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Shape Is Intention

Many times I have written about the Language and Direction of Adornments. This concerns which way a Cameo should face for specific intentions, on which finger to wear a Rose Quartz, which pocket to carry aventurine in for abundance, etc. What stones, on which side, for what reason. 

I am going to explore this topic further this month but I am also going to go deeper into the world of Crystal Shapes; natural and carved. Sacred Geometry, Crystal Structure, Chemical Compounds of Quartz, and Crystallography. 

Let us look at an example of Rose Quartz. We know that Rose Quartz is best worn on the chest but can serve us in different ways by wearing the stone on the right or left. 

Most people believe that Rose Quartz draws love, this is true as long as the stone is used properly. A Rose Quartz serves our heart’s best interest. Many do not realize that the stone also repels false love. A talisman that wards off love lies masked in truth. 

The Crystal System of a Rose Quartz is Hexagonal. Its chemical formula is SiO₂. This makes Rose Quartz a Seeker Transformer crystal. A Crystal designed to help you seek out what it is you desire and transform your reality with this energy when it is obtained. These energies can be manipulated by the actual shape of the crystal; natural or carved, and how you wear the crystal. (As discussed above) 

Let’s say you obtained a Rose Quartz in the shape of a Star Tetrahedron/Merkaba. This shape is for meditation but can also be very effective in stone-throwing. Either way, exercising this energy would cause an unwanted love to go away. Maybe if you were trying to get over a person you were in a relationship with or if you are having issues with starting anew. Rose Quartz in Merkaba wards off old unwanted love, even if it is wanted somewhere but you know it is best to end it. The Merkaba knows it is best too. Let’s say you were trying to seal a current love relationship to you; heart-shaped rose quartz would be in order. This is no guarantee, but you are putting it out into the universe that this is the one. A Rose Quartz Pyramid is in order for self-love or helping yourself be strong and say no when people try to use your energy, physical, or material being in a negative way. A Rose Quartz Snub Cube (or Icosahedron) has to do with trust and the lack thereof one or both people have in a current relationship. This shape can also help bring about trust when it is hard for you to trust. Healing the broken trust of the past. A Rose Quartz Crystal Skull can let you know the actual speak of the significant other; maybe their heart is not all in or maybe they aren’t true. The Skull knows and will guide you. 

Shapes combined with language and direction can exercise the energy of the crystal. Join me on Patreon for an in-depth post about how to know what crystal speaks to which direction and easy ways to understand, memorize, and exercise such energies. 

Thank you so much! Happy Week’s End!

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The Metaphysical Properties and Uses of Garnet

This blog is sung for the metaphysical properties of red garnets. There are many different verses for different garnet colors and added verses for the shades of red. This is the chorus that repeats for all types of red. 

Garnets are much more than so much of what I see that is written about them. Garnet has to do with emotion and words that are emotionally charged. A tie that binds blood oaths and undying love. So many walls are held together by the same energy as garnet. So many blankets are woven from garnet’s warm fabric. A stone of honor; the honor of your word and the honor of your bloodline. 

Garnet’s energy succors with anger and dissolving resentment. No need to hang on to anything. The rain today washed us clean. The garnets sang to us in our boats as we survey the flooded lands of our former hatred. Garnets for days. Hatred burned. 

Garnet is a talisman for protection against dreams of horror and night terrors. Memories of this side that our eyes have seen, or visions from the other side. Never before looked upon but playing in our minds just the same, are all burned by the fire of garnet. 

Garnet is well combined with Onyx and Amber. Like Onyx and Amber, garnet has memory, but of a different kind. The first stone used in animal speak healing. A romantic notion without complication. A dark stone that radiates closeness, tied kinship, amity. Among the most ancient of gems,

Garnet uses destructive energy to make way to your creative energy. Burning the field that becomes a great medicine forest. The great destroyer to make way as the great creator. If you fear change, tread lightly on Garnet’s path. 

An important stone, a one of the great seven, garnet gives you the ability to maintain sanity on this creative plane. 

Intense feelings rise but become useful and leaves the most awaited gifts at your front door. Garnet will bring you the awareness of fire and with meditation and concentration can help with DNA activation. 

Specific cuts of garnet have varied gifts. Square, Rounds, Ovals, etc. all give specific energy. Join me on Patreon for an extended look into Garnet. I will talk more about dreaming Garnet, stone bundling, concentrating, cleanings, charging, the memory of garnet, and shapes/language direction. 

