sea.” I already knew what she was going to say and I smiled before she even spoke. I gave the project over to Candice and Karen to design. See the blog on the website to learn more about the charity Candice and Karen picked to benefit from this collaboration. Her image was a design by the contributors to this project. Both contributors were inspired by the Guan Yin Bodhisattva Statue of the South China Sea in Sanya, Hainan. Their design takes my breath away. Thank you, ladies, it has been an honor. 

Guan Yin is the Bodhisattva of mercy, peace, wisdom, and luck. She is associated with compassion and known as “The Goddess of Mercy.” Bodhisattvas are enlightened beings who have decided to hold off transcending in order to help others attain enlightenment. The name of the Goddess literally means “observing sound” or cries. The one who perceives the sounds of the world. Those who are in need. Her hand is of great mercy and comfort. Guan Yin is described as a Bodhisattva that can take on any form. “She can transform into a male, female, adult, child, elder, human, or non-human, in order to teach the Dharma.” Guan Yin has 33 different manifestations according to the Threefold Lotus Sutra. By the 12th century the Bodhisattva was represented mostly as female, but do not forget the transformation abilities possessed by the One Who Perceives Sound. Guan Yin is considered to be the embodiment of kindness, compassion, and nurturing. The “patroness” of mothers, those in need, and sailors. To me, this is just the beginning verse to the song of Guan Yin. 

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The Morrígan

The Morrígan, known to many as the Phantom Queen, is not only a complex Goddess; she is one of the most misinterpreted and least understood of the Goddesses in my opinion. When speaking with several priestesses of her cult, I noticed a common experience. Most often a devotee or priestess would tell me they thought they knew her, and then they got to know her. All of her past and current followers know and feel this. When a deity gets trendy, many transformations are added and subtracted, until the core is almost unrecognizable. There is that generic Morrigan we all see from time to time and then there is The Morrígan. The Queen Phantom Queen. 

This kind of thing always reminds me of The Wizard of Oz. The black and white wasteland you experience as you await those pops of color and then BOOM! Technicolor! The gods have entered the scene, stage left. 

She is the Goddess of Shapeshifting, and that means more than just what shapeshifting was and is in this day and age. It is the ability to protect yourself like camouflage. When danger rises, she gives the ability to fall into the backdrop, blending in safe. 

She governs precognitive dreaming and the ability to see far ahead. The Ancient Celts’ power of dreaming prophecy all falls behind the eyelids of The Morrígan. She is the giver of precognitive dreaming and finding your animal guide through The Morrígan was an ancient Celt practice. (In-depth subject but the first animal you dreamed about on your road to adulthood was your guide in tribal Celt tradition before the Christianization of Britannia.) 

She shows us the shadow self and this is released through the example of all of the gods. Facing down our darkest thoughts gives us an opportunity to purge cancer within. Think back to a time when you were wronged, the shredded need for vengeance that may have taken hold, we must face those feelings. The Morrígan faces things down and takes control. The casting of raining blood and sorcery at The First Battle of Moytura is an example. She rained down blood long before Slayer, but gods bless those souls for the reminder of what revenge served up as spell casting truly is in the eyes of the elder gods. We must face our deepest descent into darkness.

The Goddess of war, vegetation, death, magic, and more. She is the coming together of all. The…THE. 

People often ask why “The” is at the beginning of her name. This is because it is a part of her name. “The” is important because this is the title of her multiplicity. In true Celt fashion, she is The. The Morrígan is a grouping of Goddesses coming together as one sovereign power. The split of each piece, making a picture when the pieces are finally put together. What do we see? 


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Oh My Goddess

I am asked several questions during the rolling of each week, and I am honored that anyone would ask me anything at all. This post is for a question I am asked rather often. My first reply to the question at hand… Call this what you like. I don’t think I am any authority, nor is anyone that will try to cast discord on your words. Some stand differently and ask because they want to know the proper wording, so here it is. Again, your way of wording is your own. 

I usually answer several questions or commit to writing requests via the website blog & Patreon. Instagram doesn’t have the caption space I need for any proper write-up, so these things are rarely done there anymore. I have written about this on Patreon but wanted to add a shorter version to the blog and social media. The reason is, this question is asked often. Many of you already know the answer, but this is for friends that asked and aren’t sure. 

Again, no person should be scolded for not knowing a proper word to use or anything related to grammar. We learn by asking and no one should be made to feel like they are less if they do not know something. If someone does know the answer, they should not make others feel as they should know something they don’t. Let us all be kind and offer ladders, not walls. We all need a ladder from time to time, no one needs a wall. 

