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Things My Grandmother Taught Me Book Release

Over the past 20 years, I have posted stories that my Grandmother told me throughout childhood in blog and post form via the internet. These stories always had a reason, a lesson, or underlining truth that would reveal itself more and more with each year. These stories were her speak. My Grandma and I started to document them in 2006, and my outlines of childhood recall became more detailed with her help.

Unfortunately, she passed away in 2010 before the book was complete. Through research and investigation, I finished this book in 2016. It was satisfying to see this goal because it was not only my goal but also my Grandmother’s goal. Even with this incredible feat, I didn’t feel it was complete. I felt like she was calling me to complete one final task for her. I knew I needed to connect with her family members, who were the beginning of her story. Her personal Chapter One that I had not fully seen with my eyes. So much became clear when I connected with these ties; the dots also connected like star constellations in the sky. Stories were her salvation. They were metaphors for secrets and recipes for magic spells.

My Grandmother was such a unique human. She was more than amazing; she was one of my favorite people. I saw her as a Demi-Goddess. Her stories from her isolated upbringing in the Ozarks and the spark of magic she possessed in her eyes were all the wonder I ever needed as a child. Her human experience was multi-faceted and played a soundtrack of many hardships. Her spiritual experience was her truth, and she struggled to find her magical song in a world made of anti-magic. She always said, “I wish people understood me as you did.” It is time Grandma, time the world saw you through my eyes.

Things My Grandmother Taught Me is available at this link below:

Thank you to all of you that loved my Grandmother and loved following her stories over the years. She always loved your comments and kept all the cards you sent to her. All of you made her last years on this plane a very bright and sunny time. Her favorite kind of day… hot, sunny, and so very warm. Many Bright Blessings to all of you.

“Tell them all about me. Let me live long after I am gone because I won’t be coming back. I am going to some planet where all the spaceships come from.” – Veda

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Empowerment Series. Resolve.

Most of you know that I am a cultivator of dreams. Most of my friends have had to endure long speeches of encouragement for all the things they want to accomplish. The more they think it’s impossible, the more I brainstorm possibilities for it. I’ve made full-on outlines and written up business plans for people because I believe that when people dream greatness for themselves, our world arrives on a shore of plenty.

I have always been told that I am a bit of a dreamer, and I am ok with that. There was a time when all of my hoped personal and business accomplishments were an eye roll in another person’s head. Let them have their opinions and continue on, my friends.

My little company will celebrate its 20-year anniversary next month, I somehow released another book, and I have a great family and some seriously amazing friends. Family and true friends are all that really matter in the end, but cultivating them into your own dream and you in theirs is key to manifesting full expansion.

So friends, here I am. Ready to give you the lecture, aka pep talk.

I am not asking you to make a New Year’s Resolution. I am asking you to resolve daily. Hourly. In every present moment. This life is pointless if we do not give it a point. It doesn’t matter how much money you make or what you accumulate. What matters are those little sparks of life that explode within your being when you are doing something that gives you life. Your dreams, hobbies, hopes, wishes, all of it. Even if you can only accomplish this thing on the weekends, you must do it. It is the magic that gives you life.

Negative people will find all kinds of things wrong with this, and some people will be entirely offended that I suggest dreaming in a world that seems so dark. Some will list their rebuttals in the comments, like warfare bullets, and delete me from their world.

This is because we all find arguments from our own dysfunction. We all find ways to kill someone else’s light from our own dysfunction. We kill our own light with our own dysfunction.

In a world of war, constant bitterness, polarity, and death… we must dream. We must teach children to dream. We must calm the sea and put the whole world to sleep for a while. Human beings are creators, and this world makes it hard for many to dream.

It is time to realize yourself and not argue against the things you want. It is time to stop telling others they can’t dream. It is time to tell everyone you know that you believe in them. It is time to tell yourself that you believe in yourself. Remember what this place is, my dear friends. It’s all just a dream, so dream big. Let it spill into your waking life. You’ll never be tired again.

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Drottning Serpent Rings

A few years ago, I was reading about an Iron Age grave with my friend Mia. Within this burial site, there was one that sparked the most interest, it was named The Woman from Himlingøje.

The woman was thought to be a Chieftess or someone of high-ranking authority. Her Earl Rings were a giveaway to this notion, along with the abundant treasures that were buried with her. Green Roman glass, earthly pottery, and bright yellow gold.