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Golden Healer Crystal Muse

There are many reasons why Golden Healer speaks to me. To state the obvious, my maternal side is from Quartz country. Our family blood is woven into the Salem Plateau. The Earth rock and soil literally are the same as our blood. These family bonds are as strong as tree roots, and they are a part of every step we walk, securing the ground under our feet. Climbing like a twisted ribbon to the cellar of the Appalachian Mountains. This stretch of land is specifically named, The Black Mountains. Like all land, this land told us stories, and those stories gave way to an understanding of the land’s rock within. This is Earth’s most Ancient Crystalline rock; our kin, lived and died there. Our Ancestors literally live there within the soil. Our passed-on Kin giving their DNA to the rock. Parts of us belonging to the rock forever. When this is your root life force, you cannot help but to know the ways of crystal speak. Even before any of us could understood people, we understood rocks. There are methods of feeding crystals that involves blood and soil. When this happens, there is not just a way for the crystal energy to move in your favor, there is a way for you to become a part of the crystal nature. When generations of your DNA is buried into this rock, you are eternally joined with it. Crystals from this area know me and I know them.

Not all Golden Healers are from this area of land. The term “Golden Healer” to some, is for crystals that ONLY come from Quartz Country. I am a little more lax with some types and I am willing to call some of them all Golden healers, but there is a difference that does set them all apart. The truth is in the chemistry, then the location.

There are a few different “types” of Golden Healers and then there are crystals that are identified as such but are not at all. The internet is a cluster of “copy and Paste” mixed with checkered facts. Some really great sources and some cherry picked until the facts are unrecognizable to the subject. The information on Golden Healer seems to be quite scattered on the internet. Please research carefully if you are specific about your Golden Healers.

First and most importantly, what is a Golden Healer? There is a specific “type” that are considered “true golden healers” and other’s considered “chemically golden healer” or sometimes I have seen labels like “Mineral Quartz iron oxide.” Strangely enough, I have also seen Yellow Quartz, Fire Quartz (Hematoid), Tangerine Quartz, and Limonite stained Quartz labeled as Golden Healers. They are not.

A Golden Healer, to some, can only come from the Ozarks. Others do except the other places they are found. The truth is, the Ozark versions have higher levels of a specific type of iron oxide level. This is why Crystal workers of all kind favor it and some have become a bit elitist about them. The greasy iron oxide coating is grown within the crystal itself. It cannot be removed with an acid bath or completely polished away. It is always.

Other Golden Healers found in other places on this Earth may or may not have the same formula in measurements but all the ingredients are present, so to me, this is still a Golden Healer. When the crystal structure is off, it seems to come down to a matter of opinion. Whether you wish to call them “True Golden Healers” or just “Golden Healers” is completely up to you. There is a noticeable price difference between the Ozark versions of these beauties and others from all over the world. Interesting enough, many clear Quartz now coming from the Ozarks were once very light color golden healers. I always say to all, ‘always check your sources with a fine toothed comb.’ Artificially irradiated crystals are a little annoying to my energy field and I wish the world would leave all of this perfection alone.

I’ve heard many describe a Golden Healer’s properties in these terms, sometimes exact… “It’s golden and it’s a healer. There it is. Master Healer.”

I am here to tell you that it isn’t that simple. Sometime ago, I wrote several posts about “Teacher Quartz” and their relationship to us. Following up with a few posts on “Companion Quartz.” There is a kinship there but the Golden Healer can fall under the eye view of “Muse Quartz” and “Healer Quartz.” They are givers of healing through ancestry, art, and “SkitSkater” … an old Ozark term for when the young kids say “It Gives Life.”

Golden Healer can raise your vibration and bring you to new levels by uprooting you out of old systems. Linking you to your ancestors (color Yellow therapy 3) and healing with their lessons and love. Healing that you can also find through artistic outlets. That exact feeling you get when something awakens your mind. That “Life” feeling. Golden Healer inspires it daily within you.

Join me for part 2 of 4 about Golden Healer on my Patreon Account. 