The question I get asked a lot is this… “Is my dedicated God my Patron and my dedicated Goddess my Matron?” As I said before, some of you already know the answer, but I always ask that we as a community of friends be kind to people who are just learning. All humans are on different sections of their path. 

A patron is a person, energy, or support system. The deity you give devotion to is the deity that supports you. So, let’s say you are down with Odin. Then your patron god would be Odin. I often see people write that their goddess is their “matron,” and many people have asked me if this is correct or is she still just their patron. The definition of matron does not fit this description. The correct term is Patroness. For example, one of my Patroness Goddesses is Freyja. Sometimes people get this whole thing confused with Matres or Matronae. That is a whole other topic completely and isn’t linked to your personal Patrons. All that aside, if one chooses to just use Patronx so they do not have to use gender forms, I have seen this done too. I recommend doing what makes you feel the happiest in your place on the path and remember to be kind and respectful to others. 

I hope this helps clear up some confusion that anyone may have. Remember, if you have questions about things & you try looking them up to find the info is contradictory or confusing, you are not alone. The internet has become a cesspool of misinformation. It is ok to ask questions, but remember, when you ask fellow humans, be kind. All people are a new kind of busy in this day and age. If I didn’t reply, I most likely didn’t see it. That doesn’t mean I do not care about your question. Happy Moon Day!

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Witch of Aeaea Ceremonial Necklace

A new Necklace from the Ceremonial Collection is up today. This piece is extremely limited and will not last long. Many may not know about the ceremonial collection, so let me explain this first. 

Ceremonial Pieces post about once a year. This year I will have two arrive on the website. They are pieces inspired by pieces from antiquity. I have also released two replicas from antiquity into this collection that had slight variations but were meant to be replicas. Most of them are found in old graves from the B.C. period. None of the collection is a new design, just a new twist on something very old and meaningful. I have always been so full of amazement when a new temple or grave is found. Links to the past. Artwork in likes the world has never seen. Sure there are many companies that only make replicas of old designs, I love many of them, but I like slightly changing them and making them unique but still tied to the past. I will only make two more years’ worth of these ceremonial pieces and there are always very few that are made. I want them to be sought and not soaked. 

For this new release, a mix of old, new, and this piece crosses many cultures dating back to 600 B.C. The shape of this piece was inspired by a piece found in the Birka grave in Birka Sweden and a necklace from a Danish Bog. Both dating from around 600 B.C. This shape and style of necklace has been found all over Northern Europe, through Russia, Asia, to Turkey, and the Middle East. The connection between this style has never been fully understood but it is known that these cultures not only traded… but were linked in some way besides trade. The necklace style seemed to come up independently from each culture and no one knows what the first source is. The interesting thing that ties them is that these necklaces are related to your life being long and full of your heart’s desire. The center. 

Both versions that inspired me, from Birka Sweden and the Danish Bog piece, had many more charms. One had up to twenty, but these necklaces have been found without charms all the way to dozens of charms. The center vision is always very different on each. Some believe that perhaps it was up to the wearer. I only used two charms that went more with what I was trying to convey with the energy of this design. The charms were chosen for three reasons. 

1. I had in-depth academic, historical, and occult knowledge of the charm. 

2. The aid of three of my friends helped me with the process: Candice Wang, Zara Hadid, and Mia Andersson. All are involved in different depths of cultural anthropology and culture relations. I am so thankful for these ladies in my life. 

3. The charms had to relate and collaborate energetically with the center’s vision. 

The center’s vision is inspired by the Greek Goddess Circe, hanging out by the sea and casting spells with her lions. The crystal tassels are inspired by vintage “pools of light” jewelry. The centers are not glass like the standard tradition, they are genuine untreated Sunstone and genuine untreated Crystal Quartz. The metal frame holding the crystal orbs is not the traditional Chinoiserie style from the Pools Of Light classics, they are highly inspired by the traditional Nordic orb frames seen in Nordic jewelry since the B.C. era. 

They were worked on only during the New Moon cycle with white willow bark, cypress, frankincense, myrrh, storax, cedar, orange peel, and quartz granules. New Moon water was used in their making during the polishing process. Their numerology correspondence is 3,6, and 9. 

A great deal of preparation, study, and anthropologist help was put into these pieces. These beauties took over 18 months to put them all together. They will be the only ones and will not be made again. 

Thank you so much for all of your love and support. Many Bright Blessings.