Her rings caught my eye, I loved how one Earl Ring had three connected stacks, and the other had two connected stacks. The snakes on her rings were very much like the Iron Age style of Jörmungandr. I loved it, but I was inspired to make my own version. Not just in memory of all the forgotten Chieftess of the old world but all of the forgotten Snake Goddesses that seem to go hand in hand with them.

I wanted the snakes to curve around the finger but still be seen from the top. If you are on my Patreon page, you definitely saw the many trial and errors of that. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I have never had more scraped wax molds on any other project.

After so much time thinking about it and working on this project, their manifestation seems to be that of many, many years ago. Instead, we are coming upon three years. Maybe because it is so familiar, the same queens and their snake companions, over and over again.

Let them not be forgotten, to all the Queens, Goddesses, and Common Women of the magical old world. And to all of the serpent guides that found them.

The Drottning Triplet Serpent Rings can be found here:

The Drottning Twin Serpent Rings can be found here:

Thank you for all of your love and support!

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Crystal Familiar

What do you expect when buying a crystal? Did you buy it because you searched for a crystal to save you? Instantly? When you buy a toaster, you open the box and plug it in. When you buy a cell phone, it is new or refurbished therefore; it has been cleared. Then you plug it in to charge, you then turn it on, and program it with all of the apps you wish to use.

People do less with their crystals yet expect far more. They expect magic without even charging, programming, and clearing. They know more about their cell phone capabilities and software than about their crystal’s chemical structure. Yet, instant gratification is expected.

Just buying the gym membership won’t get you the results you want. Buying a guitar does not make you an amazing musician. Buying a deck of tarot cards doesn’t make you a knowledgeable tarot reader. You must work. Something cannot and never has come from nothing.

Yes, the Crystal has an energy and will change or shift your energy when you interact with it. But you must exercise it for the effects to last and amplify. Instant gratification will not come with crystals. Like anything seen in this world, it comes with care, maintenance, learning, and time.

This book has not been written to tell you about what crystals do; it was written to tell you how they work. They are unique relationships tying us to the earth. Friendships that never die. Always loyal, always familiar.

There are two editions of this book available.

The Patreon’s Artist Edition Hardcover Book can still be purchased through Patreon Subscription here:

The Public Softcover Edition can be purchased here:

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Hex Breaker: The Science of Talisman and Amulets

I often see the word “Amulet” next to a beautiful object. Usually a necklace. Usually something grand. Question. Is it truly an amulet? The same can be said for the word “Talisman,” and the same question stands. What is a Talisman? Can it be both? The answer is Yes and No. Most of these times, I have seen these words used; they are misused. In reality, it seems like a “fashionable way” to describe a necklace, but in my humble opinion, it is misleading.

So what is an Amulet? What is a Talisman? And what is the difference? This booklet will describe the difference between the two meanings and the symbols behind The Hex Breaker Amulet series.

Hex Breaker: The Science of Talisman and Amulets Booklet is available here: 

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Skull Baby Update One

We receive messages about Skull Babies daily. They have been off the website since last October, and the main reason was that I was so severely behind. The waitlist was way too long. I am currently just starting to finish up the orders from last October. (Yes, there were that many, and I was that behind) 

Once the website orders are complete, I have a few custom Skull Babies that are in preparation and one that is my besties baby (yes, I am even behind on my besties skull baby)  

I love making them and wondered if I should just make them and then place them on the website. Many of you commented on those posts when I asked for your opinions about how to proceed with them, and I appreciate the feedback.

The main issue is when they get behind, or even if I am in a good place with them… (most people are very patient, some never email in, and some check in once. or twice, no biggie), but there are usually some that are not patient at all. I have had customers email once a week and sometimes more asking when their Skullbaby will be ready. Sometimes bullying a completion date from us. It makes it very stressful. Especially if it isn’t ready by the estimated completion date. A lot of calculation goes into them, and I don’t want to shortcut any of the steps because that is not how I designed them to be created.

I know some people do not care, but I make them with planetary guidance and the movements of the moon. There are certain cycles I refuse to work on them under. I use numerology based on the customer’s name, and every drop of water used in the making of the piece is a moonwater collection. There are so many people that think this is pointless and that do not follow these things; that is ok but realize that some people do. This is how I make them. I refuse to just make them. They are layered and time collected.