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Stone Sleeping

Sweet sleep is a sweet treat that not all of us are privileged to just have magically occur. There are so many types of sleep requests that flood the message airways and each crystal remedy is very specific to those specific needs. This is why the internet is pouring with so many different answers for crystals to aid sleep. Some people want to dream, others want to end nightmares, some want to put an overactive mind to bed so they can follow suit, and these “types” of sleep requests go on and on. This is why crystal recommendations really do not work. I recommend taking a different view of this area. This area is called, “Stone Sleeping.” Once you understand stone sleeping, it is easier to add crystals to your bedside to aid you in your specific needs. The foundation of Stone Sleeping starts with Howlite and Agate. What type of Agate? I recommend Enhydro Agate. These are the only two stones you need to begin. These stones are your foundation, that you will build, to your house of sleep. The house building exercise will be very similar to crystal griding but that will come later. First I want to talk a little about Howlite and Enhydro Agate. 

Howlite energy, just like its aesthetic, has a soft chalky embrace. Drawing out a hand to calm restless energy, help untether insomnia, weariness, and to help you understand your own way of unraveling the knotted yarn of jaded feelings towards life. Its calming presence mutes specific types of drama. The drama that lingers inside us long after it has dissipated. Cooling the burning fires of anxiety that plays on what we cannot change while clipping the wings of those overactive minds that continue to play out scenarios like they can be changed after they have been played out in time. The best place for howlite is in the ears but wearing it on the left hand and arm can draw these sweet things near. This is only the tip of Howlite, this is what hoplite is when it sleeps. 

Enhydro Agate is a dissolver of resentment and a banisher of seeds that grow nightmares. Not Nightmares themselves can be banished with this stone alone but Enhydro Agate can clip them before they grow. This stone connects to the minds rivers, oceans, and lakes. A stone that sinks to the bottom and rises to the top. This stone is better to be put under your bed or in between the mattress. When you close your eyes, enhydro agate opens. 

Together these two stones are a foundation. The first chapter of Stone Sleeping. 

The next chapters will be posted on Evil Pawn Jewelry’s Patreon page.

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Yellow Aragonite Metaphysical Properties and Uses.

People often ask me about my obsession with Yellow Aragonite. I have had two makers tell me they don’t use it because it doesn’t “sell.” I also know it isn’t highly desired but for the true crystal lover, it cannot be dismissed. I use it often to honor it but I also use it to encourage awareness of this stone for people that haven’t “seen.” This stone has a secret life, like many stones do, but this life is going to be exercised in a much greater detail than other types of Aragonite. The Yellow Aragonite is a power stone that will help recreate this world. 

This stone is a must for the Tarot Card reader and the interpreter of symbolic language. Yellow Aragonite is the reflection of sun on the water and the cell phone number to the gods. All canvas open to interpretation is painted on Yellow Aragonite. 

A very soft energy that is easy to work with, yellow aragonite speaks to us gently and understandably, a stone that loves all animals especially humans. 

A stone to help you with self acceptance and burns away all self doubt that lingers in the darkest corners of our minds. 

As an “Increaser” stone, it can be added to any concoction to make the flame higher. ‘Adds to’ and ‘Amps up’ any stone bundle combo. I highly suggest adding it together with citrine for a power punch of self assurance and happiness. 

A wonderful stone for massage because this stone “stimulates” and “increases” all thought and action. Not for “Stone Eating” or elixirs. (Remember stone eating is not actually eating the stone… it is the term used for the divination technique. Do not eat stones) (A large post coming up about this on Patreon)

Best worn as a necklace and secondly as earrings. Never wear below the knees (toe ring, anklet, in a shoe, in a sock, etc.) This stone should always be worn above the ribcage’s end.  

Yellow Aragonite is the main Hair Energy stone. Yes, it can help you grow your mane out but it is really much more than that. Hair is not only something to style, it is the “antennas” of the body. Tying to the Zero Point Field and serving as our “cellular up” to another plane of consciousness. A higher energy. When I think of this stone I always think of ‘The Creation of Adam’ by Michelangelo. 

The stone of Hair Stylists and Painters, yes they go hand in hand, a perfect talisman for anyone who has to create something from nothing. A thought into a tangible reality that all can see and touch. 

Be careful where you buy all Aragonite. They remember things like the hair remembers. Reprogram often and clear every cycle with cold water. 

More discussion about this stone will be on my Patreon soon. Concentrations, more uses, clearing & old world techniques harnessed by folklore coming up. 

Happy Week’s Start to all and may it be filled with new hope and renewed energy. Last Quarter is nigh.

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Clear Quartz Metaphysical Properties and Usage

Crystal Speak begins and ends with Clear Quartz. The Crystal Sphere that tells us the answers, the healing power from a Shaman bag, the protection of a talisman, the communication with a guide, the animal medicine song, the elder god’s staff, …

These are all conversations of the Crystal. These are the vocal sounds of the Crystal when they speak. 

Mother Earth bleeds and this blood coagulates. Like water freezes to heal and renew the land; the blood becomes solid and all the cells stand still. This is Quartz Crystal. The clotted blood of the goddess. The frozen power of the crystalline world. 

A tree’s life is similar to a quartz, but a quartz will be here much longer. They mimic the frozen water, they blaze the rainbow fire, they hold the ancient air spirits, they are solar energy, they are of the earth, they are the amplifiers of all energy, they are the keepers of messages, and they hold the records of the time before. 

All is a circle; a beginning will become an ending.  What you believe is the past will soon again come around and be the future. All cycles in a circle. All rotates around the crystalline.  

In such a cycle, the Moon gains and sheds, like all that is above and below. When the Moon is on an increase, there is a magnetic pull, this in itself will give you the advantage. This is the time to scry, ask the spirits, find guides, and listen to the call of the crystal. 

With great change comes Clear Quartz, it coincides with The Tower, the 16th Major Arcana Card. Quartz is used for stimulating the Crown Chakra but resonates high with the whole chakra system. The Crown Chakra is tied to our way of thinking and what we know based on our perception and experience in this world. To help enlighten a person or yourself that has been wrapped in negative thinking, feed a quartz and dedicate it specifically for your Crown chakra. Do not use it for anything else. Let this Quartz help you maintain thinking that has to do with light. 

Quartz concentration can be accomplished by many different methods. You can bury it in dirt and dig it back up, use Full Moon Water, ice cold water, lake or ocean water, and the most effective method, blood. That being said, if you wish to use blood, use your own. Animals are not here for your personal power gain. Any who harm an animal as such, may they remember it in their marrow and recognize it when it strikes back like a snake. Animal medicine is complex and not for the unskilled. No Animal Medicine weaver harms animals for their spiritual gain. No exception.  

Quartz is the known funeral object of the old world, being set in graves since the dawn of time. Its power also holds place emotionally as well as physically. You can give a crystal all that does not serve you and bury it. This is best done on Last Quarter. 

The shapes of a Quartz were always important and specific to the rite. Every Birthplate has a crystal at the last position representing the exit from this place and the beginning in the new. 

Quartz is a key center of concentration dedicated to freezing specific people in your life from taking your energy. Some call this a “Prescription Cast” or a “Cold Shoulder.” Regardless, you do not need a real Quartz for this, just the suggestion of a quartz in your mind and the freezing of water. Even the thought of a quartz has energy.  (I will explain this in a Patreon Post)

Quartz is a Gem of Winter, added with the winter Jade, together they both can summon secrets from the deep. Quartz has a specific purpose with every single stone on this planet and can effect a whole bundle with it’s addition or absence in the bag. Clear Quartz is the most combined crystal with the most wide range of uses. Quartz is also the most programmable stone in existence. It can enhance stones with crystal grids and charge stones that need an alarm clock. Some stones are prone to sleeping. Wake them up with Clear Quartz. 

Quartz has a profound effect on steel. This is why I often use crushed granulated quartz in steel casting. The effects are profound. 

Quartz is an all around energy amplifier; since the dawn of our civilization it has been used as such. This is also why it is always combined with goal setting stones. 

Pertaining to the 7 Crystal Systems, there is so much more to see within a Quartz. The shapes in each type of crystal adhere to a symbolic language. The shape of the crystal system inside of clear quartz makes it a Seeker Transformer. Putting you on the path to find your true purpose and helping you sail to a place where living that purpose will become your reality. 

Not to forget specific types of Quartz Crystals for example, Dow, Faden, Record Keepers, Elestial, Lemurian, Teacher Quartz, EarthKeeper, and the list goes on and on. This is all for another post. I did go into some detail in a Social Media post on Facebook and IG from 2013. I will try to find it and link it when I can. 

Manmade shapes such as Skulls, Merkabas, Vogels, hearts, wands, etc. all have their place as well. I will explain more about this in another post. 