So I decided to have a ready version available every other month or so. For customers that want one but do not like the wait. Then I plan on having them on the website again as before to order as a “made when ordered” item. Also, the new Skullbabies will be relaunched in just a few months (after I am completely finished with everyone who has been waiting) The new Skullybabies, or Skullbaby T-5000 as we have been calling them around here, will have a new design and will be available in a necklace and ring selection. I have not decided if I will let custom add-ons be a part of this new release or not. I will keep you posted.

Thank you so much for all of your kind emails and kind comments about this subject.

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Potnia Theròn Goddess Coin Necklace

The last Goddess of the Collection Two Coin Necklaces has been released! This Goddess is for all animal lovers! 

One of the oldest Goddesses known, Potnia Theròn. Known as the Queen of the Animal Kingdom, her name literally translates to “The Animal Queen.” She kept the fine balance of the animal ecosystem in check. Any imbalance was dealt with swiftly by her powerful hand. She is the one we turn to for help with sick animals, unjust cruelty to animals, and aid in their environment. Re-invoking her ancient name in this new world will empower her cause. Let’s face it, my dear friends, we need it. We need it to advance to the next level. Humans are no longer in the dark ages. Our fur and scale friends need love, care, and a planet that is equally their home too. Potnia Theròn shows us the truth, they are a part of us more than we ever will understand. She has many names and is considered one of the ancient elder gods. A force of nature. 

Her crystal is a protective Smoky Quartz. 

Thank you to the stars of this project, her contributors: 

Giulia Costanza Anthropology student, Contributor

Jennifer Kazan – Cultural Anthropologist, Contributor

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Gula Goddess Coin Necklace

Gratitude and love to all healthcare providers! The first known Goddess of healing and patroness of doctors, nurses, healing arts, and medical practices. Gula was the first caregiver, an aspect of every Goddess and every human. She was considered a divine physician, showing us that the power to heal is knowledge of the body and healthcare. She not only helped heal but showed humans how to heal the body. The power to heal is within us all, but there are some who choose to shine highly in this facet. Making the healing arts their chosen profession. Gula was known as “The Great Doctoress” and the first of this profession. Later being turned into a Male God or blatantly replaced by other newer Male Gods of Medicine in surrounding regions… still Gula was not fully erased. 

The Patroness of the Healing Arts and Medical Practitioners is experiencing a revival. Her magic comes with less mystery and more text. Humans are just rediscovering her powerful teachings. 

Her crystal is a healing Clear Quartz. 

Thank you to the stars to her contributors: 

BahArak Shah – Historic Archeologist, Contributor. 

Zara Hadid – Cultural AnthropologistContributor. 

Aleah Yousefi Andrews Masters in Middle Eastern Studies with an emphasis on societies and cultures, Contributor.

Charlene Garibay Diaz – Muse, Friend, Healer, Goddess enthusiast, Contributor of inspiration

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Dārza Māte Coin Necklace

Dārza Māte is the Latvian Goddess of gardens and green thumbs. She is the overseer of Motherly relationships. Mother to children as to Gardener to plants. She cultivates your own personal growth like a well tended garden. The provider of all you need; the sun, the moon, water, and soil. Every flower bears her name and you will bloom under her watchful eye. 

She is the giver of what is needed and was often referred to as the “one who feeds.” She is the bringer of the seed that produces. A grantor of abundance in all ways possible. 

Her crystals are Quartz and Moss Agate. 

Sofija Janulis – Writer, Baltic Goddess Enthusiast, Contributor

Kerrie Novák – Cultural Anthropologist, Contributor

Aldona Pilmanis – Muse, Friend, Tea Sister, Goddess enthusiast, Contributor of inspiration

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Kali Goddess Coin Necklace

“You must destroy to create. In time, all endures both, for infinity.”

Kali is the ultimate reality and manifestation of Shakti. She is the Mother of all beings and the ultimate Mast of Time. As energy changes and cycles through lives, it is moved by her hand. She is the force of time. The creator and the destroyer. 

Kali is the governess of a sect of Figure Magick known as Blood Magick. She is the supreme goddess of the many sects of Fire Magick. The universe bends to her gaze. She is the Mother that takes your hand and guides you through the sea of monsters. Change can be scary and as the force of change, she is also a protector in its whirlwind. A most powerful Goddess indeed. 

Her crystals are Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Carnelian, and Obsidian. 

Priya Singh – BD in Ancient Indian History, Culture, and Archaeology Studies, Contributor

Kerrie Sharma-Glad – Writer, South Asian Historian, and Scholar, Contributor

Tamera Silva – Muse, friend, contributor of inspiration, A Klatch for this life and the next.