In the world of crystals there are a few different stones that are considered “Living Stones.” Each of these stones live so differently, they are not in the same category. For instance, a Jade breaths water and dies for several generations. A Quartz lives always but opens its eyes and takes a single breath every few hundred years. The messages it gives to its many holders are through its dreams. They sleep like the elder gods and rest until the end arrives. 

Whether it be fairly clear, included, kissed by a rainbow, or shaped by a hand; it is of all. The base principle is colorless but all color, the loudest of silence, the living rock that never eats without being fed and never sleeps without dreaming, the unmeltable ice of the Earth. The properties and lore of Quartz is so undeniably vast that this world alone cannot contain its knowledge. So it stretches out to other places and when you touch it you can connect with other places that you could never exist in physically. As we are deliquescent, we aim to become crystalline. As the cycle continues…. Crystal Speak begins and ends with Clear Quartz.

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They Watched and They are Watched

There are days of the week I leave the house in the dark. The earliest of morning. I am not unlike many other people in doing so. 

Yesterday was a Monday morning and I went for a run at the gym. Walking up to the steps, like many women, I have my car key between my knuckles. Equipped with my arsenal of defense ready; no cellphone in front of my face with all eyes piercing every corner. 

Leaving the gym it was still dark, I get my key ready for the journey to my car. I look to the right then to the left of the doorway, I cautiously make my way down the few steps to the ground level. On each side of the stair’s end, like guards posted, waits two large bushels of beautiful ornament grass. 

I quickly look to both sides to make sure my journey to the car stays solo. As I make my way through the clear path, I hear nothing, but I feel a presence behind me. I turn faster than I can think and there it was… walking from out of nowhere and then sitting at the top of the stairs. A beautiful black cat. I say, “Hello baby!” He looks like my dear Didymus, he looks majestic and regal, although I can’t see his eyes. He takes some steps closer and stops to sit, then repeats. Suddenly I understand, “Go! I’ve got you!” I smile and thank him. I get in my car and look to catch the last glimpse of that beautiful cat, but he’s gone. I felt so safe and looked after. She watches over her daughters. 

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Labradorite Kin

The Heart of Foresight is Labradorite, what is to come can be projected through its chambers. There are many crystals that deal with different aspects of Foresight, but Labradorite deals with the foresight of the heart. The Spirit’s path that awaits. The Northern night sky air, set afire in the form of Aurora Borealis, scorching a permanent reflection in stone. Labradorite has mystified since the moment it was first seen by human eyes. The lore about this stone could fill its own book and honestly, that is something I intend on fulfilling.

The fortune-teller, the bone reader, the card shuffler, the wind waver, the water witch should all wear labradorite and always program it under a New Moon energy. Those who seek answers always come from the heart side of foresight. So the labradorite is cast. The hand that holds prophecy should also wave Labradorite. In turn, also a stone of the night, giving us prophetic dreams and working for us best in the nighttime. I have never gone to a show or a nighttime event without.

The draw of labradorite, for me, is the way it becomes a shield. The stone of the Empath, guarding our energies like a hard shell of impenetrable armor protecting the body. I always have worn Labradorite into public places. It keeps us safe from all that wishes to attach itself to us. This is because the Labradorite falls under a unique cross combination of “barrier” and “Filter” crystal systems. Its ultimate power as a talisman is to protect you from the negative and give you a better perspective. 

The labradorite is a great combination stone and can be webbed with over 16 other stones for energy shifting. One of my favorite combinations is crossing Labradorite with Smoky Quartz. If you are ever feeling exhausted mentally or have too much on your mind; combine these two for some clarity and peace of mind. Attuned with Amber, it can be used to heal old family wounds by way of communications through dreams with family members that have passed. A healing of the mental, emotional, and physical all intertwine from this union. 

This stone has a special power on the weekend that no other stone has. Labradorite naturally filters energy like anxiety or any needless emotion. Usually, people harness anticipation for the weekend all week long. During the week the excess energy is accumulated and always peeks on late Friday. I highly suggest wearing this stone every Saturday of your life if possible. The mountains you will climb!

Labradorite is the master stone at filtering unneeded energy and using it for fuel. Nurturing inspiration, accumulating knowledge, and creating new ideas. All recycled from what does not serve you. Like the New Moon that birthed it, Labradorite removes your old skin, making way for the new growth and glow ahead. It is what is to come. It is the heart of Foresight. 

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In Bloom

I have been writing a lot lately. Exploring the maze of anxiety’s complex design. Recently, another person’s energy got the best of me and it left me in many states of wonder. I usually am not affected by too many opinions or words held by others. We are all on such unique journeys and I understand that people have things they are working through. I have many paths that I navigate with my trusty yard sheers (hedge trimmers) and nothing brings more joy to me than removing dead things. The things that no longer make sense. The things that do not serve me. The garden in my mind should be the way I desire it, but it should also be fruitful. It should flower, nourish my soul, bring helpful seeds to others. What a joyful thing in this life to see flowers and LIFE giving vibrations come from seeds you gave to someone else. These holy gifts are real and we take them with us after this life. 

As for this energy that I encountered, make no hesitation that I not only expelled it, but I exercised it. As I have said many times, your left hand must be just as strong as your right. When someone shames others for their family, their background, and the identity this world has pressed upon them, well, there is no room in my life for such pestilence. No one can tell you who they think you are. No one can shame you for your true identity or things that cannot be changed.  No one should oppress you. No one should make you less than they are. There is no lesser or greater. I don’t like people who stand up high and liquify people into a measuring cup. When someone uses their energy, keyboard, or actually tells you that you are nothing… remember you are nothing to them… THEM. They reflect their nothingness onto you and hope you will accept it. Because really, you are everything to them and they need to take you down. Down to the dirt… as I have always said…. 

“See, a seed can be planted too far down and be surrounded by darkness for a long time. If it sprouts, you wouldn’t believe all the tall greens around it that may try to take its light so it won’t grow. Sometimes weeds step right in and try to choke it. Then as it catches the light and rises, a few will gossip quietly and wish for its death. Roll their eyes. Ya know, all that hateful stuff. Then when that plant grows taller than all those light hogs and weeds, you would think World War III had broken out. That’s when people lose their minds. Show their truest selves. A personal attack for just growing and being. Sure you have a ton of friends growing with ya but there are always those other guys in the mix, all angry. Then, when that flower blooms… those other guys are still green with jealousy. Hating you for how people may love your bloom. They say things like, “She didn’t always look like that!” .. “She wasn’t a flower 15 years ago.” … “She thinks she is so special.” … “I know where she came from, the dirt, she is nothing.” 

You’re right about one thing, I did come from the dirt and now I bloom every season.” 

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Cats and Crystals

I know it has been a very long time since I wrote an Animal Medicine post. I appreciate the emails with requests for stones, books, and all the medicines. All of you are so amazing and I am honored to get to interact with each of you. Cannot tell you how much I appreciate your kindness and support through the years. 

I noticed that I hadn’t posted for years about cat circles, interjectory energies gifted into thoughts by cats, or prophetic dream or dream states brought on by specific animal energies such as the ones brought on by cats. 

Nicodemus, my oldest cat, is definitely my “anxiety” cat. When I can’t sleep he jumps up on the bed and lays on my chest of stomach. His deep purring puts me to sleep within moments. Once I am asleep his work is done. He leaves. There have been times I was worried or unsure. In these times, he is always there. He, like Holden, both have absorbed a lot over the years in protection of me and my household. Cats do not neutralize or dispel energy. They do take it between the worlds and on their messenger routes. It becomes baggage, it can become sickness. Especially for sticky indoor cats. As humans there is nothing we can do to stop them from their born nature. Cats protect energetically while Dogs protect physically. I have a story for you that happened over 2 years ago that would floor you. That is for another day though. 

For now, remember it is important to protect our babes. Clearing a Cat’s energy can add years to their lives and well beings. It can change them but only in a good way. As I have posted in the past about Earth Medicine being positive productive without backward cause. 

Have you ever noticed cats loves to lay on crystals and rocks? You would think they would want something soft and plush to lay on. I leave a very large 20 pound crystal on the floor upstairs for them to lay on it they need to concentrate or expel before I can help clear them. 

I use a blue kyanite wand most of the time. My cats also love selenite. Take the wand and start at the cat’s crown, taking the wand down their spine, to the end of their tail. Then under their bodies on the ribcage and abdominal area. Sometimes they want contact with the crystal and sometimes not. Petting your cat with a crystal can’t hurt but I leave it up to the cat. Clearing your Cat is similar to clearing your crystals. Absorb and release.